Beefmaster Genomic-Enhanced EPDs Evaluation

Welcome to the Beefmaster breed's first ever genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs) evaluation. This is a project that was envisioned by the Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation (B.E.E.F.) in 2009 and many Beefmaster breeders worked hard to ensure that the Beefmaster breed achieved the goal of GE-EPDs.

GE-EPDs are the most effective genetic selection tool developed to date. The ability to include DNA derived information in combination with traditional performance EPDs has led to greater genetic improvements at a faster pace, in other species and in other cattle breeds. GE-EPDs will no doubt have the same impact on the Beefmaster breed.

In order to make these first-ever Beefmaster GE-EPDs as visible possible we are posting all of the GE-EPDs together in this document Beefmaster GE-EPD Evaluation: July 1, 2016. You will also find specific animal GE-EPDs by searching animal names or registration numbers through the search function at . Please be sure to use the search link provided here, due to a new search system and disregard any previous search links that you may have bookmarked or cached. In the search feature all of the animals with GE-EPDs are identified by the 'Beefmaster Genomics' logo, which will display on their pedigree.

We understand with GE-EPDs being new to the Beefmaster breed there will be questions. The most basic point to understanding GE-EPDs is that the accuracy values for young animals are greatly enhanced. Just because an animal has been genotyped and has GE-EPDs does not mean its EPDs are 'better', it means those animals EPDs are more accurate. Increasing the accuracies of EPDs leads to much faster genetic improvement and more buyer confidence. This improved accuracy is why discriminating buyers are demanding GE-EPDs.

Secondly, in this GE-EPD evaluation the ONLY animals included are the ones that have been HD genotyped. This first GE-EPD evaluation is composed of 545 HD genotyped animals. There are some HD genotyped animals that were not included in this first evaluation, for reasons beyond Beefmaster Breeders United's (BBU) control. BBU is working with its genomic vendors to include ALL genotyped animals in the next available genetic evaluation.

If a breeder wants to have GE-EPDs calculated on an animal the breeder must submit at a minimum: birth weight and weaning weight, according to the Weights and Measures program guidelines, in addition to the animal being genotyped. BBU recommends that all animals be HD genotyped, however in the near future BBU will accept and include LD genotyped animals. For more information about Beefmaster GE-EPDs, please contact the BBU office at 210-732-3132 or


Another 170 genotypes have been added to the BBU animal database which has yielded a total of 704 animals with genotypes and GE-EPDs. They have all been loaded into the search engine and are identified by the 'Beefmaster Genomics' logo.

Click here to download the Beefmaster GE-EPD Evaluation: July 1, 2016


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