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For the Christmas and New Year holidays, the BBU office will be closed December 24, 2019 - January 1, 2020. The office will reopen for the New Year on January 2, 2020!

It's time to renew your Beefmaster Breeders United membership!

We encourage you to renew your membership online here.

Please note that all active, associate and junior memberships are renewable every January, with the exception of Lifetime members and NEW members that have joined since October 1, 2019. Memberships can also be renewed via mail, if you wish to renew through the mail and send a check please include your membership number AND name to ensure the funds are applied correctly.

ATTENTION!!! You will also be receiving a membership renewal letter in the mail soon and along with this letter you will also receive your official Animal ID Prefix request form. Make sure to not automatically trash your renewal letter if you renew online because the Animal ID Prefix form is in the envelope also. Every member including Lifetime, Annual, Associate, Junior and International MUST complete and return the Animal ID Prefix form to FORMALLY REQUEST their membership’s Animal ID Prefix.

Educational Videos

Check out these video links below to learn helpful tips and information to improve your Beefmaster program and data.

Seedstock Purpose

Data Collection

Performance Numbers

Mature Cow Weights

Heifer Pregnancy

Next Genetic Evaluation Run
We will be running the next Beefmaster breed genetic evaluation in early 2020. In order for animals to be included in this genetic evaluation, our office must have the animal's performance data and registration application submitted by December 13th. Please contact the BBU office at 210-732-3132 if you have any questions.

Animal Name Change FAQ

So, you have purchased an animal with no name or you would like to change the name, so what do you do now?

To change a name on an animal, the office must receive written permission from the Breeder-Member-First Owner that is listed on the Certificate of Breeding in order to make the name change. Our rules state, that an animal has a name if there is anything listed in the “Named” section of the certificate, this includes an ID number. The fee to change an animal name for an animal with NO PROGENY is $20. The fee to change an animal name for an animal WITH PROGENY is $100. The best and most efficient way to change the name of an animal is for the member requesting the name change to directly contact the Breeder-Member-First Owner and obtain the written/emailed permission from them. Once the written/emailed permission is obtained, the letter/email can be mailed in along with the certificate for reprint (additional $10 fee) or the email can be forwarded along with payment information to our office staff members for update and billing. No new certificate will be issued unless the old certificate is returned. If the animal was purchased in a sale, the consignor may not be the Breeder-Member-First Owner of the animal. You will need to contact the Breeder-Member-First Owner for written permission to change the name and you will need to provide payment for the name change before it will be done. The BBU staff members will also need to know which sale it was purchased at.

To add a name for an animal with no name listed in the “Named” section of the breeding certificate, please return the certificate with the requested name written in the “Named” section and the office will add the name and reprint the certificate for a $10 fee. There is no fee to add a name to an animal with no previous name, only a fee to reprint the certificate. You can also email a BBU staff member the certificate number of the animal and the name you would like to add. The office will add the name into the system and the new name will print onto a new certificate when the original breeding certificate is returned for transfer or requested reprint.


WHR & IBR News

The 2020 WHR (Whole Herd Reporting) and IBR (Inventory Based Reporting) inventories will be available online to participating members in December 2019. Be on the lookout for your inventories in your online BBU account.

The IBR inventories must be completed and posted through your online account by February 1, 2020. An additional $5 per head will be assessed for the IBR inventories returned after February 1, 2020.

The WHR inventories must be completed and posted through your online account by May 1, 2020. An additional $5 per head will be assessed for the WHR inventories returned after May 1, 2020.


If you would prefer completing your 2020 WHR/IBR inventory via hard copy and NOT online, please contact our office for a hard copy version of your inventory. Please note, hard copy inventories will not be mailed out unless requested by the member. 


Please note if you are participating in a spring 2020 sale, your WHR or IBR inventory needs to be updated and posted online prior to registering any animals born in 2020. BBU members who are interested in enrolling in the WHR or IBR programs, but are not currently participating, please contact the BBU office at 210-732-3132 or jnovak@beefmasters.org.

Advertise in the spring 2020 issue of The Beefmaster Pay Weight

The Beefmaster Pay Weight is a publication produced by Beefmaster Breeders United and dedicated to serving commercial cattlemen. We feature the latest beef cattle industry news, innovative discoveries in the industry, and discussions about the latest cattle trends and technologies. The Beefmaster Pay Weight was founded to assist the Beefmaster cattle industry with effective advertising and a communication tool with commercial cattlemen throughout the country.

Single copy mailed, bulk mailed to sale barns & digital distribution

Frequency: 2x Spring/Fall

Distribution: 15,000 livestock producers across United States

Deadline for Ad Space: December 15, 2019

Mail Date: February 1, 2020

Audience: Commercial Cattlemen

Format: Black/White or Full-Color Newspaper

If you would like to reserve your advertisement space and/or get price information, please contact Jeralyn at 210-732-3132 or jnovak@beefmasters.org.

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Beefmaster Caps for Sale

We have several different styles of caps for sale that have our new logo on them! The caps cost $20 each plus shipping. If you would like to order a cap please call Jeralyn at 210-732-3132 to pay with a credit card over the phone.

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