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¡Save The Date!

2019 Beefmaster Breeders United 59th Annual Convention

October 24-26, 2019 in San Antonio, Texas

@ Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk


Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of the 2019 BBU Convention!


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Advertise in our 2019 Convention Guide! You can promote your ranch or business and support the 2019 BBU Convention at the same time!

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2019 Convention Trap Shoot
October 23, 2019 at the San Antonio Gun Club
Join a Shooting Team or Just Come for Fun and Food!
Learn more at the link below!

Advertise in the fall 2019 issue of The Beefmaster Pay Weight

Deadline for Ad Space: July 15, 2019

Mail Date: September 15, 2019

Audience: Commercial Cattlemen

Format: Black/White or Full-Color Newspaper

If you would like to reserve your advertisement space and/or get price information, please contact Jeralyn at 210-732-3132 or jnovak@beefmasters.org.

Past Issues of The Beefmaster Pay Weight

Membership Directory

If you have difficulty locating a membership listing in the 2019 Membership Directory please use this link to view the digital version and use the "Find" option located at the bottom right of the screen (looks like a magnifying glass with the letter A in the middle). You can type in the name you are looking for and the Find option will locate the name within the directory.

Membership Directory →

Or you can utilize the "Member Search" option. 

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Once you have completed your online work, please call the office at 210-732-3132 to make payment with a credit card and let our staff know you are ready for the work order to be closed and processed. IF YOU DO NOT CALL THE WORK WILL NOT BE PROCESSED AND YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE AN INVOICE UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH!

We Want Your Input

Is there a Beefmaster cattle topic that you would like to learn more about?

For example, $T or $M or HD Genotyping.

Let us know what you would like to learn about and BBU may take your idea to create an educational seminar online or at convention. Send and share your topics/ideas to Jeralyn at jnovak@beefmasters.org.

Clark Jones & Cottage Farms Southern Tradition XIX Beefmaster Production Sale Report

  • 36 Breds - Gross $297,500 Avg $8,263.89
  • 16 Pairs - Gross $134,000 Avg $8,375.00
  • 27 Open Heifers - Gross $243,500.00 Avg $9,018.52
  • 7.75 Bulls - Gross $146,000 Avg $18,839.00
  • 1 Semen - Gross $22,275 Avg $22,275.00
  • 1 Frozen Embryo - Gross $16,700.00 Avg $16,700.00
  • 88.75 Lots - Gross $859,975.00 Avg $9,689.86

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Performance Data Collection Tips

We recommend that our members and Beefmaster breeders do the following at weaning time...

1. Collect weaning weight on calves

- Calves should be between 140 and 270 days old when weaning weights are recorded

- Contemporary groups are formed by calves born within 60 days of each other

2. Collect mature cow weight and Body Condition Score on cows (this should be recorded with BBU when completing the calf's registration)

3. Submit and record weaning weights with BBU using the online system or weaning worksheet

Age Windows

In order for weaning weight EPDs to be calculated, animals must be weighed within the proper age window: 140 - 270 days of age.

In order for yearling weight EPDs to be calculated, animals must be weighed within the proper age window: 320 - 430 days of age.

In order to process ultrasound data, animals must be scanned within the proper age window. Beefmaster cattle must be scanned between 320-500 days of age. When scanning you need a barn sheet with either P numbers or C registration numbers so the scan data can be processed. If no P or C numbers are provided the data will not get processed and will not be put into the BBU registry system.

Here is a chart to help you determine your age windows based on the animal's birth date.

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Did You Know...?

- Genomic Enhanced EPDs are not instant! When you genotype an animal, Genomic Enhanced EPDs (GE-EPDs) will not appear on the record until the next genetic evaluation (done twice a year) has been completed.
- If you sell a bull and then continue to use the bull's semen you collected for breeding YOU MUST PURCHASE AI CERTIFICATES ON THE BULL PRIOR TO SELLING THE BULL! Purchasing AI Certificates will give you access to the bull after you no longer own the bull. Use the form below to purchase and/or transfer AI Certificates!

AI Certificate Form →

- that when registering an animal that is consigned to a sale you DO NOT select "Hold For Online Transfer" when completing the registration online. This option does not generate a paper Certificate of Breeding, which is needed to be sent to the sale manager to complete the transfer paperwork.
- Everything in our registry system is based on Membership Number and/or Animal Registration Number - this includes ultrasound scan data, weights and measures. Membership and animal registration numbers are required on ALL paperwork for the staff to enter data into the BBU registry system or pull data that has been entered.
- How well do you know Beefmaster $Values Indices? Do you know what $M is? $M or Maternal Index is designed to help ranchers select animals that fit into a maternal criteria. $M accounts for growth, milk production and fertility and considers expected cow maintenance issues. Learn more at http://beefmasters.org/commercial/value-indices.php
- Do you know what $T is? $T or Terminal Index is designed for the retained ownership cattleman, feeder cattle buyer or packer who is most interested in fast growing, high performing steers, who will be sold to the packer on grids based on carcass merit. $T is a combination of WW, YW, REA and IMF EPDs. Learn more at http://beefmasters.org/commercial/value-indices.php
- Do you know how BBU defines a contemporary group?Read more about it at http://www.beefmasters.org/…/How-BBU-Defines-Contemporary-G…
- Did you know that the Beefmaster Breeders Cattlewomen is an organization dedicated to assisting Beefmaster Breeders United in promoting the Beefmaster breed, educating the public to the merits of the breed, assisting the junior programs, and participating in any other projects deemed appropriate by the members. For more information about BBU Cattlewomen, visit http://beefmasters.org/purebred/cattlewomen.php

Convention Raffle

Win a Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick OR 3 nights at Port Royal Condo OR 4 guest passes to a Wine Tasting Event!

The Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association is selling raffle tickets as a fundraiser for the 2019 BBU Convention! Tickets are $20 each or 6 tickets for $100.

Contact Melvin Scherer 361-877-2577 to purchase tickets

Spring 2019 Genetic Evaluation Posted Online
Click the links below to view each respective genetic evaluation document
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JBBA Nationals Information

The 2019 JBBA National Show & Convention Packet, Contest Information, Schedule & Additional Information are now available online at the links below!

- 2019 JBBA Beef Skillathon Study Information

View Show Schedule →

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JBBA Silent/Live Auction “Round Up”

Do you have fun and unique live or silent auction items that you'd be interested in donating to include in our 2019 JBBA National Show & Convention? If so, please let us know. We are in the process of collecting items to feature in our fun and fabulous auctions. Contact any one of our JBBA officers or directors or Bonnie at bramirez@beefmasters.org


JBBA Community Outreach: Let's Give Cancer the Boot!

Dawn Compton, Beefmaster breeder, sews shirts and mastectomy pillows for cancer patients. As a community service project during the national show, JBBA would like to ask exhibitors to donate a few items.

 Dawn is looking for 1 1/4 yards of 44" or wider cotton fabric and bags of polyfill (preferably the 50 oz bag at Wal-Mart for $9). This amount of material will make approximately two mastectomy pillows or four lumpectomy pillows and pockets for several mastectomy shirts used following cancer patients’ surgery and during recovery.

Dawn also uses men’s shirts as a drain shirt. Each “blessing box” that goes out to a cancer patient receives a pillow and a shirt. She uses all sizes of men’s button shirts. Long sleeved shirts are preferred. They don’t have to be ironed or starched, as long as they are clean.

Everyone is welcome to donate. Please help the JBBA with this community outreach endeavor! Look for the collection box during the upcoming JBBA National Convention to donate your items.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, support and help with this very special community service endeavor.


Sign Up for JBBA Remind 101

In an effort to keep JBBA information top of mind, JBBA will now be utilizing the Remind 101 service. This is an additional means of communication to share JBBA happenings. This free outreach service will also be heavily utilized during Nationals to send reminders and important announcements.

Download the FREE Remind 101 app and keep up with important JBBA information.

- Our class code is jbba2019.

- You can also text @jbba2019 to 81010


JBBA Office and Director Application

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New Fees Started January 1, 2019

Below are the pricing adjustments that have been approved through the board of directors, these new rates and fees started January 1, 2019. Read more about the fee changes in Collin’s article here. Beginning January 1, 2019 we implemented an Office Entry Rate that will be charged on a per work order request for registrations, in addition to the registration costs. This Office Entry Rate will be $5.00 for the first animal entry and $2.00 for each additional entry processed in the BBU office. Registrations entered online by the member will not incur the in-office fee.

Membership Fees

Fee Description

Online Entry Rate

Office Entry Rate

Lifetime Membership



First Time Active & Associate



Active & Associate Dues



Active & Associate Jan. Renewal



Active & Associate Feb. Renewal



Active & Associate March Renewal



Active & Associate Reinstatement



Junior Dues



Junior Jan. Renewal



Junior Feb. Renewal



Junior March Renewal



Junior Reinstatement



Registration Fees

*Office Entry Rate is charged on a per work order request basis and is the Online Entry Rate + $5 for the first animal entry, then for each additional animal entry it is Online Entry Rate + $2

Fee Description

Online Entry Rate

Office Entry Rate*

Purebred Certificate 0-9 months


$35 first entry & $32 for each additional

Purebred Certificate 10-14 months


$40 first entry & $37 for each additional

Purebred Certificate 15-18 months


$50 first entry & $47 for each additional

Purebred Certificate 19 months +


$65 first entry & $62 for each additional

Advancer Certificate 0-9 months



Advancer Certificate 10-14 months



Advancer Certificate 15-18 months



Advancer Certificate 19 months +



WHR (per active dam)



IBR (per active dam)



Animal Name Change

$20 (NO registered progeny) OR $100 (registered progeny)

* WHR inventory and IBR inventory fees mentioned above are the charges to the dam enrolled on the WHR or IBR inventory for the respective year. For WHR and IBR programs the first calf registration per dam enrolled is FREE, when registration is completed online. WHR and IBR calf registrations entered by office staff will incur the Office Entry Rate of $5 for the first animal entry, then for each additional animal entry it is $2.

Get your Ticket(s) Today: JBBA Gun Raffle Fundraiser

$30 a ticket. 30 Guns. 30 chances to Win.
  • Texas Pick 3 Lotto format style
  • Can win more than once
  • 1,000 tickets to be sold
  • Drawing begins June 10 and ends July 12

Contact any JBBA officer or director to purchase tickets. Or contact Darrell Glaser at 254-721-1497 or Bonnie Ramirez at bramirez@beefmasters.org

List of JBBA Officers & Directors
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Sign Up For Online Access

We encourage you to sign up for the BBU Online Registry System. Having online access to your BBU account will allow you to register animals online, view your billing information, transfer AI certificates, view your animal inventory, give natural breeding agreements, enter weaning/yearling weights and so much more!

Before you can login you must have a temporary password. To receive your temporary password, please email Donna your name and membership number at dhenderson@beefmasters.org. You must submit request by email, if you call the office the staff will direct you to send an email.

We encourage you to watch this video to learn more about how to access the BBU Online Registry System.

Or you can read step by step instructions here.

Order Your BBU Membership Sign

We have updated the BBU Membership Sign with the new association logo. If you would like to order a BBU Membership Sign please contact our official sign distributor: City Silk Screen.

City Silk Screen

Attn: Nat Garcia

375 Hawthorne

San Antonio, TX 78214  


210-532-7889 fax


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