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Beefmaster Genetics for Export

By: Bill Pendergrass, BBU Executive Vice President

The Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) International Committee has been working tirelessly for the past several years to spotlight how Beefmaster genetics can add significant value and efficiency to cattle operations around the globe. 2014 has been a crowning achievement for this group of hard working members as world wide interest in Beefmaster genetics has reached new peaks.

Cattlemen from Columbia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Thailand, Poland, Italy and Malaysia, to name a few countries, have been working closely with BBU International Committee members to source and expedite exports of Beefmaster genetics to their counties. The volume of interest from countries looking to import American bovine genetics has increased dramatically over the past few years. BBU anticipates this trend to continue and the International Committee is working hard to keep Beefmasters positioned as one of the most exported breeds in the U.S.

While there is strong interest in Beefmaster genetics in the export market, it is very important for breeders to understand that qualifying genetics for export is an expensive, time consuming and often times frustrating endeavor. It is strongly recommended that breeders do their research on the required tests and certifications for live cattle, semen and embryos before they collect bulls, flush cows or commit to live cattle exports. Having said that, many breeders have accepted the challenge and have done the required work to make their genetics as attractive to international buyers as possible.

BBU is creating a database of members who have exportable genetics available and/or are interested in working with parties who are seeking Beefmaster genetics for export. Having a current list of breeders, contact info and their inventories of CSS semen, exportable embryos and live cattle is essential to assisting interested international parties when they contact BBU as they begin their search for exportable genetics.

Please contact the BBU office at 210-732-3132 to be added to the BBU International Export Listing.

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Beefmasters UNITED in Efforts to Advance the Breed

By: Bill Pendergrass, BBU Executive Vice President

Perhaps the most important word most often used in conjunction with the word “Beefmaster” is UNITED.  The use of the very word UNITED is indeed powerful. Our forefathers revolted against the world’s only superpower at the time, to create this great nation we now live in…had they not UNITED behind the common cause of freedom, we would be subjects of the British crown today. As Beefmaster breeders we must always remember the pathway to success begins by being UNITED as we advance this great breed of cattle.

My vision for the success of Beefmaster Breeders United and BBU members hinges on being united as a team. I realize that different programs have various emphasis and goals. Competition between individuals is only natural; indeed competition makes the cattle, breeding programs and the breed better overall. However, we must remember to UNITE as a breed so that we can better compete with our competition for market share in the commercial sector of the beef industry. At the end of the day, we are all Beefmaster breeders and our shared goal is the success of the breed and your Association.

By the time this article gets to you, the spring bull season will be in full swing.  Beefmaster bull sales from this past fall and into the early spring have been very strong.  The demand for Beefmaster bulls from the commercial sector has been a driving force of this upswing. I would argue that the success of any purebred program and ultimately breed association comes from the ability of that breed to market range bulls. The single biggest revenue generator for any breeder is probably bull sales, with the majority of them going to commercial herds.

While we are the most maternal breed in the industry, we must always remember that our bulls are the best tool to add much needed HETEROSIS to a national cowherd that according the February issue of BEEF magazine, is 51 percent straight British.  As commercial cattlemen add more Angus to their operation they are ultimately increasing market share for the breed(s) that can best improve the productivity for that herd. Beefmaster bulls are the best product on these commercial cows. It is incumbent upon us to produce the kind of Beefmaster bulls these cattlemen are demanding.

We are nearing the end of stock show season in Texas and what a season it has been for the Beefmaster breed! Beefmasters were either the largest or second largest breed shows in both junior and open shows at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo. As for the highly competitive San Antonio All Breed Bull Sale and Commercial Replacement Female Sale, Beefmasters once again took home Grand Champion Commercial Heifer awards (for the second year in a row) and we also had the third high selling bull across all breeds.

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Nicaraguan Genetic Agreement Signed with FAGANIC

SAN ANTONIO – Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) is proud to announce that an agreement with the Federacion De Asociaciones Ganaderos De Nicaragua (FAGANIC) to provide frozen Beefmaster genetics to the cattlemen of Nicaragua was signed on March 8, 2014. The formal agreement was signed and finalized at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in coordination with an annual Beefmaster sale. At the agreement signing, BBU was represented by Executive Vice President Bill Pendergrass, Chief Financial Officer Collin Osbourn, International Committee Co-Chairman Lorenzo Lasater and President Steve Emmons. FAGANIC was represented by FAGANIC Secretary Alvaro Vargas, Federico Tablada and Giovani Capriotti.

(left to right) Bill Pendergrass, Collin Osbourn, Lorenzo Lasater, Steve Emmons, Alvaro Vargas, Federico Tablada, Giovani Capriotti

Nicaragua has seven million beef cows and represents a critical Central American market. The industry there is seeking to improve a number of traits for which Beefmasters are a perfect fit: hardiness in a tropical climate, improved carcass quality, increased weights and most significantly, reduced ages to heifer fertility and steer slaughter weight.

FAGANIC is a very influential national association of state and regional cattle organizations, much like the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) in the United States. They are providing the semen, as well as technical assistance with Artificial Insemination and management to Nicaraguan ranchers.

“The partnership with FAGANIC is an important step to introducing Beefmasters to the cattle industry of Nicaragua. We look forward to helping the ranchers there improve their beef quality and production traits,” said Lasater.

BBU will also assist with marketing, education and participation of cattle events in Nicaragua to promote the Beefmaster breed.

For more information about the international marketing efforts of Beefmaster cattle or the Nicaraguan agreement, please contact the BBU staff members at 210-732-3132 or visit Stay connected to BBU through Facebook, follow us on Instagram, view our videos on YouTube, follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, as well as receive our news updates through joining our mailing list.

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International Committee Hosts European Guests

On March 13, 2014 Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) hosted guests from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany and Italy at DBL D Bar Ranch in Industry, Texas. The international guests are visiting the United States to learn about American agriculture and Beefmaster cattle. 

BBU International Committee co-chair and owner of DBL D Bar Ranch Doyle Sanders is a not a stranger to hosting international guests and this week his ranch was opened to several European visitors. An Italian cattle producer Giulio DeDonatis and his family who own and operate La Tenuta dell’Argento hotel resort located in Civitavecchia, Italy were one of the international guests hosted by the BBU international committee. DeDonatis is interested in establishing the Beefmaster breed on his ranch which is utilized to provide meat for the hotel resort’s restaurant and butcher shop.

“I like the whole breed concept of Beefmasters and I am looking for the total package,” said DeDonatis.

The other international guests are visiting the United States in coordination with the Livestock Exporters Association of the USA. Dr. Martin Sieber, Ph.D., a native German and a representative for the association is the guide for the international guests while they are in the United States. The Europeans will visit with USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, as well as agricultural businesses throughout the Midwest.

During their visit to DBL D Bar Ranch, the European visitors received a presentation on the Beefmaster breed and “the six essentials” that make Beefmasters ideal for the European diverse climates ranging from the coast of Italy to the mountains of Poland. The international guests explored the ranch on the beautiful March day and interacted with the Beefmaster animals. BBU International Committee members and BBU staff members were present to answer questions regarding the Beefmaster breed, cattle, American agriculture and United States culture.

In accordance with American culture, the visit was concluded with a meal that consisted of Beefmaster steaks that pleased the international guests with its wonderful flavor and enormous size.

“We talked a lot on our way back from the ranch about the visit. The BBU materials and “goodie bag” with all the useful information did not go unnoticed. This was a great stop on our tour and we loved the Texas hospitality,” said Sieber.

The BBU International Committee will continue conversations with the European visitors on exporting Beefmaster genetics and to make the Beefmaster a presence in their home country’s agricultural industry. This visit is just one of the many efforts that BBU is establishing for increasing international demand for Beefmaster cattle.

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Beefmasters Go International

The BBU International Committee led by Co-Chairs Lorenzo Lasater and Doyle Sanders held a meeting this past week at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  A lot of work has been accomplished over the past few years by this committee and the successes are paying off.  Visitors to BBU events this year during the HLSR included special foreign guests from Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Thailand, Italy, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, and Bulgaria.  A large number of buyers at the three BBU sales during the HLSR represented almost half of the total number of lots going to Mexico at high value pricing.

Over the past two years, BBU has garnered over $1.25 million per year on export sales just to Mexico.  The Live Oak Bull Sale at Three Rivers in 2014 had half of the bulls sold to Mexican buyers from consignors from over eight states of BBU membership.  In addition, Mexican buyers have attended sales outside Texas as far as Tennessee.  BBU intends to work with our membership states with USLGE support for international marketing to increase interest in such sales in Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, and others.

A special program is being developed to increase international sponsorship and participation from the overall membership of BBU.  The BBU “Go International Team” is being planned with incentives for sponsors to help promote their international capabilities through special recognition and participation in marketing, ranch visits, mission or reverse mission  field days, Semen Sales, and opportunities for travel with International Committee members.  Ultimately a special International Committee sale around the Best of Both Worlds theme may be developed only for international sponsor consignors.

Beefmaster cattle are increasingly in demand overseas for the genetic benefits that they provide.  Beefmasters have proven highly successful in Mexico and South Africa regions that have also resulted in invitations from Thailand in 2009 and some Central European nations in 2013.  Meeting that demand will increase market opportunities for Beefmaster breeders throughout the United States and across other foreign countries.   Every BBU member will benefit from this participation under the BBU “Go International Team”.


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BBU Announces New Executive Vice President and Restructure

SAN ANTONIO - Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) welcomes Bill Pendergrass to the team as the new Executive Vice President. With an interest and genuine care for cattlemen and the beef industry, Pendergrass expresses that his life’s work is advocating for ranchers, helping the purebred sector embrace the future and actively establishing the importance of the Beefmaster breed for the benefit of its breeders and the beef industry in general.

BBU is also proud to announce that the position of Executive Vice President has been restructured to reflect the new objective of teamwork. With Pendergrass taking on the roll of Executive Vice President he will focus on commercial marketing, field services, the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association and representing the Beefmaster breed at industry events. Collin Osbourn, formerly the Chief Operating Officer, will now serve as the Chief Financial Officer and his responsibilities will include overseeing the financial and office operations that occur within BBU. In simple terms, the Executive Vice President position’s responsibilities were spread between Pendergrass and Osbourn to create a more efficient and well oiled Beefmaster machine. Pendergrass and Osbourn, along with the rest of the BBU staff, will work closely as a team to ensure that Beefmasters remain “The Best of Both Worlds”.

“This restructure has created a team that is going to be better for the membership and will push the association to the next level,” said BBU President Steve Emmons. “Staff, BBU members, directors and officers are all essential to this team. Each person is important to the success of the breed and we need to pull together to move forward. Team Beefmaster is an unstoppable force and Beefmasters will become the American breed of choice.”

Bill Pendergrass has 23 years of experience in the cattle industry and throughout these 23 years he has worked in both the Association and private sector. Pendergrass’ career experiences include positions as Field Representative with the American International Charolais Association, Genetics Marketing at Camp Cooley Ranch, Executive Vice President of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association, Southeast Manager of Future Beef Operations and most recently serving as the General Manager of Rio Ranches in Hempstead, Texas. Pendergrass comes to Beefmaster with a diverse background that literally spans the production chain from the ranch to the retailer, with valuable time also spent at both breed and state cattlemen’s associations.

A native of Blountville, Tenn., Pendergrass received a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Middle Tennessee State University. Pendergrass and his wife Cathy will be moving to San Antonio, Texas and have two grown children who reside in Woodbury, Tenn., a son attending Sam Houston State University and a son attending Texas A&M University. Pendergrass began his duties as Executive Vice President on March 3, 2014.

“I can’t think of a breed that offers more to the beef industry than Beefmaster. The proven performance and profit advantages Beefmaster genetics provide are even more valuable today as we rebuild our nation’s cowherd,” said BBU Executive Vice President Bill Pendergrass. “I look forward to working closely with Beefmaster breeders as we improve the bottom line of commercial cattlemen everywhere.”

For more information please call the BBU office at 210-732-3132 or visit Stay connected to BBU through Facebook, follow us onInstagram, view our videos on YouTube, follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, as well as receive our news updates through joining our mailing list.

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Beefmasters Featured in Polish Magazine

The Beefmaster breed was highlighted in the Polish Association of Beef Cattle Breeders fourth quarter issue of their magazine. The title of the article is: “Beefmaster- American Dream” and the article was featured in the section of the magazine: “Breeds that we do not know” (Rasy, ktorych nie znamy). The excerpts from the magazine that features Beefmaster cattle are shown below, note that the first image is just the cover of the magazine. The Beefmaster feature is image two through four.

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Beefmasters Represented at USLGE Conference

Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) International Committee Co-Chairman Doyle Sanders of Industry, Texas represented the Beefmaster breed at the 2014 United States Livestock Genetics Export, Inc., (USLGE) conference. The conference was held February 19-21 in Kansas City, Mo.

For several years, USLGE has provided the funding for BBU’s international committee on a cost sharing basis.  We dedicate manpower and staff costs  and under the USDA they provide our funding.  BBU does not fund anything to the International Committee and BBU members sponsor the efforts to provide the annual dues to USLGE then we request funding for programs in foreign countries. The annual dues are about $5,000 and the International Committee receives about $40,000 per year for travel and reverse missions to promoting the Beefmaster breed internationally.

The purpose of this trip was to present the 2015 USLGE Budget Request for discussion among the beef breed members and compare programs for 2014 and 2015.  Due to delay of the Farm Bill, the 2014 funding will be delayed until late March 2014.  BBU was able to clarify how to handle expenses for the Houston Livestock Show planned out of the 2014 funding request. Additional assistance was also clarified for Colombia and Thailand.

BBU funding requests far exceed other beef breeds such as Charolais, Simmental, Brangus, and Brahman.  Actual awards are in line with these other breeds.  Sanders agreed to make realistic adjustments for submission on March 15, 2014.  At the same time, Mike Phillips agreed that the World Wide Market Study conducted by BBU’s International Committee has been noted for the effort to focus and modify the previous request formats.  Significant new BBU funding for Central Europe was noted with proper justification.  The 2015 budget should reflect this justifiable increase and the 2014 award may consider adjustments to allow entry into that region earlier.

Sanders was invited to make a presentation to the USLGE members that followed a marketing report on Turkey that showed professional reports on US FAS progress there since 2009.  The Turkey market for live animals focused on just a few head of cattle exported there in 2009 up to over 115,000 head in 2011 and then a decline to date due to competition out of Western Europe.  Most of this was dairy cattle – some of which had been intended for beef consumption.  To increase market acceptance in Turkey of US cattle, the consultant suggested that they recognize that Holsteins are not suitable for acceptance as a beef animal and beef should be properly presented to the market.  They also focused on sending semen and embryos for to help achieve this goal.  The report indicated that there are over 14 million head of cattle in Turkey and the country has set a goal of doubling their markets by 2023.

Mike Phillips had suggested that the BBU presentation by Sanders include an introduction to Beefmasters and the beneficial traits our cattle offer to foreign markets.  This went over very well with all attending including horse and swine people.  The head of the Simmental association said she had no real concept about Beefmasters and can now see why our cattle are increasing in interest in many parts of the world.  One horse person from Pennsylvania indicated that he intended to look for some Beefmaster bulls in his region to develop a beef herd on one of his family dairy farms that recently closed milk production.  Sanders spoke to the International Brangus representative about what the BBU upgrade program could do for their members.

Mike Phillips introduced Sanders to Dr. Martin Sieber representing US Livestock Export Association who will be escorting a group of five officials representing Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Latvia that are scheduled to visit US dairy, swine, and agricultural research stations early in March.  The trip will include three days in Houston for the Livestock Show and Rodeo.  The US Embassy in Warsaw has recommended that their trip include a visit to Sexing Technologies in Navasota, Texas and to Sanders DBL D BAR ranch in Industry, Texas on March 13, 2104 for a presentation on Beefmaster cattle and display of bulls, cow/calves, and heifer development.  This is the only beef venue included in their visit.  Sanders has arranged for an Italian rancher near Rome, Italy to discuss his reasons for selecting Beefmasters for his cross breeding with his native purebred Marremano cattle.

The Livestock Export Association met the day before and provided information to the USLGE members regarding USDA exporting changes and the need to coordinate with USDA on overseas shipments.  There is also growing concern about potential bans on shipping live animals due to public notice of incidents of cattle being shipped to Russia/Kazakhstan that have had high death and injury rates.

Various state agricultural agencies expressed interest in Beefmaster cattle following Sanders presentation.  These included Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Tennessee.  Jon Garza from Texas Dept Agriculture offered his assistance to BBU in our international efforts and recognized his cooperation with Billy Welkener in moving cattle into Mexico.

There was much discussion among the beef breeds about returning as a group to Australia in 2015 under USLGE banners for their international conference.  BBU has funding included for 2015 for this show for two people to attend.

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Beefmasters Earn Top Honors at All Breeds Sale for Second Year

SAN ANTONIO  - The 23rd Annual San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo All Breeds Bull and Commercial Female Sale proved to be a successful event for three Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) members. The Beefmaster breeders were recognized prior to the sale held on Wed., Feb. 12, 2014 after being selected as top-placing cattle during the show held on Tues., Feb. 11, 2014. This sale features purebred bulls and commercial heifers consigned by premier Texas and New Mexico ranches.

2014 Grand Champion Pen of Females – Rancho Dos Vidas Ltd. – Moore, Texas

Rancho Dos Vidas Ltd., Moore, Texas was recognized before the annual sale as the Overall Grand Champion Pen of Females after also winning first place Beefmaster pen of females. Don Mullins is the owner of Rancho Dos Vidas Ltd., and Lane Roberson is the ranch manager. Mullins is one of the first ranchers to utilize the Beefmaster breed, dating back to the 1960s. This pen consisted of a super set of moderate framed, easy fleshing BBU certified Beefmaster Advancer females.

“This is our third year to compete in the San Antonio All Breeds Sale. We started breeding our BBU registered females to Red Angus bulls five years ago in an effort to clean up their underlines, get moderate sized calves and to become more functional as commercial Advancer cattle,” said Roberson.

Beefmaster Advancer cattle are animals of fifty percent or more registered Beefmaster breeding and fifty percent or less of other registered, DNA genotyped non-Beefmaster beef cattle breeding.

2014 High Beefmaster Grading Bull – Collier Farms – Brenham, Texas

“This is the second year for Rancho Dos Vidas to win Grand Champion Pen of Females with their Beefmaster Advancer females,” said BBU Chief Operations Officer Collin Osbourn. “This pen of Beefmaster females crossed with Red Angus bulls and all of the Beefmaster animals here today represented what the Beefmaster breed has to offer commercial cattlemen.”

Two more Beefmaster honors went to well known Texas ranches and prominent members of BBU. The first place Beefmaster/E6 Certified Bred Female award was presented to HT Chapman Cattle Company, Rockport, Texas. The High Grading Beefmaster Bull award was presented to Collier Farms, Brenham, Texas.

2014 First Place Beefmaster/E6 Certified Bred Females – HT Chapman Cattle Company – Rockport, Texas











For more information about the Beefmaster Advancer Program or the San Antonio All Breeds Sale results, call the BBU office at 210-732-3132 or visit Stay connected to BBU through Facebook, follow us on Instagram, view our videos on YouTube, follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, as well as receive our news updates through joining our mailing list.

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Strong Sales Continuing into the New Year

The fall of 2013 and the early months of 2014 have proven to be strong for the Beefmaster breed. The Beefmaster breed has continued to see demand for fertile and functional females, as well as witness an increase in demand for powerful Beefmaster bulls. The demand for Beefmaster bulls was strong in 2013 and is continuing to grow as springtime 2014 approaches. With this increase in demand, the Beefmaster bull is making a name for himself in the cattle industry because he is “The Best of Both Worlds”. Commercial cattlemen and women have witnessed that a Beefmaster bull will produce extremely fertile, functional and docile females to rebuild America’s cowherds, as well as produce profitable and efficient feeder calves that deliver results in the current market place. Even more commercial cattlemen and women are experiencing the performance and productivity that comes from a Beefmaster bull. Several of these breeders took action and bought over 500 Beefmaster bulls that were sold in four outstanding fall sales. These strong sale numbers are a testament to the demand of the beef cattle industry’s need for high-quality Beefmaster bulls.

The Isa Cattle Company hosted their 52nd Beefmaster bull sale on Oct., 5, 2013 in San Angelo, Texas where 26 buyers from nine states bought 111 Beefmaster bulls at an average of $3,940. Isa’s President, Lorenzo Lasater, stated the sale was extremely strong from beginning to end. Across the state in Brenham, Texas over 113 performance-tested bulls were sold at the Central Texas Beef “On” Forage Performance Bull Sale on Oct., 19, 2013 for an average of $5,699. Beef “On” Forage” bulls are developed and tested on grass for more than 300 days and never confined to a feedlot. Ranchers and commercial cattlemen have been satisfied with purchasing Beefmaster bulls through the Beef “On” Forage sale for over 25 years because the bulls maintain their performance at home. The Lasater Ranch, founders of the Beefmaster breed, hosted their 64th annual Beefmaster sale on Sept., 7, 2013 in Matheson, Colo. The sale was successful with 39 buyers from 11 states and Mexico taking home 115 bulls at an average price of $3,200. The high selling two-year-old bull went to Violeta Ranch of Hebbronville, Texas. The high selling herd sire went to Fernando Garza and Jose Luis Rocha of Durango, Mexico.

Strong sales and growing demand that began last fall for Beefmaster bulls has also carried over into the new year with the Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association (LOBBA) Bull Sale that was held Jan., 11, 2014 in Three Rivers, Texas. With one of the largest crowds to ever attend the LOBBA bull sale, the sale averaged right at $5,948 for the 107 bulls bought. Several of the bulls were purchased by Mexican cattlemen. The demand for thick and clean Beefmaster bulls is not only reaching throughout the United States, the demand is reaching internationally into Mexico and Central America. Several of the Beefmaster sales have been supported by international guests and it is easy to say that international cattlemen and women have taken notice of the top-quality Beefmaster animals being produced in the United States.

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