University of Arkansas at Monticello cattle breeding program enters new phase

by Joe Mask | Published June 30, 2022


MONTICELLO, Arkansas — The cattle herd at the University of Arkansas at Monticello is getting an upgrade, receiving more than two dozen hand-picked Beefmaster cows and calves donated by James and Mary Ann Skelton of Springdale.

“I didn’t want UAM to have any scrubs,” the 77-year-old James Skelton. “I’m selling down, so I donated the better end of my cows.”

At one time, Skelton and his brother managed more than 300 head of Beefmaster cattle.

“My brother got out of the business, and now it’s just my two sons,” Skelton said. “We have about 60 cows. They, too, are now wanting out of the cattle business. So, it’s a good time.”

UAM has had cattle on its campus for a long time, beginning as a research and demonstration herd managed by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture’s Southeast Research and Extension Center. When the Center closed, the herd was transferred to UAM.

“With the switch of ownership, so did the focus of the cattle operation. We were suddenly tasked with the need for our cattle to produce calves for revenue so that the farm could financially stand on its own,” said Rocky Lindsey, veterinarian and associate professor animal science.

Genetic upgrades

UAM farm manager Greg Montgomery said the donated cattle, which arrived in May, have excellent traits that help elevate the quality of the UAM herd.

“We are getting some proven genetics,” said Montgomery.

“There are three boxes we are trying to check. The first is visual assessment; we want them to look pretty as you go down the road. The next two boxes included pedigree: what ancestry do they have, and have they produced recognizable genetics?” he said.

“The third box is EPDs or expected progeny differences. All three things can get very complex, but it’s pretty simple once you know the process. If we are checking all three boxes, we are upgrading our cattle,” Montgomery said.

Beefmasters Breeders United helps track all the cows’ data.

“They have the bloodline; they get a number, the animal’s birth weight is recorded, weaning weight and yearling weight. By the time you’re done, you have a huge database to help improve the quality of your herd,” he said.

Beating the competition

UAM doesn’t often enter competitions with its livestock. However, this past year Montgomery and a student tested the waters at the Arkansas State Fair. The result was a measuring stick.

“The results couldn’t have been better,” Montgomery said. “We were at the state fair in 2021. We had a heifer and a bull. Our bull won Arkansas Champion and Grand Champion Beefmaster Bull.

“We walked out of there with a lot of purple ribbons. For me, it was the first time I’d ever done that,” he said. “Even as a kid, I had never won the state fair. It was cool to do that for the university and a cool thing for me.”

Montgomery said UAM student Rayvin Callaway showed the cattle and “she did a wonderful job. Kudos to her for the work she has done. We hope to have more student interaction in the future in showing our cattle.”

“The goals for the herd with University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture were teaching and research. Generating revenue through cattle sales was not the focus,” said Lindsey. “We’re still going to use them as a teaching herd and perform quality research, but the focus has changed since UAM took ownership of the cattle. We now want to help the UAM farm grow and support itself.”

“We can brand our UAM university name and become well-known. We are starting to become known as a quality Beefmaster breeder. This gives added value to our cattle,” said Lindsey.

“Everything we do out here on this cow farm, there will be a student involved,” said Montgomery. “Ultimately everything we do to improve the college’s herd; the student is involved 100% hands-on.  As the herd gains more notoriety, the university also builds its name and reputation. Meaning more opportunities for the student.”

Top Five

Skelton became familiar with the UAM breeding program about five years ago. At that time, Bill Pendergrass, executive vice president of Beefmasters Breeders United, told Skelton that UAM needed a bull to breed their cows. Skelton called Montgomery and told them that the school he could use one of his top bulls for a few months. The bull was a top five ranked Beefmaster. The bull and cows did their job producing top calves. However, closure of the Southeast Research and Extension Center meant Montgomery had to start over.

The current “donation we received was very beneficial, no strings attached,” Lindsey said. “Some of the cattle we were initially going to sell, the donation agreement allowed us to do that, but instead, the quality of the animals we received was incredibly good. Those cows and calves will now be incorporated into our existing breeding program.”



About the College of Forestry, Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Arkansas Forest Resources Center

The College of Forestry, Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the Arkansas Forest Resources Center, a University of Arkansas System Center of Excellence, brings together interdisciplinary expertise through a partnership between the University of Arkansas at Monticello and the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. The College and Center are headquartered at the University of Arkansas at Monticello campus, but their programs range statewide with the mission of developing and delivering teaching, research, and extension programs that enhance and ensure the sustainability and productivity of forest-based natural resources and agricultural systems. Academic programs are delivered by the College of Forestry, Agriculture, and Natural Resources through the University of Arkansas at Monticello. Through the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, research is administered by the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, and extension and outreach activities are coordinated by the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.

The University of Arkansas at Monticello and the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture offer all of their programs to all eligible persons without regard to race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital or veteran status, genetic information, or any other legally protected status, and are Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employers.

About the Division of Agriculture

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture’s mission is to strengthen agriculture, communities, and families by connecting trusted research to the adoption of best practices. Through the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Cooperative Extension Service, the Division of Agriculture conducts research and extension work within the nation’s historic land grant education system.

The Division of Agriculture is one of 20 entities within the University of Arkansas System. It has offices in all 75 counties in Arkansas and faculty on five system campuses.

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture offers all its Extension and Research programs and services without regard to race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital or veteran status, genetic information, or any other legally protected status, and is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

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By Lon Tegels

College of Forestry, Agriculture and Natural Resources

University of Arkansas at Monticello


Arkansas Forest Resources Center

U of A System Division of Agriculture


Clark Jones & Cottage Farm Southern Tradition XXII Beefmaster Production Sale Report

by Joe Mask | Published June 30, 2022

Savannah, Tennessee


Lots Type Gross  Average
27 Bred Heifer $332,000.00 $12,296.30
27 Open Heifer $330,000.00 $12,222.22
6 Pair $67,000.00 $11,166.67
8 Bull $68,000.00 $8,500.00
1 Semen $4,645.00 $4,645.00
1 Frozen Embryo $7,600.00 $7,600.00
70 Total Lots $809,245.00 $11,560.64
Category Description Price Consignor Purchased by
Bred Heifer Lot 65 – Cf 084 – L2 Infinity x Cf Oasis – Bred to Brock $40,000 Cottage Farm Rockin RB, TX.
Lot 62 – Cf 086 – L2 Captain Sugar x Cf Oasis – Bred to Power House $25,000 Cottage Farm Pro-Ventures, LA.
Lot 27 – CJ 2093 – CJ’s Game Changer x Miss CJ 13/18 – Bred to CJ Heart Breaker $24,000 Clark Jones Bill Botard, TX.
Lot 22 – CJ 2060 – CJ’s Game Changer x Miss CJ 1824.  – Bred to CJ Diamond Ring $22,000 Clark Jones Gary & Beau Osmondson, CA.
Lot 34 – CJ 20107 – CJ’s Diamond Rolex x Miss CJ 1542 – Bred to CJ Heart Breaker $20,000 Clark Jones H-Bar, TX.
Lot 38 – CJ 2081 – CJ’s Game Changer x 1021/7 – Bred to CJ Heart Breaker $18,000 Clark Jones H-Bar, TX.
Lot 61 – Cf 081 – L2 Captain Sugar x Cf Oasis  – Bred to Power House $18,000 Cottage Farm Jason Vojacek, TX.
Lot 23 – CJ 16/20 – CJ’s Lovemaker x Miss CJ 27/15 – Bred to CJ Revolution $17,000 Clark Jones Jon Rhodes, TX.
Lot 29 – CJ 2049 – CJ’s Game Changer x Miss CJ 1658 – Bred to CJ The Master $17,000 Clark Jones Bailey Farms, TN.
Open Heifers Lot 73 – Cf 107 – CF Brock x Cf Oasis $21,000 Cottage Farm Jim Woolman, TX.
Lot 5 – CJ 2113 – CJ’s Game Changer x 3007 $21,000 Clark Jones Cottage Farm, TN.
Lot 8 – CJH 2101 – CJ’s Game Changer x Miss CJ 39/17 $21,000 Clark Jones /       Jason Hearn Tombigbee, AL.
Lot 71 – Cf 112 – CF Brock x Cf De Ja Vu $20,000 Cottage Farm L2 Ranch, TX.
Lot 3 – CJ 2158 – CJ’s Game Changer x Miss CJ 1773 $20,000 Clark Jones Curtis Smith, OK.
Lot 70 – Cf 131 – CF Prime 8 x Cf De Ja Vu $19,000 Cottage Farm Travis Graybeal, KS.
Lot 16b – CJB 2114 – CJ’s Tradition x Miss CJ 1603 $17,000 Clark Jones /    Bailey Farms Bailey Farms, TN.
Lot 1 – CJ 2160 – CJ’s Game Changer x CJ’s Hope Diamond $16,000 Clark Jones Jarrett Corley, GA.
Pair Lot 45 – SWB 08714 Shakira – EMS Bonfire x Estatic  with Heifer calf by Mr. CJ’s Diamond Ring  Bred to CJ Progress $27,000 Clark Jones Lazy Susan Ranch, TN.
Lot 46 – CJ 1647 – EMS Ring of Fire x 101/1 with Heifer calf by CJ’s Game On Bred to CJ Progress $10,000 Clark Jones J & T Farm, TN.
Bull Lot 53 – Cf 082 – CF Brock x Cf Oasis $13,000 Cottage Farm Randy Mason, IL.
Lot 51 – Cf 085 – CF Brock x Cf Oasis $12,000 Cottage Farm Twin Creek, TN.
Lot 54 – Cf 076 – L2 Captain Sugar x Cf Oasis $12,000 Cottage Farm Gabby De La Santos, TX.
Volume Buyers: Travis Graybeal, KS.; Jon Rhodes, TX.; Rockin RB, TX.; H – Bar, TX.; Nextgen Cattle Co., KS.; Bailey Farms, TN.; Jarrett Corley, GA.; Jason Vojacek, TX.

Auctioneer – Gerald Bowie

Sale Consultants – 3G Sales & Service, Anthony Mihalski

Sale Manager – Robbins Cattle Consulting & Marketing, Bruce Robbins

Austin County’s DBL D BAR Beefmaster Ranch Selected to Join USDA Trade Mission to the United Kingdom

by Joe Mask | Published June 18, 2022


Source: Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)

As Part of the Delegation, DBL D BAR Beefmaster Ranch will Benefit from Opportunities to Introduce Its Products to New Buyers and Increase Sales

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 18, 2022 – DBL D BAR Beefmaster Ranch from New Ulm, Texas, will join the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for a trade mission to London, United Kingdom (UK), June 22-24. The UK ranks 13th among global customers for U.S. food and agricultural products, with nearly $2.8 billion in purchases in 2021, a four-percent increase from the previous year. The USDA trade mission will build upon that momentum with the goal of finding new and expanded export opportunities for U.S. agribusinesses, including DBL D BAR Beefmaster Ranch.

“Prior to the Covid pandemic, we built momentum introducing Beefmasters to new markets in Europe, Asia and North Africa,” said Co-owner of DBL D BAR Beefmaster Ranch Doyle Sanders. “During the pandemic, USDA trade missions were postponed, delayed or cancelled, and we now have breeders overseas who are interested in expanding their herds for cross breeding with Angus. We are eager to meet profit-minded UK beef producers to join our Beefmaster family and use our high-performance embryos and semen for crossed and purebred seedstock.”

DBL D BAR Beefmaster Ranch was instrumental in introducing the unique Beefmaster genetics into Thailand and then used the same model to introduce the breed to Europe. Since 2014 it has exported superior semen and embryo genetics to Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the UK.  This unique American breed leads in feed efficiency and heterosis for greater worldwide sustainability.

While in London, officials from DBL D BAR Beefmaster Ranch and 36 other U.S. agribusinesses and farm organizations will engage directly with foreign buyers, receive in-depth market briefs from the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), and participate in site visits.

“USDA-sponsored trade missions allow FAS to work directly with U.S. ag exporters, regardless of their size, to help them boost sales of their high-quality U.S. food and farm products around the world,” said FAS Associate Administrator Brooke Jamison. “I’m excited to join the diverse group of U.S. businesses who are participating in the UK trade mission and eager to do what I can to help them capitalize on new business opportunities. Every sale and purchase commitment, regardless of how large or small, will have a positive impact on the success of the company, their employees, and ultimately their local community.”

The trade mission to the U.K. is one of four international trade missions Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced on March 11 that support USDA’s commitment to expanding and diversifying global market opportunities for U.S. agriculture and exporters. As U.K.’s demand for U.S. consumer-oriented food and beverages increases, the market delivers strong potential for U.S. exporters.

For more information on USDA trade missions, visit https://fas.usda.gov/topics/trade-missions. For questions about DBL D BAR Beefmaster Ranch, visit www.dbldbar.com or contact Doyle Sanders via email at dsanders@industryinet.com.


USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.

Guerrero Selected as 2022 Summer Intern

by Joe Mask | Published May 31, 2022


Haley Guerrero has been selected as the 2022 Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) summer intern. Haley is a Senior at Sam Houston State University majoring in Agriculture Communications and will graduate May of 2023. Since she raised livestock most of her life, Haley showed an interest in learning the communications side of the agricultural industry. In the beginning of her college career, she found the desire for public relations, photography, and marketing. Guerrero began her internship on May 31, 2022 at the BBU office in Boerne.

Haley is from Fayetteville, Texas where she raises Beefmaster cattle with her family. She was introduced to the Beefmaster breed by Lee and Dawn Compton. Haley followed in her brother’s footsteps after he purchased his first Beefmaster heifer from scrambling at the Austin County Fair. She has been a JBBA member since 2008, Haley has grown her herd through the years attending majors, scramble, and JBBA Nationals.

“This organization is growing every day with new members and I’m proud to be one of them! This will be an exciting experience to learn how BBU and JBBA function from an inside perspective. I’m grateful for this opportunity,” Guerrero says.

In this role, Guerrero will assist BBU staff in communications, data entry, and junior program tasks before, during and after the 2022 JBBA National Show and Convention.

For more information call 210-732-3132 or visit www.beefmasters.org. Stay connected to BBU through Facebook, follow us on Instagram, view our videos on YouTube, and follow us on Twitter. Receive our news updates through joining our mailing list.


Beefmaster Breeders United is a not-for-profit breed registration organization that provides programs and services for its members. Beefmaster, Beefmaster Advancer and E6 cattle are selected on the “Six Essentials” of disposition, fertility, weight, conformation, milk production and hardiness.


Springtime in Texas Beefmaster Sale Report

by Joe Mask | Published May 10, 2022


Brenham, TX – April 23, 2022

  • 10 Bulls $35,700 avg $3570
  • 3 Pair $14,250 avg $4750
  • 6 Bred $16,600 avg $2767
  • 30 Open $63,200 avg $2107
  • 2 Picks $9400 avg $4700
  • 1 Semen $2870
  • 52 Lots $142,020 avg $2732


Top Bulls

  • Lot 1- Sire, SWB Luckenbach, consigned by Rick Seeker, Brenham, TX:  Sold to Jim Colvin, Seguin, TX for $8500.
  • Lot 28- Sire, Frenzel 3112, consigned by Cain Cattle Co., Wiggins, MS:  Sold to Swinging B Ranch, Axtell, TX for $4000.
  • Lot 4- Sire, Gunner, consigned by Gene Hawthorne, Mt Calm, TX:  Sold to M J Hanna Foundation, Gatesville, TX for $3400.


Top Females

  • Lot 32- Pair, Calf sire, BCF Prince Harry, consigned by Brock Clay, Dekalb, MS:  Sold to Jason Vojacek, Cove, TX for $5250.
  • Lot 11- Pair, Calf sire, JC’s Magnet, onsigned by Rick Seeker, Brenham, TX:  Sold to Sandy Montgomery, Quitman, AR for $4600.
  • Lot 37- Pair, Calf sire, WPR’s Total Western, consigned by Gerald Galbraith, Abilene, TX:  Sold to Herbert Peake, Manvel, TX for $4400.


Volume Buyers:  Bessie’s Creek, Katy, TX:  Sandy Montgomery, Quitman, AR:  Alan Wright, Magnolia, TX:


Auctioneer-  Anthony Mihalski, San Antonio, TX

Sale Manager- Mike Green, 3G Cattle Sales and Consultation, Franklin, GA


by Joe Mask | Published May 6, 2022




  • 20 BULLS $60,400 A VG $3020
  • 22 PAIR $96,500 AVG $4387
  • 13 BRED $57,600 AVG $4431
  • 17 OPEN $54,300 A VG $3195
  • 1 SEMEN $8600
  • 73 TOTAL LOTS $277,400 AVG $3800


  • 4 BULLS $2900 A VG $725
  • 2 PAIR $3200 AVG $1600
  • 4 BRED $5800 AVG $1450
  • 4 OPEN $4200 AVG $1050
  • 1 HORSE $700
  • 15 TOTAL LOTS $16,800 AVG $1120





Alberto Bailleres Obituary

by Joe Mask | Published May 6, 2022


Alberto Bailleres, a highly successful businessman and rancher, passed away on February 2nd, 2022 in Mexico City.

Bailleres, Mr. B as he was referred to endearingly by those close to him, was born on August 22nd, 1931 in Mexico City. His family owned a ranch since before the Mexican Revolution. By this heritage, the love of the land, cattle and wildlife was instilled in him at an early age. He had seven children with his wife Teresa Gual de Bailleres.

Mr. B studied economy and graduated from Instituto Technologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM) in 1957. He later became Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the institution. Mr. B was the majority owner of Grupo Bal, which is a group of companies based in Mexico. Once he had the capital, Mr. B purchased a ranch near Guanajuato, MX in 1970. This purchase began what was to become Flying B Ranches. The beef cattle operations include Chaparrosa Ranch (La Pryor, TX), Rancho del Cielo (Kent, TX), Rancho Margaritas and Rancho San Geronimo (Múzquiz, Coahuila, MX), Rancho Begoña (Guanajuato, MX), Rancho Xajay (Hidalgo, MX) and Finca Zalduendo (Extremadura, SP).

Shortly after his purchase of the Rancho Margaritas in 1988, Mr. B began to evaluate the future of his cattle breeding program. After extensive observations of different breeds and operations, he decided go with Beefmasters, recognizing their maternal characteristics. In 1989, Mr. B purchased 200 Beefmaster heifers to start his herd. Since then, the herd has grown exponentially in both the United States and Mexico. He heavily invested in good genetics motivated by the need he saw to improve cattle performance with in his own herd and for the breed and industry overall. He was awarded numerous honors through various organizations for his efforts.

Mr. B enjoyed breeding good Quarter Horses on Chaparrosa Ranch. He produced several top performers including two World Champion Heel horses and a World Champion Tie-Down horse. His love of the land was evident in his stewardship efforts. He believed in leaving the land better than he found it, implementing various brush control methods, investing in water distribution, infrastructure and extensive wildlife management.

Mr. B’s favorite pastime was certainly hunting and was an avid outdoorsman having hunted all over the world. He had a fondness for Whitetail deer. He won buck contests and achieved the Texas Slam for many years. Mr. B harvested the #5 Non-Typical Whitetail Buck and the last buck he harvested is the new state record Typical Whitetail Buck.

Mr. B was involved in many philanthropy efforts. Through his ranches, he had several collaborative relationships and memberships with various industry organizations such as Beefmaster Breeders United, Asociacion Mexicana de Criadores de Ganado Beefmaster, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, American Quarter Horse Association, Texas Farm Bureau, and Texas Wildlife Association among others.

Mr. B would often say “vivir es incredible” or “living is incredible”. Such was his life.

East Texas/Louisiana Beefmaster Marketing Group Sale Report – 2022

by Joe Mask | Published April 18, 2022


April 16, 2022 – Crockett, TX

  • 3 Bulls $8,750 avg $2,917
  • 4 Pair $24,000 avg $6,000
  • 14 Bred $64,350 avg $4,597
  • 28 Open $92,100 avg $3,290
  • 2 Pick $16,000 avg $8,000
  • 51 Total Lots $205,200 avg $4,024

Top Bulls

  • Lot 24- Sire, EMS Captain Tuff, consigned by H G and Jill Griffin, Anna, TX; Sold to Jerald Riggle, Tyler, TX for $3,750.
  • Lot 23- Sire, EMS Captain Tuff, consigned by H G and Jill Griffin, Anna, TX; Sold to Scott Brister, Apple Springs, TX for $3,000.
  • Lot 45- Sire, Sire Pro, consigned by Thickety Creek Orange, TX: Sold to Wes Autry, Lexington, TN for $2,000.

Top Females

  • Lot 19- Pair, Calf sire, EMS Bet On Ozzie, consigned by Corey and Deanna Emmons, Fairfield, TX; Sold to New Relic Ranch, San Antonio, TX for $10,000.
  • Lot 43- Pair, Calf sire, EMS Isaac, consigned by Tandem S Ranch, Huntsville, TX; Sold to Joe Nuche, Bryan, TX for $8,000.
  • Lot 39- Bred to SM Looking For Love, consigned by Sheldon McManus, Lake Charles, LA: Sold to Steve and Cindy Emmons, Fairfield, TX for $8,000.
  • Lot 47-Bred to EMSNFF Amazing Britches, consigned by Richard Statser, Mesquite, TX: Sold to Corey and Deanna Emmons, Fairfield, TX for $6,750.
  • Lot 50- Open, Sire, EMS King George, consigned by Glaser Bar G, Rogers, TX; Sold to Jeremy Dueitt, Huntsville, TX for $6,500.

Volume Buyers-Jeremy Dueitt, Huntsville, TX; Tuma Cattle Co., Normangee, TX; Neal and Faye Copeland, Taylor, LA

Auctioneer- Anthony Mihalski, San Antonio, TX
Sale Manager- 3G Cattle Sales And Consultation, Franklin, GA

44th Annual OHOA Spring Bull and Heifer Futurity Results

by Joe Mask | Published April 13, 2022

2022 OHOA Spring Futurity and Sale Report

by Joe Mask | Published April 12, 2022


April 9, 2022
Springfield, MO

  • 36 Senior Bulls $97,000 Avg $2,695
  • 16 Yearling Bulls $73,350 Avg $4,585
  • 25 Opens $73,200 Avg $2,928
  • 9 Bred Heifers $24,600 Avg $2,733
  • 1 Bred Cow $2,000
  • 10 Pairs $30,500 Avg $3,050
  • 97 Total Lots $300,650 Avg $3,100

Top Bulls

  • Lot 49- Sire, CJ’s Game Changer, consigned by Wallen Prairie Ranch, Lockwood, MO; Sold to A23, Thailand for $28,500.
  • Lot 20- Sire, WPR’s Polled Legacy, consigned by Wallen Prairie Ranch, Lockwood, MO; Sold to Raymond Rasor, Peace Valley, MO for $5,000.
  • Lot 59- Sire, Black Mac, consigned by Wesley Hood, Gently, AR; Sold to Jim Bradford, Grove, OK for $5,000.
  • Lot 56- Sire, Big Tex, consigned by J-T Farm, Henderson, TN; Sold to Clay Hutson, Falcon, MO for
  • Lot 61- Sire, K-138, consigned by Cedar Springs, Conway, MO; Sold to Glen Rhodes, Sulpher, LA for $4,500.

Top Females

  • Lot 69- Open. Sire, EMS Moses, consigned by Shooting Star, Niangua, MO; Sold to Cedar Springs, Conway, MO for $7,100.
  • Lot 70- Open, Sire, FMC Fkint, consigned by Hidden Hollow, Talequah, OK; Sold to Rick Knox, Smithton, MO for $6,000.
  • Lot 87- Open, Sire, Addiction 1, consigned by Jim Sanders, Barlow, KY: Sold to Glen Rhodes, Sulpher, LA for $4,200.
  • Lot 95- Pair, calf sire, Mr CJ 1975, consigned by Kevin Buetow, Coffeyville, KS: Sold to Kyle Kropf, Otterville, MO for $4,200.
  • Lot 99- Pair, calf sire, Buster 261, consigned by Rod Hennegin, Maryville, MO; Sold to Brian Engleman, Checotah, OK for $4,000.


Volume Buyers
A23 Ranch, Thailand; Julie Massengale, Rogersville, MO; Clay Hutson, Falcon, MO; Glen Rhodes, Sulpher, LA; Cedar Springs, Conway, MO

Auctioneer- Charly Cummings, Yates Center, KS
Sale Manager- Mike Green, 3G Sales and Consultation, Franklin, GA

1 2 3 4 5 46