AI Program

The JBBA A.I. Program allows junior members to purchase high quality Beefmaster genetics at an affordable cost while improving and building their Beefmaster herd. Ultimately, it helps up and coming breeders market the Beefmaster breed in and out of the show ring, while also educating the youth about genetics, EPDs, sire selection traits, networking amongst breeders, etc.

While supporting the JBBA youth with improving and increasing their Beefmaster herd and marketing the breed, marketing exposure will be included with any bull that is nominated. The bulls will be compiled into an electronic catalog which will be listed on the BBU website, posted on JBBA social media sites, mentions will be made in appropriate BBU E-News, etc. Additionally, it is good ranch exposure and could potentially generate new and more business with semen or cattle sales.

The A.I. Program runs from March 1st to May 1st every year. If you would be interested in nominating a bull for the program please contact the BBU Office at 210-732-3132.