Hall Of Fame


A committee will be appointed by the President consisting of three BBU Past Presidents, a previous Hall of Fame inductee if one is alive and the BBU Executive Vice President.

The committee will meet once every two years and either make recommendations to the BBU Board to induct a member or pass for that period.

The BBU Hall of Fame Selection Committee will base their decisions on the following criteria:
  1. A Beefmaster breeder, BBU staff member or other significant person worthy of this award will be eligible.
  2. In the case of a breeder, this member must have remained a member in good standing for as long as he/she owned their cattle.' They should have been involved in and supported the association’s programs.' They should have been active in the local satellite where they lived.' They need to be recognized as an outstanding breeder and promoter of the breed having worked tirelessly for the association and breed.
  3. In the case of a BBU staff member, this individual must have brought credit and respect to the breed and association throughout their tenure with BBU. This person should have been a real leader and someone who has been recognized as having gone above and beyond the call of duty in carrying out his/her duties.
  4. In the case of an outside person, this individual must have excelled in the promotion and support of the Beefmaster breed and BBU.' It should be evident to the selection committee that this person should be given this high honor by BBU.' In fact, the selection committee must be unanimous on this person’s selection since this individual is neither a breeder nor staff person.' Examples of who might be considered are:''The Beefmaster Cowman'staff, animal scientists, media personalities, government officials, etc.
  5. A majority vote of the selection committee will forward a person’s name on to the BBU Board of Directors for a final vote with the exception of the person who is neither a breeder nor staff person.' In this case, that person must receive a unanimous vote of the selection committee to have their name forwarded on to the Board.
The BBU Board of Directors must accept the nominee on two-thirds majority vote for that individual to be officially inducted into the BBU Hall of Fame.' No more than two people shall be selected by the committee for this award and no more than two shall be inducted in one year by the Board with one being preferable.

Realizing that very few people have been inducted since BBU was formed it is the intent of BBU not to have inductions every two years.' However, the committee can meet and decide if any worthy names should be submitted to the BBU Board of Directors for consideration.



Mike Collier
Fred and Judy Long


Dale Laster
Laurence “Laurie” Lasater


Charlie Jones
Jennie Lee Zipperer


Don Biles
Lee Adair
Bill & Dusty Carr

Nolan Ryan

E. C. Larkin
Hans Wittenburg

Tom Lasater

Joe Hendricks
Watt Casey

Gene Kuykendall
Walker White

Homer Herring
Wallace Harrell
Jack Dunn