Weights & Measures

This is a simple, fast and effective performance testing program developed by BBU for use by its members. It includes computer analysis and printout of 205-day adjusted weight, 365-day adjusted weight, and sire / dam summaries. Information from the program is used in BBU’s Genetic Evaluation which is published twice a year. The Genetic Evaluation includes EPDs for birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, scrotum circumference and maternal traits. Interim or non-parent EPDs are available on young animals not included in the Genetic Evaluation. Since the early 1990s, participation in Weights & Measures has increased significantly, greatly increasing the amount and accuracy of performance information available both to breeders and buyers of Beefmasters.

BBU's Pacesetter Award is based on information taken from the Weights & Measures Program. This award recognizes bulls and females which have produced top performing calves. This award is designated on the animal's certificate of breeding with one asterisk (*)

If you would like to participate in the Weights & Measures program, please use the worksheets below to submit weaning and/or yearling data on your cattle. You can also submit weaning and/or yearling data through our online system.