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Beefmaster Industry Response to COVID-19

To the Beefmaster Breeders United membership:

With the United States currently dealing with an outbreak of COVID-19, or coronavirus, Beefmaster Breeders United will be complying with the precautions and restrictions set forth by the Centers for Disease Control, as well as state and local officials. Effective immediately, the BBU staff is organized to work remotely through April 3, 2020 pending further notice.

BBU business will continue to operate on as normal of a basis as possible within the given guidelines. During regular business hours your call will be forwarded as a voicemail to BBU staff who can help you with your questions. You must leave a message since staff will not be in office to take phone calls, but a staff member will return your call. You can email our staff at their individual addresses or call them on their direct phone lines. If you have a general question or are not sure who to contact, please send an email to dhenderson@beefmasters.org and your question will be directed to the staff member who can best address your scenario. Online registrations and business will not be disrupted.

If you have a sale or event that will be postponed or cancelled please contact Jeralyn Novak at jnovak@beefmasters.org and she will work with our communication outlets.

BBU will continue to send and receive mail on a regular basis, but we will not send out any overnight orders. Keep in mind that the daily scenarios in every community around the world are changing by the day, if not the hour and we anticipate some delays in the postal system. We will continue to closely monitor the recommendations and make decisions with the interest of protecting the health and well-being of our Beefmaster staff.

Please be patient with us as we work to serve our membership in the best way we can during this difficult time.


Collin Osbourn - Executive Vice President


Many spring Beefmaster sales were scheduled to take place over the next few weeks, however many of these sales have been canceled, postponed or rescheduled due to COVID-19 and social distancing. 
Each decision on whether to host a sale or not will be left up to each specific sale management team. Since these are third party sales, we at Beefmaster Breeders United will not make the decision on sales being canceled. However, if a decision is made by the sale management to cancel or postpone or reschedule a sale, BBU will share this news with our membership through email, website and social media platforms.
The following are the updates on sales as of Monday, March 23.
  • March 21: Live Oak Spring Sale, Three Rivers, TX - POSTPONED
  • March 28: Emmons Ranch Annual Bull Sale - RESCHEDULED for April 11
  • April 04: Collier Farms Advantage Sale - RESCHEDULED for May 23
  • April 04: Louisiana Beefmaster Rose Capital Classic - CANCELLED
  • May 02: Southern Alliance BMG Sale, Cullman, AL - RESCHEDULED for May 30
  • May 23: Sweet Home Alabama Sale, Cullman, AL - CANCELLED
With many sale cancellations and postponements, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) has created a sale listing page on the NCBA website where auction markets and seedstock producers can post any upcoming sales with the goal of creating a central resource where producers can go to check sales are still taking place.
You can find the link here: https://www.ncba.org/upcomingsales.aspx. Sales can be added by simply clicking the “Submit Event” button. NCBA will be regularly sharing upcoming sales on their social media outlets. So if you have a sale coming up, be sure to post it on this upcoming sales page. It is an easy, free advertising opportunity.


New Reproductive EPDs

BBU will be releasing two new EPDs: Age at First Calf and Stayability. These two EPDs are reproductive measures that can help with selection for more maternal females and can also eventually be incorporated into $M. Below are brief definitions of each trait.
Age at First Calf
Age at first calf (AFC) is defined as the difference between a cow’s birthdate and the birthdate of her first calf. A lower number is more favorable, indicating a female that will calve at a younger age.
Stayability (STAY) is defined as the probability a female would be reported as calving in the herd at age 5 or greater. A higher number is more favorable, indicating a female has a higher probability of remaining in the herd past 5 years of age.


Welcome Rylee to the BBU Staff!

We are proud to announce that Rylee Barber will serve as our new Youth and Membership Programs Coordinator. Her duties include managing the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA) program and working with the BBU membership on a daily basis. Rylee can be contacted at rbarber@beefmasters.org or 210-732-3132. Read more about Rylee here > https://bit.ly/33H4h20



New International Program Director

Beefmaster Breeders United is excited to bring a new addition to the Beefmaster staff. Jon Garza will serve as the Director of International Programs and his duties include coordinating our international programs, as well as helping grow more interest in Beefmaster genetics on the international and domestic fronts. Garza can be contacted at (512) 517-5163 or by email at jgarza@beefmasters.org.

JBBA A.I. Program Nominated Bulls
We are proud to announce the 2020 JBBA A.I. Program Nominated Bulls! JBBA Members, don't miss this opportunity to buy top notch genetics at low prices! Check out the nominated bulls here.
  • Ellis' Hour Glass
  • EMS Fire Chief
  • EMS Headliner
  • Lyssy KOJO
  • MR. CJ 27/17
  • VFF Crown Royal
  • VFF Secret Weapon


Oklahoma State Builds Beefmaster Research Herd

Oklahoma State University (OSU) Department of Animal and Food Sciences in Stillwater, Oklahoma is initiating a new research cow herd and they are using Beefmaster genetics as their crossbreeding tool. OSU is in the process of building a commercial cow herd to facilitate this exciting research. They currently have cows of predominately Angus breeding and will incorporate Beefmaster genetics into their crossbreeding program. OSU is currently seeking quality, problem-free, moderate framed Beefmaster influenced females of any age that are either purebred Beefmaster or Beefmaster x Red Angus breeding that can be delivered to Stillwater between March – May 2020. Donors would be eligible for a tax deduction for the value of the donated animal.

For more information about this project please contact the BBU staff members at 210-732-3132 if you have questions about making cattle donations or getting involved in the OSU Beefmaster research herd. Producers are also welcomed to personally contact Wes Hood, Bruce Robbins or Joe Bayne Kreger with their questions and donations.

Learn More >



JBBA Leadership Conference
During the 2020 JBBA National Show and Convention there will be a Leadership Conference held on Monday, July 20 at 3:00pm. The JBBA Board of Directors is proud to announce that Jace Kolar will be conducting the Leadership Conference this year. 
Jace is a Junior at Texas A&M University studying Youth Development with a focus in Leadership and Management. He grew up in a very rural setting around production cattle, goats and lambs, while also farming hay and wheat.
As he has gotten older, his experience in the FFA organization mixed with his agriculture background has led him to a calling of service to impacting the lives of youth and guiding them along their own paths of success and personal development. He believes anytime we have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, we have an obligation to do so. Therefor he is excited to work with the JBBA and the youth members in a day full of learning and growth.



Michael Deville to Host Scan Day
Join Michael Deville for his Carcass Ultrasound Scan Day on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 starting at 10:00am located at 490 Deprimo Lane, Opelousas, LA 70570. This scan day is OPEN TO ALL BBU MEMBERS! They will be scanning yearlings and the cost is $20 per head. If you would like to contact Michael with your questions, call him at 337-351-2938.
Please bring the following information for the cattle being scanned.
  • BBU Membership Number
  • Animal's Date of Birth
  • Animal's BBU Certificate Number
Please take note that all certified CUP labs require a certificate "C" number or performance "P" number on each Beefmaster animal, when submitting scan data to the lab via your ultrasound technician. If scan data is submitted without a "C" or "P" number, the animal's scan data will be entered as a commercial animal and the breeder will not receive scan data results. Take home message, make sure to register your animals as certified or performance prior to ultrasound scanning.
For more information or to RSVP contact Michael Deville at 337-351-2938.


Live Oak BBA to Host Scan Day

Join the Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association at their Carcass Ultrasound Scan Day at Anderson Cattle Co. - 1495 Moritz Road, Meyersville, Texas - on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. This scan day is OPEN TO ALL BBU MEMBERS!

For more information or to RSVP contact Melvin Scherer at 361-877-2577.



2020 Houston Magic XX Sale Report

March 6, 2020 – NRG Park, Houston, TX
  • 7 Bulls - $34,500.00 Gross - $4,928.57 Avg.
  • 27 Open Heifers - $120,950.00 Gross - $4,479.63 Avg.
  • 9 Bred Heifers - $45,000.00 Gross - $5,000.00 Avg.
  • 2 Donor Package - $20,075.00 Gross - $10,037.50 Avg.
  • 3 Bred Cows - $9,750.00 Gross - $3,250.00 Avg.
  • 3 Semen Lots - $51,785.00 Gross - $17,261.67 Avg.
  • 3 Frozen Embryos - $28,250.00 Gross - $9,416.67 Avg.
  • 54 Total Lots - $310,310.00 Gross - $5,746.48 Avg.
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2020 South Texas BBA Houston Futurity Sale Report

March 6, 2020 – NRG Park, Houston, TX
  • 32 Bulls - $160,700 Gross - Avg $5,022
  • 2 Pairs - $16,400 Gross -  Avg $8,200
  • 17 Breds -$70,200 Gross - Avg $4,130
  • 23 Opens - $104,000 Gross - Avg $4,522
  • 2 Picks - $6,300 Gross - Avg $3,150
  • 1 Semen/Embryo Lot - $3,210 Gross
  • 77 Total Lots $360,810 Gross - Avg $4,686

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Beefmaster on RFD-TV’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen

If you missed the episode of NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen you can watch the full episode online by clicking the link below!

Our Executive Vice President, Collin Osbourn was a member on the panel that was interviewed for this episode. Great resource for commercial cattlemen and seedstock producers alike!



Spring 2020 Issue of The Beefmaster Pay Weight

The Beefmaster Pay Weight spring 2020 issue is now available for reading ONLINE AND has arrived in maliboxes across the country! This publication is produced by Beefmaster Breeders United and dedicated to serving commercial cattlemen. The publication features the latest beef cattle industry news, innovative discoveries in the industry, and discussions about the latest cattle trends and technologies.

The Beefmaster Pay Weight was founded to assist the Beefmaster cattle industry with effective advertising and a communication tool with commercial cattlemen throughout the country. You can read it online now HERE! If you would like a hard copy of the newspaper or to advertise please contact BBU at 210-732-3132.



It's time to renew your Beefmaster Breeders United membership!

We encourage you to renew your membership online here.

Please note that all active, associate and junior memberships are renewable every January, with the exception of Lifetime members and NEW members that have joined since October 1, 2019. Memberships can also be renewed via mail, if you wish to renew through the mail and send a check please include your membership number AND name to ensure the funds are applied correctly.



University of Tennessee Heifer Development Program

The Beefmaster breed has a tremendous opportunity approaching. The University of Tennessee Heifer Development Program is opening its doors to the breed with the chance to have a Beefmaster section. If they receive 50 head of females, they will allow the breed to have their own section included with a Beefmaster clean-up sire.

The program is designed to develop females over 10 months. Included in the program is weight and ultrasound measurements, along with two rounds of AI. For a flat fee, the producer drops off weaned females and gets to pick up confirmed bred heifers to take home or consign them in their annual commercial female sale.

Registered and commercial females are both welcome in the program, just be sure to denote that you want them bred to a Beefmaster bull! For more information contact Dusty Pendergrass at 210-464-0923 or dpendergrass@beefmasters.org. Or visit their website at utbfc.utk.edu/BHDProgram.html



SFA Heifer Development Program

SFA Department of Agriculture is pleased to announce that they will host a Summer Heifer development program for fall 2019 born heifer calves. The heifer development program is scheduled to begin July 2020. Reserve your spot today. Producers needing to deliver cattle at an earlier date may do so by contacting farm manager Cobey Hendry. For more information contact Cobey Hendry (985)-514-3516  or Dr. Erin Brown  (936)468-4433.

Learn More >



Educational Videos

Check out these video links below to learn helpful tips and information to improve your Beefmaster program and data.

Seedstock Purpose

Data Collection

Performance Numbers

Mature Cow Weights

Heifer Pregnancy


Upcoming BBU Board and Committee Meetings

Please take note that the annual committee meetings will be held in May instead of June. These meetings and the Board of Directors meeting are open to all BBU members. Please start making your hotel reservations at the link provided!

May 27-28, 2020: BBU Committee Meetings, San Antonio, TX at Hilton San Antonio Airport

May 29, 2020: BBU Board of Directors Meeting, San Antonio, TX at Hilton San Antonio Airport



JBBA Gun Raffle Fundraiser

  • $40 a ticket. 30 Guns. 30 chances to Win.
  • Texas Pick 3 Lotto format style
  • Can win more than once
  • 1,000 tickets to be sold
  • First drawing begins June 1
  • Last drawing ends July 4

Contact any JBBA officer or director to purchase tickets or contact Darrell Glaser at 254-721-1497.



WHR News

The 2020 WHR (Whole Herd Reporting) inventories are now online for participating members. Here is a link to a step-by-step video on how to update your WHR inventory online.

The WHR inventories must be completed and posted through your online account by May 1, 2020. An additional $5 per head will be assessed for the WHR inventories returned after May 1, 2020.

If you would prefer completing your 2020 WHR inventory via hard copy and NOT online, please contact our office for a hard copy version of your inventory. Please note, hard copy inventories will not be mailed out unless requested by the member. 

Please note if you are participating in a spring 2020 sale, your WHR or IBR inventory needs to be updated and posted online prior to registering any animals born in 2020. BBU members who are interested in enrolling in the WHR or IBR programs, but are not currently participating, please contact the BBU office at 210-732-3132 or jnovak@beefmasters.org.

Beefmaster Caps for Sale

We have several different styles of caps for sale that have our new logo on them! The caps cost $20 each plus shipping. If you would like to order a cap please call Jeralyn at 210-732-3132 to pay with a credit card over the phone.

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