Voluntary Classification

This is a visual classification system based on the animal's physical conformation and breed character. It is not used to predict performance. The program was developed to help identify cattle with the most valuable traits (which can be visually appraised) and to eliminate bottom end cattle from the breed. The program is voluntary and members pay for the service. Cattle are personally inspected by a BBU Field Service Representative for desirable conformation, structural soundness and Beefmaster breed character and are classified according to BBU's Standard of Excellence. The Typesetter Program identifies and recognizes bulls and females on the basis of classification scores given to their progeny.

Typesetters are designated on their breeding certificates with two asterisks (**)

Voluntary Classification Guidelines

The BBU Standard of Excellence is a set of guidelines for breeders to follow when visually evaluating Beefmaster cattle. These descriptions are of how the ideal Beefmaster should look as well as the discriminations that you should try to avoid. These are simply guidelines to follow when looking at the conformation of a Beefmaster.

Also you will find below a brochure on evaluating Beefmaster cattle that will label all the areas of an animal. This brochure allows you to see those areas of the animal that a Field Service Representative may describe when you have them out for a ranch visit.

Standard of Excellence Information

Evaluating Beefmaster Cattle Manual