Membership Benefits

Demand for Beefmaster genetics is growing exponentially and as the demand for Beefmaster bulls increases, it pushes the value of Beefmaster females even higher.

Commercial cattlemen recognize the benefits of incorporating Beefmaster genetics in their operations. The heterosis realized by using Beefmaster yields heavier steers to market, as well as replacement-quality females that are unmatched in their maternal ability.

Being a Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) member comes with many benefits. At about 3,000 members strong, BBU breeders are continually working to produce better seedstock and enhance the presence of the breed in the commercial marketplace.

BBU offers several programs to help improve your cattle operation. Some of these voluntary programs include:

  • Pro Services
  • Whole Herd Reporting (WHR) or Inventory Based Reporting (IBR)
  • Classification
  • Upgrading
  • Beefmaster Advancers
  • Commercial E6 Females

All BBU members benefit from the advertising and promotion that helps position Beefmasters for success. There are also additional vehicles to assist in promoting and marketing your Beefmaster cattle through various BBU satellites and marketing groups. These regional organizations sponsor Beefmaster sales, field days, cooperative advertisements and more. You can find a list of these organizations online at

The Beefmaster Promotion Group (BPG) and Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA) are in place to provide support for those who enjoy exhibiting Beefmaster cattle.

New BBU members are offered a free consultation visit to evaluate cattle, talk about BBU programs and learn more about the breed and association.

More BBU Member Benefits:

  • May register animals through BBU registry
  • Subscription to The Beefmaster Cowman (official publication of BBU) $35 value - U.S.
  • Subscription to The Beefmaster Pay Weight (BBU publication printed twice a year)
  • Discounted rates on transfer fees (50% off for members)
  • Data, EPDs, etc.
  • Access to online BBU registry system
  • General membership meeting voting privileges for Annual/Active members
  • Opportunity to serve as director or hold office (Annual/Active members)
  • Unlimited quality customer service from BBU staff