A. Beefmaster Advancers are defined as being 50% or more registered Beefmaster breeding and 50% or less of other registered beef breeding. These animals may be certified by the Association provided they are produced from one of the following mating scenarios:
        1. Registered Beefmaster sire mated to an HD genotyped, registered dam from another breed association.
        2. Registered Beefmaster dam mated to an HD genotyped, registered sire from another breed association.
        3. Known progeny of a 50%‐74% Beefmaster Advancer and a registered Beefmaster sire or dam.
        4. Known progeny from animals recorded in the Beefmaster Advancer Program meeting all BBU requirements for registration that are 50%‐87% Beefmaster breeding.
B. All animals as defined above may be certified as a Beefmaster Advancer by the Association but none shall ever attain registered status as a Beefmaster.
C. Animals produced from a certified 75% or greater Beefmaster Advancer mated to a registered Beefmaster may apply for registered Beefmaster status, if the percentage Beefmaster is greater than 87% in the resulting progeny.
D. Animals eligible for recording in the Beefmaster Advancer Program MUST have a weaning weight submitted at the time of registration.
E. All registered non‐Beefmaster animals must have a DNA sample on file with a BBU recognized genomic services vendor. Owner(s) of said sample will make DNA test results available to BBU if requested. Said sample may also be used by BBU for parentage and/or other necessary tests such as genotyping and genetic defects, as determined by BBU.
F. All registered non‐Beefmaster animals must have an HD genotype (minimum 50K) on file with BBU, after being processed at a BBU approved genomic services vendor.
G. All registered non‐Beefmasters must be tested directly to determine genetic defect carrier status for known genetic defects identified by the parent breed registry. Known carriers and potential carriers are not excluded from producing Beefmaster Advancer progeny.
H. Beefmaster Advancer progeny of non‐Beefmaster sire or dam must be free of known genetic defects.
        a. If the non‐Beefmaster parent is not a carrier or potential carrier (as identified by the parent breed registry) progeny will be considered clean.
        b. If the non‐Beefmaster parent is a carrier or potential carrier, progeny must test clean for the known genetic defects and the results be on file with BBU before the calf will be registered.
I. If additional genetic defects are identified by other breed association(s) after BBU includes a registered non‐Beefmaster animal in the Beefmaster Advancer Program, BBU reserves the right to require additional genetic defect testing by BBU approved genomic services vendors.
J. BBU reserves the right to make public the Registration information of any animal that tests as a Carrier or Potential Carrier on any known or yet unknown genetic defect both now and in the future. .


Download this pdf to mail your registration:

Advancer Registration Form


  1. All animals of the same sex born in the same year must have different identification numbers.
  2. When making an application for an Advancer BBU Certificate of Breeding on an animal, the Month, Day and Year of Birth of the animal must be indicated.