Texas A&M Requesting Nomination of Beefmaster Genetics


Dear Beefmaster Breeder,

We need your help! Texas A&M University (TAMU) in College Station, Texas is making a change in direction for their beef cattle herd. They have made the decision to upgrade with two new breeds, Beefmaster and Red Angus. We have been planning since the end of 2018 with TAMU leadership on the parameters and timelines for nominating Beefmaster embryos. This is very exciting news for the Beefmaster association. Beefmaster cattle are being recognized for outstanding maternal traits, growth, efficiency and adaptability. We are proud that Texas A&M has decided to build a Beefmaster herd!

Texas A&M is seeking embryos to be placed in University-owned recipient females during the spring of 2020 (so time is of the essence)! Their goal is to source at least 120 embryos of high genetic merit, based on the included EPD parameters, to build an early spring calving herd. Their second new breed (Red Angus) was initiated last fall and has been set up as a fall calving herd. In wanting to expedite the process, they would like to have Beefmaster embryos delivered to the TAMU Beef Center no later than January 15, 2020. Donations of the embryos will be tax deductible through the Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation (B.E.E.F.).

TAMU Animal Science Department Head Dr. Cliff Lamb, is determined to make the Texas A&M Beef Center a highlight for the department. Dr. Lamb and his team would like to create the best possible cow herd for teaching, research and demonstrations, as well as be a place for visitors and international guests. This is a tremendous opportunity to become a part of a leading agricultural university’s quest to build a premier Beefmaster herd. Member-nominated embryos offered for donation should contain breed-leading genetics, with a balance of traits, while being focused on maternal abilities. Embryo selections from the pool of nominated genetics will be made by TAMU personnel.

The embryo nomination period is August 15, 2019 through September 30, 2019. Screening will take place by October 15, 2019, with delivery of the embryos no later than January 15, 2020. If you have questions or are interested in nominating embryos, please contact BBU Director of Breed Improvement Lance Bauer or me. We are excited for the opportunity to team up with Texas A&M and build an excellent herd of Beefmasters that will showcase our great breed!


Collin Osbourn

Executive Vice President

Beefmaster Breeders United

For more information on nominating Beefmaster embryos, complete the enclosed nomination form or contact Collin Osbourn at

Embryo Nomination Form

EPD Parameters

Program Overview

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