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Texas A&M University Beefmaster Herd Continues to Grow


Freezing temperatures and record-breaking snowfall is synonymous with February 2021. It was a turbulent time for everyone, especially cattle producers. Despite the difficulties brought forth by many days living below zero, the Beefmaster herd at Texas A&M University (TAMU) endured the cold and more than tripled in size.

“One of the calves happened to be born during the middle of the ice storm, where it was down to zero and essentially, we couldn’t read a temperature on the calf,” said Jason Cleere, Ph.D., TAMU Associate Professor and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Beef Cattle Specialist. “We had graduate students work to save the calf and it survived. Our students have bonded with our Beefmaster cattle, and they are getting real-world learning experiences.”

In 2019, TAMU launched a purebred Beefmaster herd through donations from several Beefmaster Breeders United members. The donors supplied 15 purebred Beefmaster heifers and purebred Beefmaster embryos to the TAMU […]

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B.E.E.F. Semen/Embryo Raffle


The Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation (B.E.E.F.) is hosting a semen and embryo raffle to raise funds for research. The GRAND PRIZE winner will receive ALL of the donated semen and embryos, stored in a semen tank with custom artwork donated by Elgin Breeding Service.

You are invited to help B.E.E.F., this year with a donation of semen or embryos from your program. If you would like to donate please complete this online form.




Tickets will be sold for $100/each from June 2021 through October 2021. The winner will be drawn at the Fort Worth, Texas BBU Annual Convention from October 28-30, 2021. Raffle tickets will be on sale at convention. A banner with all donors will be displayed at the B.E.E.F., booth during convention.

Research provided through Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation (B.E.E.F.) funding to Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) is ongoing and generating valuable data at […]

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Summer 2021 Feed Test at Southern Beef Performance Center


The Southern Beef Performance Center is located in Williston, FL. Their mission is to promote the seedstock cattle industry by feeding and testing cattle to isolate top performing, efficient genetics. By testing genetic lines for efficiency, seedstock producers can provide data to back their bulls. In an industry measured in pounds of product, there’s little room for uncertainty with genetics. Take the guess work out of how your calf crop will perform and help your bottom dollar.

At the SBPC they have the capability to test 280 head per year, having four regularly scheduled tests a year. Their pens are 150’ x 100’. Each pen can hold up to 35 head, giving each head 425ft² of space & plenty of shade. Their test will be a 70 day gain test with a 21 day diet adaptation period and a cool down period. SBPC has a roughage-based ration that is developed by […]

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Noble Research Institute Moves to Demonstrate Heterosis in Their Cow Herds

ARDMORE, Okla. – Heterosis is an often-overlooked production and financial advantage that many commercial cattle producers are not utilizing. Maternal heterosis can be measured in several ways: stayability of the cow, cow lifetime productivity, increase in calving and weaning rates, increase in calf weighing weight, and a subsequent increase of weaning weight per exposed cow. Developing and maintaining a deliberate maternal heterosis program is easy to talk about but difficult in practice to accomplish. Furthermore, small- to mid-sized producers find it difficult to manage the logistics of managing several distinct breeds on their operation to develop a cross-breeding program.

The Noble Research Institute determined they would utilize Beefmaster and Hereford genetics to take advantage of cross-breeding and maternal heterosis in their predominately commercial Angus-based cow herd, which is comprised of approximately 550 mother cows.

The decision to utilize Beefmaster genetics in the research herd was made in part based off of the […]

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Texas A&M Requesting Nomination of Beefmaster Genetics


Dear Beefmaster Breeder,

We need your help! Texas A&M University (TAMU) in College Station, Texas is making a change in direction for their beef cattle herd. They have made the decision to upgrade with two new breeds, Beefmaster and Red Angus. We have been planning since the end of 2018 with TAMU leadership on the parameters and timelines for nominating Beefmaster embryos. This is very exciting news for the Beefmaster association. Beefmaster cattle are being recognized for outstanding maternal traits, growth, efficiency and adaptability. We are proud that Texas A&M has decided to build a Beefmaster herd!

Texas A&M is seeking embryos to be placed in University-owned recipient females during the spring of 2020 (so time is of the essence)! Their goal is to source at least 120 embryos of high genetic merit, based on the included EPD parameters, to build an early spring calving herd. Their second new breed (Red Angus) […]

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Live Oak BBA Bull Development Program 2019-2020


The 2019-2020 Live Oak BBA Bull Development Program to be conducted at:


2050 Brown Ranch Lane

Beeville, Texas  78102

Mission: Provide a bull development program for LOBBA members.

Will include the following:

grow and condition yearling Beemaster bulls on a silage based ration
record average daily rate of gain (100-120 days test)
obtain weight per day of age
collect scan data and scrotal measurement
collect yearling weights
maintain growing period through summer months
conditioning and preparation for LOBBA Bull Sale 2020 acquire rate of gain during conditioning period


Bull eligibility: Ages September 1, 2017 through May 31, 2018

(Fall group: 9-1-17 through 12-31-2017;  Spring group: 1-1-18 through 5-31-18)



Current LOBBA membership
Entry nomination fee of $10.00 per bull to LOBBA


When arriving at LANDAIR (Brown Ranch):

Copy of BBU registration certificate
Legible permanent ID (brand or tattoo) , tag in left ear with ID and date of birth
Suggested health vaccination and protocol (see LANDAIR contract)
All bulls will be given a booster vaccine on […]

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Positive Outlook Ahead for Beefmaster Breeders

By BBU Executive Vice President, Tommy Perkins, Ph.D., PAS

Many cattle producers received some much needed moisture this past week, while cattle prices also remain high and the beef export market remains favorable. Other than the high cost of feed, fuel and fertilizer most beef industry professionals agree it is a great time to be in the beef cattle industry. There also seems to be trend in the beef industry to put the “cow” back into the beef industry’s “black hided” genetics. This has been very good news for the breeders of Bos Indicus cattle. This trend has been strong toward the Beefmaster breed. Here at Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) we have received more interest in Beefmaster bulls than ever before. It appears that cattlemen are searching out large numbers of Beefmaster bulls to breed the fertility, longevity, docility and growth back into their cow herds. Performance tested Beefmaster bulls […]

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Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation to Fund Genomic Sequencing of Beefmaster Sires Through the University of Missouri

SAN ANTONIO – At its January 2013 meeting the Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation (B.E.E.F.) Board of Directors finalized funding for a research project at the University of Missouri for genomic sequencing of Beefmaster bulls. This sequencing is meant to enhance the understanding and genetic prediction of Beefmaster cattle performance.

The $27,500 research study was recommended for funding to the board by Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) Long Range Planning Committee and will be awarded to the University of Missouri’s Dr. Jerry Taylor who serves as the wurdack chair of animal genomics and curators’ and a professor of genetics and animal sciences.

Taylor expressed that the B.E.E.F., funding will be used in tandem with funding provided by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to deep sequence the genomes of high-impact bulls to identify variation in growth, carcass quality, feed intake, disease resistance and early embryonic loss.

“The […]

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