Bull Test Program Approved by Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association

by Joe Mask | Published March 7, 2013

SAN ANTONIO – The Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association (LOBBA) officers and directors approved formation of the LOBBA Bull Development Test on Sat., Feb. 16, 2013. The program will begin the summer of 2013. Two tests per year will be held at the Tom Brothers Ranch in Campbellton, Texas.  The bull tests will begin January 1 and June 1 of each year. The bulls will then have a two week “cool down” period after the test before being sold and/or taken back to the owner’s ranch.

“Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) is very excited about the level of interest exhibited by the Live Oak Beefmaster breeders toward the bull test. This new program will join the growing list of performance bull tests available to Beefmaster breeders,” said BBU Executive Vice President Tommy Perkins, Ph.D.

Bull test participants must be a member of LOBBA to consign bulls to the program. LOBBA consists of Beefmaster breeders throughout the United States and membership is open to any interested Beefmaster breeder at a cost of $30 per year. The consignment fee per bull is $25 per head to cover cost of the data analysis.

All consigned bulls will be tested for a 112 day feeding period following a three week “warm-up” period and followed by a two week “cool down” period. Bulls that complete the test will have all yearling data collected.  The bulls will be weighed both on and off test and at the 56-day mid-point. In addition, the bulls will have an ultrasound performed (scanned) for rib fat, rump fat, ribeye area and percent intramuscular fat during the test. The bulls will also be measured for pelvic area, scrotal circumference and hip height.

Cost of yardage, feed, medication and data collection will be determined by the Tom Brothers Ranch (e.g. yardage: $0.40/head/day; feed cost plus 4% and medication: $10 pull fee plus cost plus medication plus 2%).  Additional services offered by Tom Brothers Ranch include sale preparation which includes clipping, videoing, breeding soundness exams, sale tags and delivery to the sale facility. Breeders will be invoiced monthly.

The bulls will have a 21-day warm-up and will be fed at two percent of body weight during the feeding phase.  This will include a Grower 1 (48% corn, 38% cotton burrs and 14% protein pellet) ration, Grower 2 (56% corn, 30% cotton burrs and 14% protein pellet) ration and a Gain (67% corn, 19% cotton burrs and 14% protein pellet) ration. CalMin and ZinPro will be fed to prevent acidosis and to maintain food and rumen health.  The bulls will have access to free choice coastal hay as well.

The first test will conclude around November 21 with a two week “cool down” period. The second test will conclude around May 23 with a two week “cool down” period. Both tests will end in time to allow consignors the option to consign their bulls to the LOBBA Beefmaster Bull Sale in January each year if they choose. A field day may be held at some point during each of the 112 day test for LOBBA members, BBU members and commercial cattlemen.

Visit the BBU website for more information about the LOBBA Bull Development Test or to complete an entry form to consign bulls to the program. For other questions or inquiries please contact the BBU staff members at 210-732-3132 or visit www.beefmasters.org.

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