JBBA Success at Major Stock Shows

by Joe Mask | Published March 13, 2013

By Cody Morgan, Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA) President-Elect

This show season has been a huge success for Beefmaster cattle and the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA). At every Texas major stock show Beefmaster cattle were either the first or second largest breed at the show.

Our first major was the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, where the breed was well represented with 227 entries. Next, we all traveled to San Antonio where there were 166 exhibitors showing their Beefmaster cattle. Just last week in Houston, our breed was represented with 265 heifers in the junior show. This year has been another great success for our breed and the quality of heifers continues to improve. The last Texas major is next week in Austin, come out and support our junior exhibitors as they compete at the Star of Texas show.

The show was not the only success for JBBA; the JBBA also had two successful hospitality rooms at the Fort Worth and Houston livestock shows. The participants enjoyed good food, games, leadership activities and learned about our national show. The 2013 National JBBA Show will be held in College Station, Texas starting July 22, 2013. Also, at every major this year we had JBBA officers and directors working the ring and helping out our junior exhibitors. Thanks to all the JBBA volunteers for donating their time and a big thank you to Allison Wells for her assistance as well. We also had BBU staff helping out, thank you to Collin Osbourn.

Lastly, this spring will start the round of JBBA shows. First show is the Rose Capital Classic in Shreveport, La., on April 6 and Lezlie Midkiff is the show coordinator. Following the Rose Capital Classic is the Spring Fling in Crockett, Texas on April 20 and Casey Ballard is the show coordinator.

JBBA members will head to Brenham, Texas on April 27 for the Springtime in Texas Show, you may contact Dawn Compton with any questions about the show. The last show to round out the spring shows will be held in Salado, Texas and is the 2013 JBBA Extravaganza, Casey Ballard is the show coordinator. I hope to see you in the ring at one of these upcoming JBBA shows.

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