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Anyone interested in a lifetime membership
can contact the BBU Office at 210-732-3132.

You can also complete these forms by hand and mail with your membership payment:

(included with BBU membership, or you may purchase separately if you are not a BBU member)

If you have been a BBU member in the past and your membership lapsed,
please contact the BBU office to reactivate your BBU membership.
* Reactivating an Annual/Associate membership is $125.
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Junior applicants must be under the age of 21 years on January 1st of the current year.

1 Application is hereby made for membership in Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) in this name of (The Membership Name and Prefix Name are permanent records and cannot be changed.)

2 I (We) hereby make application for the Prefix Name and will apply this Prefix Name, if accepted, to BEEFMASTER cattle of which I am (we are) the breeder and/or first owner. I (We) agree to notify BBU annually, with payment of dues, as to whether I am (we are) still breeding BEEFMASTERS and using this Prefix Name. If I (we) do not so notify BBU, I (we) authorize BBU to discontinue my (our) use of this Prefix Name. (Annual notification and dues do not apply to Lifetime memberships.)

3 I (We) hereby designate to exercise all rights and privileges of this membership and, no person other than that named may act for this membership until the BBU Executive Vice President has been notified in writing that another name is being substituted for the above and receipt of notification has been acknowledged in writing.

I (We), if elected to membership, agree to be governed by the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of Beefmaster Breeders United, as amended from time to time, and hereby acknowledge receipt of the current By-Laws, Rules and Regulations.

I (We) hereby affirm the above and foregoing is true and correct to the best of my (our) knowledge and belief.

Please allow up to one week for processing memberships.


Many of our members use their names. This is the name that determines your placement in the membership directory and this is used to sort memberships in alphabetical order by last name.>


This is a unique name in the system. Many members use their ranch name, i.e. A C FARMS. You may also choose to use your membership name. Both the Membership Name and Prefix Name will print on the certificates. This can be 25 characters long, including spaces. A prefix name is NOT Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Ms.


You (member signing up) will be the primary signer. We highly recommend at least one other person to be listed. In the case you are not able to conduct business, the secondary signer would be able to. You may list a spouse, children, ranch manager, etc. Any Junior application must have parents/legal guardians as their designated signers .


The Animal ID Prefix has been established to help recognize and maintain recognition of the original breeder of an animal. Every Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) member must establish an Animal ID Prefix. This prefix must be a minimum of two (2) characters and up to a maximum of eight (8) characters (including spaces). Your Animal ID Prefix can only be a combination of letters and/or numbers, symbols or punctuation are NOT allowed. The Animal ID Prefix will always be associated with an animal’s name, regardless of a name change. The Animal ID Prefix will be unique to each membership. At the time of the animal’s registration, the registry system will automatically prepopulate the animal name with the Animal ID Prefix followed by the animal’s ID number (example: CRO 15/22). At that time of initial entry, you may remove the animal’s ID number and add a name like “Big Red”, but the prefix will always stay at the beginning of the animal’s name (example: CRO Big Red). Please remember that animal names are limited to 30 characters, including the Animal ID prefix. ANY name change after initial entry will incur the appropriate name change fees. .