The Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA), whose parent group is the Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU), is one of the fastest- growing junior beef breed associations in the country, and for some good reasons! You'll find a complete and well-rounded slate of programs available to you as a JBBA member. All aspects of the beef cattle industry are included so JBBA members can gain valuable knowledge about every phase of the business and become better prepared to contribute to the beef cattle industry and agribusiness as adults. And in addition to all that, it's fun!

JBBA was founded in 1984, as more and more young cattlemen became involved in the Beefmaster breed. Its membership has increased steadily, and the number of programs JBBA offers to its members has grown dramatically. Clearly, JBBA is moving with the Beefmaster breed to the forefront of the beef cattle industry.

JBBA national Show & Convention

July 16 - 22, 2017 in Wichita Falls, Texas

J S Bridwell Agricultural Center – Wichita Falls MPEC
111 N Burnett St, Wichita Falls, TX 76306


Registration-ALL Exhibitors must pay Registration Fee

$95 ($120 late)

National Heifer Show

$30 ($60 late)

Bred & Owned Heifer

$15 ($30 late)

Bred & Owned Bull

$15 ($30 late)



Ultrasound  Scan/Carcass Class


Advancer/E6 Heifer Show

$30 ($60 late)


Add Ons


2017 National T-shirt


Beefmaster T-shirt (see order form)


Fun Night Entry


Wednesday Lunch Ticket


Wednesday Supper Ticket


Thursday Supper Ticket


Banquet Ticket



















Convention Registration fee includes one ticket for each catered meal on the grounds, fun night, one banquet ticket and a 2017 JBBA National t-shirt (JBBA members only).  Any non-JBBA member can purchase a 2017 JBBA National t-shirt. A limited number of meal and banquet tickets will be available throughout the week. Non- JBBA members/exhibitors are encouraged to pay registration fee or pre-order individual meal tickets.


JBBA A.I. Program

Rules for the A.I. program are:

  1. BBU members will nominate Beefmaster bulls to the JBBA office and pay a nomination fee for each bull of $150.
  2. Bull nominations and fees are due by January 20th to JBBA office. You may email picture of bull (if available) and footnotes to jnovak@beefmasters.org.
  3. JBBA members will be allowed to contact BBU members from March 1-May 1 and purchase semen on bulls nominated from BBU breeders at a cost of $15 per straw of semen.
  4. BBU members are allowed to limit number of straws of semen a JBBA member is allowed to purchase on each bull.
  5. If breeder limits the number of straws of semen that they are willing to sell to JBBA members on a particular bull, once those numbers of straws of semen are sold breeders does not have to sell any more semen to a JBBA member at a discounted price of $15/ straw.
  6. JBBA office will provide JBBA members with a list of bulls that have been nominated by BBU members.
  7. Semen purchased by JBBA members will not be allowed to transfer to BBU members.
  8. BBU members are responsible for releasing semen to JBBA members once payment has been received and sending in an AI transfer certificate to the JBBA office.
  9. JBBA members are responsible for all freight cost associated with semen.
  10. Breeders need to turn in Semen Bill of Sale to BBU office by June 1st for each bull that is nominated with JBBA member's information.

We encourage all JBBA members to contact the breeders that are offering semen for sale to junior members at a discounted price and visit with them about their bull(s). We appreciate the support of the BBU breeders that are participating in the JBBA AI program. Download the nomination form here.  
If you have any questions on how the JBBA A.I. program will work please feel free to contact our office at 210-732-3132 or info@beefmasters.org


Scholarship Applications

Many JBBA members want to continue their educations at the college level. And thanks to the JBBA Scholarship Program, some of them are able to receive financial help toward college tuition. The JBBA Scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of involvement in JBBA, FFA and/or 4-H leaders, or other adults who are familiar with the member's work.

A panel of people involved in the cattle business and youth work evaluate the applications, and the winners are announced each year at the JBBA Annual Convention. Thanks to BBU members who support the JBBA Scholarship Program, deserving young cattlemen get an extra boost toward their college degrees.

In addition, JBBA members are eligible for the Brian L. Murphy Memorial Scholarship. Brian Murphy was BBU Director of Youth Activities when he passed away June 23, 1989. A fund was established in his memory to provide a four-year financial aid package for recipients to attend the college of their choice. Contact the BBU Director of Youth Activities for more information on these scholarships.


Officers and Directors

President: Seth Byers

President-Elect: Cristian Samano

Secretary: Raleigh Scherer

Treasurer: Emily Martin

Reporter: Kane Ozment


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District 1:
Amelia Buckley & Saige Tassin
District 2:
Kylee Henderson & Kodi Stapp
District 3:
Haley Hartman & Nicholas Flanery
District 4:
Richard Longoria & Sierra Rhodes
District 5:
Coby Pritchett & Amanda McCoskey



July 16, 2017
July 16-22: JBBA National Show and Convention, Wichita Falls, TX - More Information
August 26, 2017
SEBBA JBBA Heifer Show, Tunica, MS
September 09, 2017
West Texas State Fair Junior Beefmaster Show, Abilene, Texas - More Information