The Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA), whose parent group is the Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU), is one of the fastest- growing junior beef breed associations in the country, and for some good reasons! You'll find a complete and well-rounded slate of programs available to you as a JBBA member. All aspects of the beef cattle industry are included so JBBA members can gain valuable knowledge about every phase of the business and become better prepared to contribute to the beef cattle industry and agribusiness as adults. And in addition to all that, it's fun!

JBBA was founded in 1984, as more and more young cattlemen became involved in the Beefmaster breed. Its membership has increased steadily, and the number of programs JBBA offers to its members has grown dramatically. Clearly, JBBA is moving with the Beefmaster breed to the forefront of the beef cattle industry.


Officers and Directors

President: Troy Glaser
President Elect: Nikki Brady
Secretary: April Solis
Treasurer: Bennett Janssen
Reporter: Bryanna Hardin
District 1 Directors: Hudson Ham & Breyana Robinson
District 2 Directors: Lukas Mazac & Colby Mullins
District 3 Directors: Caeden Scherer & Gracey Leopold
District 4 Directors: Kolton Brady & Garrett Melnar
District 5 Directors: Travis Glaser & Braylee Cowan
Directors At Large: Jacob Kolwes & Mackenzie Lee

JBBA Junior Ambassadors
Cody Barnett
Vicente Garza
Sofia Garza
Kaylee Hensley
Kaylee Beason
Wes Shaw
Weston Brooks

2021 JBBA National Show and Convention

"Bettin on Beefmasters"
July 17-23, 2021 in Belton, Texas

Contest Info:

2021 Beefmaster Skillathon Study Guide
Professional Development Job Descriptions

Scholarship Applications

Many JBBA members want to continue their educations at the college level. And thanks to the JBBA Scholarship Program, some of them are able to receive financial help toward college tuition. The JBBA Scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of involvement in JBBA, FFA and/or 4-H leaders, or other adults who are familiar with the member's work.

A panel of people involved in the cattle business and youth work evaluate the applications, and the winners are announced each year at the JBBA Annual Convention. Thanks to BBU members who support the JBBA Scholarship Program, deserving young cattlemen get an extra boost toward their college degrees.

In addition, JBBA members are eligible for the Brian L. Murphy Memorial Scholarship. Brian Murphy was BBU Director of Youth Activities when he passed away June 23, 1989. A fund was established in his memory to provide a four-year financial aid package for recipients to attend the college of their choice. Contact the BBU Director of Youth Activities for more information on these scholarships.