2021 LOBBA Heifer Development Program

by Jeralyn Novak | Published August 24, 2021


Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association (LOBBA) is sponsoring a heifer development program at Landair, Inc., in Beeville, Texas. The purpose of the program is to provide LOBBA members a means to economically feed and grow out heifers in preparation for sale or other private use purposes. The heifers will be grouped by age to form contemporary groups where the cattle can be evaluated, compared and graded according to desired phenotypical look. Scan data and weight gains will be acquired at proper intervals for participating heifers. Note: this is a development program not a gain test. Heifers will be fed accordingly for proper growth and conditioning. Structural defects will be pointed out so that the owner can decide if any action is required regarding their animal. This information and data will be obtained in order to provide the owner the data for performance evaluation and potential sale requirements.

The open heifers will be separated into two groups, Fall (born between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31), and Spring (born between Jan. 1 and May 1).  Landair will separate into additional groups using the age criteria depending on the number of cattle enrolled in the program. Landair will also pen the heifers so that bulls are not penned adjacent to them. Landair’s health requirements, marking, and weaning criteria will also need to be provided by the owner prior to delivery. Landair’s contractual agreement similar to the bull development program will also be required. See files linked below. All movement of cattle in and out of the program shall be the responsibility of the owner to coordinate with Landair.

The program is being implemented as a service to the membership. The data generated by the program will allow breeders to evaluate and compare their cattle and programs with their fellow members and breeders. The cattle may be entered into or removed from the program at the owner’s discretion. The periodic phenotypical evaluation (grading) will only apply to cattle that have been in the program at least three months in order to fairly conduct the evaluation of those cattle that have been grouped, fed and cared for under the same conditions. LOBBA will assess a charge of $50.00 per head to offset the Association’s costs incurred resulting from the services provided during the program. Note, these costs are in addition to any Landair fees, scanning fees, etc.

Arrival of cattle at Landair for participation in this program will commence September 15, 2021. Please note that the timing and length of participation in this program by any member will solely be determined by the member. It is fully anticipated that spring born calves may not be entered into the program until much later due to the member’s weaning program.

LOBBA is also evaluating the possible introduction of a special Heifer Marketing Program (see linked below). The decision to proceed with the special sale will be made at a later date. Note: if the program is implemented, participation by any member is purely optional.


2021 LOBBA Heifer Development Consignment Form (excel required to open)

Landair Weaning Recommendations for Customers

Live Oak BBA Heifer Marketing Program


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