No better “mama” than the Beefmaster Cow

by admin_edje | Published April 4, 2012

Beefmaster cattle sales have been pretty awesome lately.  Maybe it is because of the recent (and much needed) rain that many of you have received.  It could be due to the extremely high commercial market prices that we are seeing across the nation.  Or perhaps it could be in response of cattleman to the extremely maternal characteristics that our breed has to offer the beef industry.  Cattlemen know that there is no better “mama” cow in the industry.  Beefmaster females offer strong maternal instincts, extreme docilty, excellent fertility, added longevity and superior environmental adaptability.  A Beefmaster bull, bred to the current “black hided” commercial cow, will result in every advantage afforded through heterosis.  There is no better time than now to properly invest in the future of rebuilding the nations cowherd – purchase a Beefmaster bull today.  Feel free to contact us at the BBU office (210-732-3132) or a Beefmaster breeder in your area to find a bull or bulls that will work for you.

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