Beefmaster Uniformity Initiative


Beefmaster Breeders and Members,

First we want to thank the task force for its time and work on reaching a decision that all members felt was in the best interest of the Beefmaster breed and the association’s members moving forward. The BBU Board of Directors received the following recommendations on the 2018 Color Policy from the appointed task force and has acted to accept those recommendations. 1.)  The board of directors has voted to rescind the 2018 Color Policy as previously passed in the June meetings. 2.) The board of directors has voted to set a goal of reaching a more uniform breed identity in 15 years; through a voluntary pathway described as a Uniformity Initiative.

Beefmaster Uniformity Initiative

In the endeavor to further advance the position of Beefmaster cattle in the commercial beef industry, BBU recognizes the need to create a more consistent and uniform Beefmaster animal to enhance breed identity. A more distinct and positive identity should aid in the marketability and desirability of Beefmaster genetics and thus grow the membership and herd book of registered Beefmaster cattle. In furtherance of these goals, the BBU Board of Directors has adopted the following plan of action:

Member Input and Education Program Period

Beginning immediately and continuing for a period of approximately 12 months, BBU staff, directors, task force members, and others will engage in a grass-roots Member Input and Education Program at the request and direction of the BBU Board of Directors, focusing on members, Satellites, Marketing Groups, and the JBBA. This Member Input and Education Program will concentrate on industry concerns and requests as pertaining to the need for more uniform cattle. It will also highlight the tremendous gains Beefmaster breeders have already made, while emphasizing the endless potential for further industry expansion through the production of more uniform cattle with respect to both visual concerns, such as color and breed character, as well as consistency in carcass performance.

A Path to Achieve the Goal of a More Uniform Beefmaster

At the conclusion of the Member Input and Education Program period, the BBU Board of Directors will develop a Uniformity Initiative with the goal of creating a voluntary path to achieving a more uniform Beefmaster product over a 15-year period of education, promotion, and breeder participation. It is believed that this 15-year period will provide ample time for members to adjust without financial loss or radical changes to their breeding programs that could cause single trait selection or other unintended results. It is anticipated that this Uniformity Initiative will include: (i) continued education as to industry trends and demands pertaining to seedstock genetics; (ii) publication of diagrams and visual aides that will help breeders to better understand the end goal; (iii) field days and breeder tours that provide information on how to achieve the goal of more uniform and productive cattle; and (iv) the identification of achievement levels or goals that help members gauge their progress beyond that of just market results. The BBU Board of Directors acknowledges that future changes in the industry demand could cause this Uniformity Initiative to evolve, requiring continuous communication to keep breeders aware at all times of directional shifts or changes in order to stay relevant to the beef industry. The ultimate goal of this Uniformity Initiative is to develop a more identifiable Beefmaster animal and an even more educated, unified, and directed association of members.

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  1. Posted August 3, 2018 at 1:58 pm | Permalink

    Thank you to all the Board and task force for coming up with a much better plan and approach to improving our breed.

  2. Posted August 13, 2018 at 4:55 am | Permalink

    Will the BBU disseminate the variable heredity (genetics) factors in layman’s terms of how the white genes are carried by beefmasters and how to eliminate it other than phenotype. In other words, are there genetic tests that can be done to determine which white genes (white or mottling in the face, white on tail, white underline and especially clowns) a Beefmasters individual may possess. This certainly would help breeders have least an inkling of what’s involved.

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