WHR (Whole Herd Reporting) and IBR (Inventory Based Reporting) inventories are available to update online starting in December of the current year. If you would prefer completing WHR/IBR inventory via hard copy and NOT online, please contact our office for a hard copy version of your inventory. Please note, hard copy inventories will not be mailed out unless requested by the member.

The IBR inventories must be completed and submitted to the BBU office by February 1st. An additional $5 per head will be assessed for the IBR inventories returned after February 1st.

The WHR inventories must be completed and submitted to the BBU office by May 1st. An additional $5 per head will be assessed for the WHR inventories returned after May 1st.

Please note if you are participating in a spring sale, your WHR or IBR inventory needs to be updated and returned prior to registering any animals born in current WHR/IBR inventory year. BBU members who are interested in enrolling in the WHR or IBR programs, but are not currently participating, please contact the BBU office at 210-732-3132 or info@beefmasters.org.

Whole Herd Reporting

The optional Whole Herd Reporting (WHR) program at Beefmaster Breeders United accounts for all animals produced in your herd. This allows for a more complete performance database which in turn leads to a more accurate genetic evaluation. WHR reporting entails an accurate inventory of reproducing females and the outcome of that process. The females on inventory must have a weaned calf weight or a calf disposal code reported with the BBU office. A birth weight or calving ease score, and any other performance measure that would enhance the overall data base and genetic evaluation, are encouraged but are not required. For more information and/or to enroll in WHR, please contact Collin Osbourn.

WHR Reminders and Frequently asked Questions

Regulations Related to Certification of Calves Sired Artificially

  1. How do we handle multi-owned animals?
    • Multi-owned animals are handled a little differently. The member with possession of the animal must have it included on their inventory. The other owners can use an 'M' for a code if they are not going to have any progeny to register for this year. This code does not appear on your inventories at this time but it is ok to use for this specific situation. If you will have progeny for this calendar year leave the female listed as active.
  2. Do all females owned go on inventory?
    • Only those females that are reproductively active go on inventory. Young heifers do not need to be on inventory until they reach their first reproductive year.
  3. Do Donor Dams go on inventory?
    • Yes, donor dams must be kept on inventory (even if she is deceased or culled) so that you can apply for registration on E.T. calves out of the donor female.
  4. Do I change the Calving Season? If so How?
    • Yes, all inventories will have females listed as Spring calvers unless previously denoted. Any of your females that will calve in the Fall must be designated as Fall calvers in the 'Change of Season' column.
  5. What Bulls go on the Male Inventory?
    • Herd bulls that will sire the majority of your calves are the sires that you would want to list on the male inventory. Remember, no bulls will be listed. You must manually add the bulls that you want on inventory.
  6. What Animals will be Registered and Transferred for the current WHR fee?
    • The program has been designed to accept those calves born during the Calendar Year (Jan 1 through Dec 31).

Remember to use the appropriate disposal codes! Only use the disposal codes as they apply to the animals you are removing. DO NOT remove females as long as you will be applying for registration on calves out of that female.

When selling an animal with registration papers use the 'T' (Sold with Papers) for a disposal code so the animal will not be deactivated. A list of disposal codes can be found on page 7 of the WHR manual.

WHR Manual

Udder Teat Scoring System

How BBU Defines Contemporary Groups

BBU Reference Codes

Inventory Based Reporting

The Inventory Based Reporting (IBR) program is designed for the members that want to report data on all of their calves and submit a registration application on only a portion of those calves. This program should be used if you want to supply an updated animal inventory each year and have free performance data submission.

  • A completed cow inventory (females 15 months or older on January 1st that year) is due by February 1st each year.
  • Each cow listed on the updated inventory will be assessed an annual fee which includes a free registration for her calf that year.
  • Additionally, performance data can be submitted on her and/or her calf that year at no additional cost.
  • A reduced transfer fee is included on her calf that year up to 30 months of age under this option.
  • A completed cow inventory submitted after February 1st each year will be assessed a per animal fee which includes a free registration, performance data submission and a reduced transfer fee up to 30 months of age for her calf born that year.

The IBR program will benefit members allowing them reduced costs when they collect performance data on all calves but may only want to receive registration certificates and transfer a smaller portion of the calf crop.