This program allows you to upgrade commercial cows to purebred Beefmasters through a three-generation top-crossing system. It allows you to make the transition to purebreds using your existing cow herd. The first step is to become a member of BBU. To do this, complete the enclosed membership application and return it to us with the annual membership dues of $125.00. When you become a member, and you want to participate in the Upgrading Program, contact the office to obtain the Ranch Visit Request form, complete it and return it to us. Upon receipt of the form, one of our BBU Fieldmen will schedule a date to visit your operation and inspect your cows. He will need to see each cow individually and will accept all those cows which he feels have adequate frame, correct structure, good udders and adequate muscling.

Those cows he accepts will be recorded as Base Cows. This inspection will cost you $3.00 per head or $250.00 whichever is greater. Base Cows are then bred to a certified Beefmaster bull which has been inspected by a BBU Fieldman. This inspection can be done when you have your Base Cows inspected. The heifer calves from these matings will become eligible for inspection as First Cross Beefmasters when they become at least 8 months of age. A BBU Fieldman will again visit your ranch at your request and inspect the heifers for approval as First Crosses. Those he approves will apply for papers on them. The inspection will again cost you $3.00 per head and the registration papers will cost $15.00. You will then breed these First Crosses to a certified Beefmaster bull, and their heifer calves will be eligible for inspection as Second Cross Beefmasters when they reach 8 months of age.

Once again you will request a BBU Fieldman to visit your operation and inspect the heifers. This inspection will cost $3.00 per head and the registration papers on the 2C heifer will cost $15.00. Once your Second Crosses have been approved, they are basically the equivalent of a purebred Beefmaster, as both their male and female offspring are eligible for registration with BBU as purebred Beefmasters without inspection. As you can see, you can make this conversion at a relatively low investment and will be adding equity to your herd as soon as you make the initial inspection. The key to the success of the program, however, is the use of good bulls. You cannot use an average bull and expect above average results, especially as you move away from the hybrid vigor of a crossbred and into the more concentrated genetics of a purebred.

Ranch Visit Request Form