Ultrasound provides a non-invasive, cost effective means of improving carcass merit in your seedstock Beefmaster cattle. Ultrasound measurements provide an effective way of improving the accuracy of the ultrasound EPDs. BBU requires that all ultrasound data be collected by an Ultrasound Guidelines Council (UGC) Certified Field Technician and interpreted by a UGC Certified Lab Technician -- you can download a list of certified UGC technicians here.

ll BBU cattle (males and females) must be scanned between the age of 320 and 500 days of age. Additionally, you must have a weaning weight recorded on the animal for the data to be included in the BBU Genetic Evaluation.

It is the breeders responsibility to get an ultrasound barnsheet from the BBU office prior to the technician scanning the cattle. All animals must be registered at the time of scanning and either have a certificate (C) or performance only (P) number.

Ultrasound Scanning/Barn Worksheet - Contact BBU office for pre-filled form for specific calf crops if desired