President's Message

Dear Beefmaster Breeders and Friends,

“Our breed is beginning to grow up.” Those words were part of Executive VP Bill Pendergrass’ article in the November issue of the Cowman. He was referring to our breed expanding into new markets of discriminating bull buyers. These progressive buyers all demand meaningful data. We, as seed stock breeders, have to collect this data and fund the research that helps to make it meaningful to these buyers. This will help us compete with other breeds that have been doing this for a long time.

Our Foundation is beginning to grow up also. From brain child origins, the infant that Roger Fuller and Davin Vaughn began nurturing in 2008 has learned to crawl and then to walk. Like most children boarding a school bus, it is time to grow and learn from others. Roger and Davin are term limited. This by design in by-laws they crafted to help insure that infant would continue to grow and thrive. If you run into either of them down the road, be sure to shake their hand and thank them for their dedication and love of such an important component of a breed association.''

One of the first steps the Foundation took in fund raising was an auction of donated items held at the BBU Convention each year. By far, the largest donated item has been a quality heifer. The idea isn’t new. Other breeds do this. It has become a prestige element to donate the best. I want to thank Lyssy Beefmasters for stepping up in 2015. Their attitude of “Go big or go home” really paid off. Their bred heifer that became a pair before the convention brought $52,000 from a coalition of Mackie Bounds, Steve Dodds, and Davin Vaughn. I can’t wait to see who will step up to donate an animal next year and who will try to top that to buy it. Other items in the auction were a custom saddle made by Kyle Hoge donated by Davin Vaughn, an original numbered print donated by Tony Psencik, a custom bronze bull donated by B.E.E.F., and estate wines from Blair Vineyards donated by Jeffrey Blair.' The total raised was larger than any previous auction. Our Foundation is growing up. This money will help pay for the great educational seminars presented at the convention.

Other fund raising steps include consignment sales where $10 per head sold is donated to B.E.E.F. Nearly every satellite and marketing group is doing this. Some production sales do it also. Bill and Dusty Carr make sure a special item is auctioned at their sale each year with the proceeds going to B.E.E.F. One breeder donates 2% of the sale gross each time. This off the top before anything else. In his words “You won’t miss it if you didn’t hold it in your hand to begin with”. The first tentative baby steps have become a walk. I hope more sales step up to help the walk become a jog and then a run. Bill Pendergrass is already crafting more requests for genomic research funding. We have to stay ahead in the race.

Recently, one member stepped forward with a gift of stock certificates to be sold by the Foundation before the end of the year. For those of you looking for a tax deduction, this is a win -win. You help your Foundation while helping yourself. We also accept cash''

Everyone needs to be involved in turning the walk into a run. That includes all members of BBU not just the Foundation Board. I look forward to your thoughts, your ideas, and your tax deductible gifts.

Dave Loftin
Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation