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What Is The Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation ....

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation formed in 2009. B.E.E.F. is affiliated with Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) which was founded in 1961. The Foundation is dedicated to making a great breed of cattle even better through scientific research, education of the breed's future leaders and providing valuable information to the public about the Beefmaster Breed as superior meat production animal.

The motivation to form the Foundation came from Dr. Tommy Perkins speaking at BBU's January 2009 strategic planning meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Perkins envisioned the need for a foundation to be formed which could spearhead valuable research into the genetic make-up of the Beefmaster breed while providing BBU membership a means to gift scarce tax deductible monies to assure the future of the breed. Understanding the importance of Dr. Perkin's vision, two BBU members took up the challenge and completed the formation process in July 2009.

The future of any human endeavor is the next generation of leaders being prepared and able to carry on where the prior generation leaves off. The current generation must invest in its youth to produce the strongest, best educated individuals. The Foundation through its scholarship program intends to attract, educate and retain young women and men who will become leaders in BBU, their communities and the agricultural industry.

The Foundation is staffed 100% with volunteers. No salaries are paid. Therefore, compared to the typical foundation, a very large portion of every dollar goes back into education and research.

B.E.E.F. Belongs To You!!!! Take Time To Give.


Officer Title District Term Ends
Ty Agee Director Eastern Fall 2025
Clark Jones Vice President Eastern Fall 2024
Kendall Mckenzie Director Central Fall 2023
Chris Kauffman Director Central Fall 2024
Kris Fore Director Texas 1 Fall 2023
Marie Welkener Director Texas 1 Fall 2025
Mark Blau Director Texas 2 Fall 2024
John Long Director Texas 2 Fall 2023
Lorenzo Lasater President Texas 3 Fall 2023
Debbie Cheatham Secretary/Treasurer Texas 3 Fall 2025
John Pierson Director Western Fall 2025
Don Evans Director Western Fall 2024


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Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation

234 W. Bandera Road #184
Boerne, TX 78006
Office: (210) 732-3132
Fax: (210) 732-7711



"Foundation for the Future" Campaign Donors

Foundation Governor ($100,000)

  • Mackie & Norma Jean Bounds
  • Bill & Dusty Carr
  • Mike & Rhonda Collier
  • Jim & Pam Colvin
  • Bub & Nancy Epley
  • Clark Jones
  • Derek Thompson
  • Bob & Bonnie Siddons

Foundation Regent ($50,000)

  • Tim Chapman
  • Larry Meacham
  • Dalton & Kathy Skinner

Foundation Fellow ($25,000)

  • Anonymous
  • Mark & Leesa Blau
  • Elgin Breeding Service
  • Farm and Ranch
  • Dan & Karen Gattis
  • Gulf Coast Publishing
  • Heritage Cattle Company
  • Roger Holden
  • Lorenzo & Leslie Lasater
  • M&M Cattle Co.
  • Sheldon McManus
  • John & Sue Pierson
  • Tony & Karen Psencik
  • Rick Stonecipher
  • Ray Walther

Foundation Patron ($15,000)

  • Foundation Beefmaster
  • Melvin & Marilyn Scherer

Foundation Guarantor ($10,000)

  • Roger Fuller
  • Gerald Galbraith
  • Live Oak BBA
  • John & Sue Pierson
  • South Texas BBA

Foundation Benefactor ($5,000)

  • Barry Parker
  • Mike Green
  • Steve Carpenter
  • Watt Casey
  • Derek Frenzel
  • Melaine Hardwick
  • Gerry Holmes
  • Tom Hood
  • Larry Lairmore
  • Dave Loftin
  • Anthony Milhalski
  • John Rediger
  • Bruce Robbins
  • San Gabriel Beefmasters
  • San Pedro Ranch
  • Trey Scherer
  • Southeastern BBA
  • J.C. Thompson
  • Ray Walker
  • Marie Welkener
  • Robert Williams

Foundation Sponsor ($1,000)

  • Anonymous
  • Gregg Booth
  • Andy Boudreau
  • Penny Bowie
  • John Evangelo
  • Gary Frenzel
  • Lawrence Lyssy
  • John Long
  • Louisiana BBA
  • Kendall McKenzie
  • Keith Prasse
  • Lawrence Shuey
  • Ronnie Teague
  • Greg Thomas
  • Paul Wallen



The B.E.E.F scholarship program is sponsored by the foundation to encourage junior members to continue their education beyond the high school level. These scholarships are for graduating high school seniors, students enrolled in a Junior College, or a four-year University.

B.E.E.F. will award one (1) $8,000 scholarship to a high school senior. The winner shall receive $1,000 each semester paid to the college in the name of the student upon proof of admittance and enrollment to their specific Junior College or University. Winners of this scholarship must provide the B.E.E.F. Scholarship committee with official college transcript and class schedule each semester to receive funds as well as maintain a 2.5 GPA.

B.E.E.F will also award up to two (2) 1,000 scholarships. The winner(s) shall receive $1,000 for the fall semester paid to the college in the name of the student upon proof of admittance and enrollment to their specific Junior College or University. One scholarship will be designated to an upperclassman in college.

Winners will be announced at the JBBA National Show & Convention Awards Banquet.

Candidates for the B.E.E.F. Scholarship must be actively involved in livestock activities. Applicants must either be a JBBA member and/or BBU member or can be a lineal descendent of a BBU member. All applications for the scholarship will be reviewed without regard to the applicant‛s race, gender, religion, physical conditions or national origin.


A scholarship program has been established by the Southeastern Beefmaster Breeders Association (SEBBA).The SEBBA Hoss Shaw Scholarship is established to support education by making available scholarships to young men and women who are active in the Beefmaster breed and who are pursuing a higher education. Applicants must currently be a Junior, Regular or Life member of the SEBBA or the direct descendant of a current Regular or Life member of the SEBBA.

The Hoss Shaw Scholarship Fund will award $500.00 (five-hundred dollar) scholarships.

Scholarship applications will be considered by the SEBBA scholarship committee. Application deadline is June 1.

President's Message

Dear Beefmaster Breeders and Friends,

2022 marks the 12th year for the Beefmaster Education Endowment Foundation, or B.E.E.F. for short. We come a long way since a few breeders came up with the idea in a hotel bar at a sale somewhere. 

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation, meaning folks can give tax-deductible donations to the Foundation, which can then spend money to promote the breed in three major areas: Research, Scholarships and Education.

As of January 1, 2022, B.E.E.F. has spent $219,471 on research. This included three different projects focused on generating Feed Efficiency Data. This data enabled the introduction in 2021 of BBU’s new RFI (Residual Feed Intake) and $FE (Feed Efficiency Index). Efficiency is one of Beefmasters strong suits, and now we can convey that to the buying public through EPD’s. Clearly, BBU would not been able to achieve that level of funding for research without B.E.E.F., so it is an incredibly valuable relationship.

Since inception, B.E.E.F. has spent $41,429 on education. This has largely been in the form of paying for speakers and educational content at the BBU and JBBA conventions. We plan to expand into helping with field days for satellites and more public outreach as the funds available grow.

Finally, $92,976 has been given out in scholarships. There is nothing more important that helping push our Beefmaster Youth through their education and onto adulthood, hopefully as Beefmaster Breeders! In 2021, the “Prime” B.E.E.F. Scholarship was introduced, giving a deserving recipient $2000 annually for 4 years. We will add a new Prime scholarship each year until 4 are running at once.

This totals $353,876 given back to the Beefmaster World, which is pretty darn remarkable! Imagine the difference we can make in the growth of Beefmasters with this level of sustained spending in critical areas into the future? 

The Endowment stands at $1,100,195., and it is important to note that the corpus of which this will never be touched. B.E.E.F.’s investments have yielded $223,038 since the fund was established and enjoyed an incredible 15% return over the past 3 years. B.E.E.F. has a very conservative spending policy in place to ensure the Endowment will continue to grow.

We need everyone’s help with gifts large or small. The Foundation Campaign seeks 5-year pledges to grow the endowment. But we also need a lot of single gifts of any size – the goal is to have truly broad-based involvement from the BBU Membership. B.E.E.F. can also help with tax and estate planning.

Special thanks to everyone who has helped B.E.E.F. grow from an idea in a bar to a critical piece in the Beefmaster arsenal as we share the good news of the Beefmaster with the Beef Industry.

Lorenzo Lasater
Board President
Beefmaster Education Endowment Foundation

SEBBA Scholarship Fund