Carcass Evaluation

BBU Members Are Encouraged to Feed Out Beefmaster Sired or Influenced Calves
Retaining ownership and feeding out a group of your Beefmaster calves is an opportunity to see how your cattle will compare to other cattle in the industry. We strongly suggest that you consider feeding out '45-60 day backgrounded and weaned calves or yearling age cattle in a reputable feedyard. Cattle should weigh at least 500 lbs., but again for best results, heavier cattle weighing 750-850 lbs. will have shorter feeding times and better results in most cases. Additionally, the calves should have gone through a good animal health program that includes the proper deworming, vaccinations, etc.' Consult your veterinarian for current animal health programs.

Contact the BBU Office if you have questions about feeding your calves.' We can help you find a feedyard that will feed from 10 to a 1000 head.' We will also help you find an ultrasound technician to sort the cattle for harvest date, coordinate harvest data in the packing plant and help you interpret the yield and quality grade data when the cattle are harvested.