Summer 2021 Feed Test at Southern Beef Performance Center


The Southern Beef Performance Center is located in Williston, FL. Their mission is to promote the seedstock cattle industry by feeding and testing cattle to isolate top performing, efficient genetics. By testing genetic lines for efficiency, seedstock producers can provide data to back their bulls. In an industry measured in pounds of product, there’s little room for uncertainty with genetics. Take the guess work out of how your calf crop will perform and help your bottom dollar.

At the SBPC they have the capability to test 280 head per year, having four regularly scheduled tests a year. Their pens are 150’ x 100’. Each pen can hold up to 35 head, giving each head 425ft² of space & plenty of shade. Their test will be a 70 day gain test with a 21 day diet adaptation period and a cool down period. SBPC has a roughage-based ration that is developed by their nutritionist. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Be sure your herd’s genetics are on the cutting edge of the seedstock industry.


I. The total all-inclusive fee for the full 133 days is $800 per bull.
• Includes: feed costs, entry vaccinations, tagging, yardage, weighing, carcass ultrasound, yearling measurements, Smart Feed efficiency data & progress reports.
II. A non-refundable entry fee of $100 per head is due by May 1, 2021 with entry forms.
• No charges will be due when receiving cattle.
• There will be four (4) installments of $175 per bull that will be billed at the end of each month.
III. Veterinary expenses will be charged as occurring.

Health Requirements Prior to Unloading:

I. Veterinarian or vet supplier approved & documented vaccinations for:
• Pasteurella within 30 days of delivery date
• Blackleg – 2 rounds prior to weaning
Preferably Vision 8 with spur
• Vibrio/Lepto/Respiratory – 2 rounds
Preferably Bovi-shield Gold 5
II. Must be weaned 45 days prior to unloading.
III. Two rounds of vaccinations with at least one of those rounds using a modified live vaccine.
IV. Horns must be smaller than 5” or dehorned prior to arrival

Feed Ration
The roughage-based ration is designed to optimize feed intake. The target weight gain throughout the test is 3-3.5lbs/day/head. The ration will be fed ad-libitum according to our nutritionist.

Eligible Birth Dates to Enter Summer 2021 Test
August 2020 – November 2020

Summer 2021 Testing Schedule
Receive Cattle: 6/7/2021
Start Feed Efficiency Test: 7/13/2021
End Feed Efficiency Test: 9/21/2021
End Test: 10/15/2021

More Information Contact: Colson Cannon
(352) 345-3716 –

Mailing Address:
19001 Raintree Dr., Brooksville, FL 34601

Test Address:
14451 NE 20th St., Williston, FL 32696


Click Here To Download Test Entry Form

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