Beefmaster Heifer Takes Top Honors at Houston Livestock Show

by Joe Mask | Published March 12, 2019


BOERNE, Texas – On Saturday, March 9 Caeden Scherer, a sixteen-year-old from Brenham, Texas, exhibited his Grand Champion Beefmaster heifer “BeBe” and claimed not only American Division Champion at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Junior Breeding Heifer Show, but won Supreme Reserve Grand Champion Junior Breeding Heifer. The champions were selected from more than 2,000 head of cattle and exhibitors at the 2019 show.

According to Karl Hengst, Managing Director of Livestock Competitions at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, this is the first time a Beefmaster was one of the top two heifers in the junior breeding heifer show.

Scherer is a sophomore at Brenham High School and is a member of the Brenham FFA chapter where he serves as the chapter secretary. He has been an active member of the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA) for seven years and during those years he has been among the Top Ten All-Around Champions at the annual JBBA National Show.

“I have been truly amazed and blessed by this experience,” says Scherer. “It is an accomplishment I never dreamed of and I want to thank my family and the entire Collier Farms team for making this possible!”

Scherer shared that this honor was the result of years of planned breeding, hard work and believing in Beefmaster cattle. He added, “I hope this win inspires all JBBA and BBU [Beefmaster Breeders United] members in their breeding programs and reminds us all that nothing is impossible.”

The Beefmaster female exhibited by Scherer, CF BeBe 795/7, is 22 months old and sired by CF Riptide. Her dam is Sugar Shana and she is bred to Red Eagle, expected to calve in May 2019. “BeBe” competed against 219 Beefmaster heifers when she claimed Champion Beefmaster during the Junior Breeding Beef Heifer Show.

Scherer’s mother, Mona, expressed the following after the big accomplishment, “Our ranch-raised kid took his ranch-raised heifer to Houston last week and made Beefmaster history.”

According to Mona, they don’t raise “show cattle”, they just focus on raising good-quality, functional Beefmasters and “this one just happened to end up in the spotlight”.

“When academics and respected cattle people from Kansas, New Mexico, and Missouri proclaim to the audience that this heifer, referring to Caeden’s, is the kind of female the entire beef industry needs in order to move forward, the impact is real,” says Scherer’s father, Trey. “They acknowledged that this red-hided, American breed female could compete in any arena and put her ahead of some of the most sought after British and Continental genetics in the world.”

According to Trey, who serves on the Beefmaster Breeders United Board of Directors, it is his hope that with accomplishments like this and those of other high-quality Beefmaster cattle now being produced, that Beefmaster breeders will continue pushing our breed to its utmost potential – making Beefmaster genetics the most desirable in the entire industry.

It was an important day for the Beefmaster breed, at one of the most prestigious and esteemed major livestock shows in the nation. Congratulations to Caeden and the Beefmaster breed for making history.

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Beefmaster Breeders United (www.beefmasters.org), located in Boerne, Texas, is a not-for-profit breed registration organization that provides programs and services for its members. Beefmaster, Beefmaster Advancer and E6 cattle are selected on the “Six Essentials” of disposition, fertility, weight, conformation, milk production and hardiness.

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