Color Uniformity Task Force

by Joe Mask | Published July 14, 2018


Beefmaster Members: The task force has been contacted and set for the discussion on the color uniformity guidelines and they will begin meeting as soon as possible. After the task force has had a chance to meet and discuss the guidelines they will start setting up meetings across the entire Beefmaster footprint in the US to get input from membership before any recommendations are submitted to the BBU Board of Directors.

The task force members are as follows:

  • Gregg Booth
  • Mackie Bounds
  • Lee Compton
  • Kelly Cupp
  • Derek Frenzel
  • Darrell Glaser
  • Ruben Gutierrez
  • Jason Hendricks
  • Bill Howell
  • Clark Jones
  • Aaron Lowe
  • Mike Moss
  • Nolan Ryan
  • Trey Scherer
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