BBU Board of Director’s Statement Concerning Color Policy

by Joe Mask | Published July 11, 2018


In response to the concerns voiced by a portion of the membership about the adoption of the proposed color policy by the BBU board of directors, the board has met and voted unanimously to incorporate into the education and grace period a broad review and reconsideration of the BBU color policy as proposed by the Long Range Planning committee and as edited and approved by the board. In addition, the board has unanimously passed a motion directing the President to appoint a task force of BBU members equitably representing all views and aided by outside industry resources, that is charged with the task of proposing potential options, edits, or revisions to the color policy that was passed by the board. The board regrets that incorrect versions of the policy were leaked prior to the official announcement and presentation of the policy to the membership in its approved and final form. The board also wishes to make known to all members that no ill will, harm, or emotional distress was intended by its actions and that the best long-term interests of the breed as a whole has been and will continue to be always at heart. The board encourages everyone to remain positive, constructive, and united as we move through this process and time of change and challenges. If we as members and true believers in this great breed of cattle resolve to work together for the best interests of Beefmasters as a whole, there is no doubt that we will flourish as a breed in all sectors of the cattle industry as we move forward.

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