Positive Outlook Ahead for Beefmaster Breeders

by Joe Mask | Published February 26, 2013

By BBU Executive Vice President, Tommy Perkins, Ph.D., PAS

Many cattle producers received some much needed moisture this past week, while cattle prices also remain high and the beef export market remains favorable. Other than the high cost of feed, fuel and fertilizer most beef industry professionals agree it is a great time to be in the beef cattle industry. There also seems to be trend in the beef industry to put the “cow” back into the beef industry’s “black hided” genetics. This has been very good news for the breeders of Bos Indicus cattle. This trend has been strong toward the Beefmaster breed. Here at Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) we have received more interest in Beefmaster bulls than ever before. It appears that cattlemen are searching out large numbers of Beefmaster bulls to breed the fertility, longevity, docility and growth back into their cow herds. Performance tested Beefmaster bulls have been selling extremely well recently and their demand does not seem to be slowing.

The beef industry has the lowest number of cattle in more than fifty years which should help maintain excellent prices for feeder and stocker calves. This is due to the inability for producers to supply the numbers that will be demanded by the feedlot, packer and ultimately the consumer. The value of the replacement female should remain at an elevated level for several years as the industry tries to rebuild the nation’s cowherd.

Many good opportunities lie ahead for Beefmaster breeders in the coming years. Profitable seedstock producers will separate themselves from others by maintaining low to average production costs. Additionally, they will have a willingness to produce and deliver what their customers are asking for, while also standing behind the product they merchandize. Beefmaster breeders are definitely in the driver’s seat and they need to make sure to supply the “right kind” of cattle that the industry is seeking. For the best outcome breeders must continue to collect, and have available, as much data as possible on the cattle they market. This will help ensure the cattle buyer that they are buying a reliable set of cattle, while moving the breeder forward in the beef industry.


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