Beefmaster Breeders and Youth Support West, Texas Relief Efforts

by Joe Mask | Published April 24, 2013

SAN ANTONIO – Everything is bigger in Texas and this was exemplified this past week when a small Texas town was faced with a big explosion and several “big” hearts responded to help. One week ago today the community of West, Texas was faced with a devastating fertilizer explosion where several people perished and lost their homes. This big explosion motivated some of the “smallest” Beefmaster breeders to do something to help the victims of West.

Members of the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA), whose parent group is the Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU), banded together on Sat., April 20, 2013 in Crockett, Texas at the East Texas / Louisiana Beefmaster Marketing Group (BMG) sale and JBBA show to collect donations for the West Volunteer Fire Department. JBBA members and sisters, Sarah and Micah Brock of Trinity, Texas, came up with the idea to collect money at the sale and then contacted friends Braylee Mackie of Lott, Texas and Camrin Byers of Henrietta, Texas who are also JBBA members to help with the effort.

“What if it was us that this happened to, we would want them to help us too,” said Sarah Brock, a twelve-year-old with a big singing voice and even bigger heart.

According to Anthony Mihalski, East Texas / Louisiana BMG sale manager and auctioneer, it was a special day for everyone in attendance and a very moving gesture by this great group of JBBA members. Before the sale began Sarah, Braylee and Camrin addressed the audience and gave a speech about their efforts to donate funds to help the West fire department. It was then followed by Sarah Brock singing a touching version of the United States national anthem.

At the completion of the national anthem the JBBA members passed around two cowboy hats through the sale crowd and the hats were filled with over $1,300. This is an outstanding amount and outstanding effort by three kids that just wanted to help a small community similar to their hometowns. The money was counted and prepared for donation with the help of parents Brenda Brock and Tricia Mackie.

JBBA members count money collected for the West Volunteer Fire Department relief fund. From left to right: Braylee Mackie, Camrin Byers and Sarah Brock.

“It was all the kid’s idea, the collection and the speech. The kids had a great idea and Sarah really inspired people to donate with her beautiful and patriotic national anthem. It was a special day,” said Mihalski.

J.D. and Dixie Laird of Four Forks Beefmasters in Groesbeck, Texas also participated in the outpour of support for the West relief fund. Four Forks donated to the West Volunteer Fire Department the money from the sale of a Beefmaster female sold during the BMG sale. According to Mihalski, the Beefmaster female that was donated for the relief fund sold for $1,700.

As of today, the JBBA members have contacted the West fire department to let them know the funds have been collected and the package enclosed with money order and a thank you letter has been sent to their relief fund.

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