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Beginning in the early 1930s, Tom Lasater, the breed's founder, developed Beefmasters from a systematic crossing of Hereford, Shorthorn and Brahman cattle. His purpose was to develop cattle that were more productive than existing breeds; cattle that would produce and make money during economically hard times in the harsh environment of South Texas.

The new breed was developed on what has become known as the Six Essentials - Weight, Conformation, Milk Production, Fertility, Hardiness and Disposition. These essentials became the economic strength of Beefmasters and have made them favorites with those who depend on cattle for a living. Beefmasters are the only beef breed specifically developed to excel in these important economic traits.

While brownish-red is the most common color, the breed has no color standards. Beefmasters were recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a pure breed in 1954.

Since the early 1970s, when the breed began rapid expansion from its South Texas birthplace, Beefmasters have survived several wrecks in the cattle market without adversely affecting their growth and demand. From 1974 to 1998, membership in Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) grew from 300 to nearly 7,000. BBU, which was founded in 1961, is one of the top five largest beef breed registry in the United States in membership and top ten in registrations.

Responding to change and tough challenges are part of the Beefmaster heritage. Today, like yesterday, Beefmasters and the cattlemen and cattlewomen who raise them are ready to handle the ever changing beef cattle industry.

Our Mission:

BBU's Mission is to enhance breeder's ability to raise and promote cattle based upon the founding "Six Essentials." Disposition, Fertility, Weight, Conformation, Hardiness and Milk Production.

Our Vision:

To increase worldwide demand for Beefmaster cattle.

Guiding Principles:

Always strive for breed improvement
Never compromise integrity

Beefmaster Breeders United
We Believe
We're Committed
We Did It Together


Joe W. Mask

Executive Vice President

Joe W. Mask, PhD
Joe W. Mask

Director of Breed Improvement

Lance W. Bauer, PhD
Collin Osbourn

Collin Osbourn

Office Manager

Donna Henderson
Jon Garza

Director of International Programs

Jon Garza
Jon Garza

Membership Coordinator
B.E.E.F. Liaison

Kylie McIntosh
Jon Garza

Youth Program Coordinator

Laurel Kelley
Jon Garza

Communications Coordinator/ Membership Services

Addison Coburn
Jon Garza

Student Worker

Brinley Allison

DNA Questions



Derek Thompson


Derek Thompson

Paxico, KS

Trey Scherer

Vice President

Trey Scherer

Brenham, TX

Kendall McKenzie


Kendall McKenzie

Angie, LA

Chris Kauffman


Chris Kauffman

Searcy, AR



Larry Meacham

Cat Spring, Texas

2022 Convention

2022-2023 Board of Directors – not pictured Ty Agee and Ronnie Teague

Term Expires 2023

Ty Agee - Memphis, Tennessee
Cindy Emmons - Fairfield, Texas
Lorenzo Lasater - San Angelo, Texas
Kito Saenz – San Isidro, Texas

Term Expires 2024

Ruben Gutierrez - Monte Alto, TX
Dave Loftin - Nixa, MO
Lauren Lyssy - San Antonio, TX
Ronnie Teague - Ramer, TN

Term Expires 2025

Debbie Cheatham - Arlington, Texas
Clay Howell - Axtell, Texas
Clark Jones - Savannah, Tennessee
Mike Moss - Hulbert, Oklahoma

Member Services


Demand for Beefmaster genetics is growing exponentially and as the demand for Beefmaster bulls increases, it pushes the value of Beefmaster females even higher.

Commercial cattlemen recognize the benefits of incorporating Beefmaster genetics in their operations. The heterosis realized by using Beefmaster yields heavier steers to market, as well as replacement-quality females that are unmatched in their maternal ability.

Being a Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) member comes with many benefits. At about 3,000 members strong, BBU breeders are continually working to produce better seedstock and enhance the presence of the breed in the commercial marketplace.

BBU offers several programs to help improve your cattle operation. Some of these voluntary programs include:

  • Pro Services
  • Whole Herd Reporting (WHR) or Inventory Based Reporting (IBR)
  • Classification
  • Upgrading
  • Beefmaster Advancers
  • Commercial E6 Females

All BBU members benefit from the advertising and promotion that helps position Beefmasters for success. There are also additional vehicles to assist in promoting and marketing your Beefmaster cattle through various BBU satellites and marketing groups. These regional organizations sponsor Beefmaster sales, field days, cooperative advertisements and more. You can find a list of these organizations online at www.beefmasters.org.

The Beefmaster Promotion Group (BPG) and Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA) are in place to provide support for those who enjoy exhibiting Beefmaster cattle.

New BBU members are offered a free consultation visit to evaluate cattle, talk about BBU programs and learn more about the breed and association.

More BBU Member Benefits:

  • May register animals through BBU registry
  • Subscription to The Beefmaster Cowman (official publication of BBU) $35 value - U.S.
  • Subscription to The Beefmaster Pay Weight (BBU publication printed twice a year)
  • Discounted rates on transfer fees (50% off for members)
  • Data, EPDs, etc.
  • Access to online BBU registry system
  • General membership meeting voting privileges for Annual/Active members
  • Opportunity to serve as director or hold office (Annual/Active members)
  • Unlimited quality customer service from BBU staff


BBU Satellite Associations were developed to help market Beefmasters and carry out BBU programs. In addition, they support BBU programs through field days, ranch tours and seminars. These 9 current satellite organizations were established under the By-Laws of BBU.

Arkansas BBA
President: Lanny Tillery
14489 Hwy 5
Benton, AR 72019
Sept of even number years

Central Texas BBA
President: Derick Ensor
314 FM 2571
Smithville, TX 78957

Central States BBA
President: Dave Loftin
1516 S. Gregg Rd
Nixon, MO 65714

Live Oak BBA
President: Melvin Scherer
1495 Moritz Rd
Meyersville, TX 77974

Lone Star BBA
President: Debbie Cheatham
2308 Briarwood Blvd
Arlington, TX 76013

Louisiana BBA
President: Josh Salley
457 Lula Lane
Converse, LA 71419

Southeastern BBA
President: Justin Williams
2580 Oak Grove Rd
Savannah, TN 38372

South Texas BBA
President: Tony Psencik
San Antonio, TX 78222
Seguin, TX 78155

Western States BBA
President: Matt Toste
46051 Los Gatos Creek Road
Coalinga, CA 93210


Beefmaster Promotion Group
President: Cindy Emmons
541 ST HWY 75N
Fairfield, TX 75840

East Texas / Louisiana BMG
President: Terry Chambers
18200 FM 986
Terrell, TX 75160

Ozark and Heart of America BMG
President: David Myers
1293 N East Ridge Dr
Strafford, MO 65757

Southern Alliance BMG
President: Adam Daniel
953 County Road 25
Mt Hope, AL 35651

Texoma Beefmaster BMG
President: Larry Meacham
PO Box 431789
Houston, Texas 77243


To order your Beefmaster Breeders United membership sign, please contact Nat Garcia of Silk City Screen - our official sign vendor.




City Silk Screen
Attn: Nat Garcia
375 Hawthorne
San Antonio, TX 78214



Save the Date for the 62nd Annual Beefmaster Breeders United Convention

BBU Annual Convention
October 26-28, 2023
Courtyard By Marriott
South Padre Island, Texas

Online Forms:
PDF Forms:



A committee will be appointed by the President consisting of three BBU Past Presidents, a previous Hall of Fame inductee if one is alive and the BBU Executive Vice President.

The committee will meet once every two years and either make recommendations to the BBU Board to induct a member or pass for that period.

The BBU Hall of Fame Selection Committee will base their decisions on the following criteria:

  1. A Beefmaster breeder, BBU staff member or other significant person worthy of this award will be eligible.
  2. In the case of a breeder, this member must have remained a member in good standing for as long as he/she owned their cattle.' They should have been involved in and supported the association’s programs.' They should have been active in the local satellite where they lived.' They need to be recognized as an outstanding breeder and promoter of the breed having worked tirelessly for the association and breed.
  3. In the case of a BBU staff member, this individual must have brought credit and respect to the breed and association throughout their tenure with BBU. This person should have been a real leader and someone who has been recognized as having gone above and beyond the call of duty in carrying out his/her duties.
  4. In the case of an outside person, this individual must have excelled in the promotion and support of the Beefmaster breed and BBU.' It should be evident to the selection committee that this person should be given this high honor by BBU.' In fact, the selection committee must be unanimous on this person’s selection since this individual is neither a breeder nor staff person.' Examples of who might be considered are:''The Beefmaster Cowman'staff, animal scientists, media personalities, government officials, etc.
  5. A majority vote of the selection committee will forward a person’s name on to the BBU Board of Directors for a final vote with the exception of the person who is neither a breeder nor staff person.' In this case, that person must receive a unanimous vote of the selection committee to have their name forwarded on to the Board.

The BBU Board of Directors must accept the nominee on two-thirds majority vote for that individual to be officially inducted into the BBU Hall of Fame.' No more than two people shall be selected by the committee for this award and no more than two shall be inducted in one year by the Board with one being preferable.

Realizing that very few people have been inducted since BBU was formed it is the intent of BBU not to have inductions every two years.' However, the committee can meet and decide if any worthy names should be submitted to the BBU Board of Directors for consideration.


Mike Collier
Fred and Judy Long

Dale Laster
Laurence “Laurie” Lasater

Charlie Jones
Jennie Lee Zipperer

Don Biles
Lee Adair
Bill & Dusty Carr

Nolan Ryan

E. C. Larkin
Hans Wittenburg

Tom Lasater

Joe Hendricks
Watt Casey

Gene Kuykendall

Walker White

Homer Herring
Wallace Harrell
Jack Dunn



Beefmaster Breeders Cattlewomen is an organization dedicated to assisting Beefmaster Breeders United in promoting the Beefmaster breed, educating the public to the merits of the breed, assisting the junior programs, and participating in any other projects deemed appropriate by the members.

Our projects have included an annual “Cattlewomen Scholarship Quilt” that is auctioned each year at the Convention Sale. - The Beefmaster Breeders Cattlewomen present scholarships each year to deserving juniors for their continuing education.


Kathy Skinner


Kathy Skinner
Linda Smith

Vice President

Linda Smith
Mona Scherer


Mona Scherer
Kathy Walther


Barb Gillespie

Scholarship Information

This scholarship program is sponsored by the Beefmaster Breeders Cattlewomen to encourage junior members to continue their education beyond the high school level. This scholarship is for graduating seniors and will be payable upon proof of admittance and enrollment in classes as a full-time student at a University or Junior College.

Candidates for the BBC Scholarship must be an active member of the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA) for at least one full year prior to applying for this scholarship. All applications for the scholarship will be reviewed without regard to the applicant’s race, gender, religion, physical conditions, or national origin.

Online applications are available here - 2023 Cattlewomen Online Application or PDF Applications can be mailed to the Beefmaster Breeders Cattlewomen, c/o Kathy Skinner, 3221 Canadian St., Katy, Texas 77493.

Please include:

  • Completed application.
  • Official high school transcript including copies of your ACT and/or SAT scores.
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Current picture

Applications MUST be postmarked on or before June 15, 2023. For more information, please contact Kathy Skinner by email at Kathy@skinners-rafter-s.com or a Beefmaster Breeders Cattlewomen officer.

For any Beefmaster Breeders Cattlewomen scholarship questions
please contact Kathy Skinner.

Kathy Skinner
3221 Canadian St.
Katy, TX 77492


The Cattlewomen auction off their "Cattlewomen Scholarship Quilt Fundraiser" at the BBU Convention Sale.




Advertising And Public Relations Committee


  • Trey Scherer Chair
  • Leon Anderson
  • Amy Ballard
  • Mackie Bounds
  • Chris Chick
  • Camaron and Erin Cox
  • Kalli Ellis
  • Tyler Gwosdz
  • Clark Jones
  • Joey and Lauren Landry
  • Brad Lindstrom
  • Alyssa Lyssy
  • Gary Parker
  • Mona Scherer
Breed Improvement Committee


  • Clark Jones Chair
  • Mackie Bounds
  • Charlie Bradbury
  • Erin Brown
  • Kelly Cupp
  • Steve Emmons
  • Larry Lairmore
  • Lorenzo Lasater
  • Judy Long
  • Randy Mason
  • Kendall Mckenzie
  • Josh Morrison
  • Bill Pendergrass
  • Bruce Robbins
  • Justin Ryals
  • Trey Scherer
  • Robert Scott
  • Jared Stricklin
  • Dr. Andy Herring Advisor
  • Dr. Ky Pohler Advisor
  • Dr. David Riley Advisor
By Laws Committee


  • Bill Carr Chair
  • Ty Agee
  • Leon Anderson
  • Brian Engleman
  • Roger Holden
  • Alyssa Lyssy
  • Randy Morgan
  • Michael Radwanski
  • Dalton Skinner
  • Cullin Smith
Commercial Marketing Committee


  • Clay Howell Chair
  • Larry Meacham Co-Chair
  • Kris Fore
  • Derek Frenzel
  • Brett Hill
  • Larry Lairmore
  • Lawrence Lyssy
  • Michael Radwanski
  • Robert Scott
  • Damon Thompson
  • Justin Williams
Convention Committee


  • Mona Scherer Chair
  • Laurel Kelley Co-Chair
  • Leon Anderson
  • Debbie Cheatham
  • Erin & Camaron Cox
  • Marie Welkener
  • Grace Dailey
  • Fran Ditta
  • Shawn Duren
  • Cindy Emmons
  • Alma Gutierrez
  • Linda Smith
  • Ruben Gutierrez
  • Lauren & Joey Landry
  • Dave Loftin
  • Larry Meacham
  • Melvin Scherer
  • Kathy Skinner
Ethics Committee


  • Dalton Skinner Chair
  • Mackie Bounds
  • Steve Emmons
  • Brian Engleman
  • Jimmy Keene
  • Dave Loftin
  • Mike Moss
  • John Pierson
  • Kirk Schlemmer
  • Brent Sherrod
  • William Skoruppa
  • Linda Smith
  • Ronnie Teague
  • Allison Wells
Finance & Audit Committee


  • Christopher Kauffman Treasurer/Chair
  • Ray Walther Co-Chair
  • Leon Anderson
  • Amy Ballard
  • Grace Dailey
  • Gerald Galbraith
  • Barb Gilespie
  • JR Ramirez
  • Kathy Skinner
  • Kathy Walther
International Committee


  • Kalli Ellis Cjaor
  • Jon Garza Co-Chair
  • Luis Ayala
  • Casey Ballard
  • Arthur Epley
  • Gary Frenzel
  • Vicente Garza
  • Ruben Gutierrez
  • Lauren Lyssy
  • John Pierson
  • Kito Saenz
  • Bill Wilson
JBBA Adult Committee


  • Darrell Glaser Chair
  • Casey Ballard Co-Chair
  • Nate Compton
  • Lee Compton
  • Debbie Elder-Friend
  • Kalli Ellis
  • Sherri Ellis
  • Steve Emmons
  • Vicente Garza Jr.
  • Nancy Gilmore
  • Jason Hendrick
  • Aaron Low
  • Alyssa Lyssy
  • Jeanne O'Connor
  • Alex Ramirez
  • Allison Wells
Long Range Planning Committee

(consists of all other committee chairs)


  • Lorenzo Lasater Chair
  • Mackie Bounds
  • Colson Cannon
  • Jim Colvin
  • Kris Fore
  • Brett Hill
  • Dave Loftin
  • Mike Moss
  • Justin Ryals
  • Trey Scherer
  • Bob Siddons
  • Javier Solis
  • Derek Thompson
  • Ray Walther
  • Garrett Wilson
Membership Committee


  • Ty Agee Chair
  • Dave Loftin Co-Chair
  • Debbie Cheatham
  • Jimmy Keene
  • Gary Parker
  • John Pierson
  • Mona Scherer
  • Kirk Schlemmer
  • Cullin Smith
  • Kathy Walther
Seedstock Marketing


  • Larry MeachamChair
  • Erin Brown
  • Debbie Cheatham
  • Chris Chick
  • Cindy Emmons
  • Kris Fore/li>
  • John Gillespie
  • Anthony Grayson
  • Gary Halepeska
  • Brett Hill
  • TJ Jackson
  • Melvin R. Scherer, Jr.
  • Robert Scott
  • Cullin Smith