Ozark and Heart of America Spring Sale Report


A standing room only crowd witnessed the 40th Annual Ozark and Heart of America Spring Sale in Springfield, Mo., on April 14th. There were 209 registered buyers from 11 states competing for the 180 lots. Cattle went to Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Kansas and Alabama.

Thirty yearling futurity bulls averaged $2,606, 57 tested bulls averaged $3,170, 36 pairs averaged $2,427, 29 yearling futurity heifers averaged $2,484, 19 bred heifers averaged $1,989, and 9 bred cows averaged $1,833.

There were 68 consignors with 17 being first time consignors to the sale. Thank you to all the buyers and consignors that helped make this such a successful sale.

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2018 Collier Farms Advantage Sale Report






18 PAIRS AVERAGED $13,305.56

2 BULLS AVERAGED $12,500.00




TOTAL SALES: $1,165,860.00

SALE AVERAGE: $13,248.41

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Performance Article Series: Part 2 Weight Traits


By Lance Bauer, Director of Breed Improvement & Western Field Representative

The traits of birth weight, weaning weight and yearling weight are all economically important to cattlemen. Birth weight is one of the leading causes of dystocia in cattle and can cause the loss of cow and/or calf. This leads many cow-calf producers to look for bulls with low birth weights. The majority of calves in the United States are also sold at weaning and are sold by the pound, so weaning heavy weaning weights are important to these producers. Other producers will retain ownership of calves through the feed yard and yearling weight can be an indicator of how well they will perform there. By measuring these weights on your cattle and recording the weights with the BBU registry system, you provide more information for the calculation of EPDs.

Birth weights are the first weights that should be recorded and should be taken within 24 hours of the calf being born. There are different ways to take the birth weight including traditional scales or a weight tape. Scales are the most accurate way to take weights. The weight tapes tend to underestimate the weight of larger calves and overestimate the weight of lighter calves. The manner in weighing the calves should remain constant throughout the calving season. The weight of the calf will then be adjusted for the age of the dam, once it is recorded in the BBU registry system.

Weaning weights should be recorded at weaning time, which is approximately 205 days of age or seven months of age. In order for BBU to include weaning weights in the genetic evaluation they need to be recorded between 140 and 270 days of age for an animal. This means that if you have a 90 day calving season and you wean calves when the majority of them are 205 days old, then they should all fit into the age window for weaning weight. Weaning weights are adjusted using the age of the dam, as well as the age of the calf, at the time of weaning. The standard for the age of the dam is five years old and adjustments are made on differences from five years old. The adjustment formula that is used is not the standard linear formula for adjusted weaning weight, but a non-linear formula that is based on BBU data and allows for the calculation of a weaning weight without having to assign a birth weight to animals that do not have a birth weight recorded. Recorded weaning weights with contemporary groups of larger than one animal and fit within the age range will be included in the genetic evaluation for the calculation of EPDs.

The next weight to measure is yearling weight and it should be measured around 365 days or one year of age. For yearling weights to be included in the genetic evaluation they need to be taken between 320 and 430 days of age. Yearling weights are also adjusted using the age of the dam, as well as the age of the animal, at the time of weighing. A five year old cow is the standard for the adjustment of yearling weight, and again it is a non-linear adjustment. Animals that are in contemporary groups of more than one animal and fit within the age range will be included in the genetic evaluation.

Recording these weights is important for the Beefmaster breed and allows the association to utilize more data in our genetic evaluations to calculate EPDs. EPDs are important because they allow both purebred breeders and commercial breeders to compare animals throughout the breed and animals that are raised in different environments. The EPDs for these weight traits are economically important traits that are included in the calculations of $T and $M, which are very helpful tools in the selection of animals. There will be more articles in this series that cover more about performance, such as what a contemporary group is and what EPDs are. The next article will focus on calving ease scoring, udder and teat scoring, as well as mature cow weights.

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Skaggs Sweeps at Major Stock Shows with Beefmaster Heifer


By: Yvonne (Bonnie) Ramirez

BOERNE- Seventeen-year old Shawn Skaggs, a junior at De Leon High School had a great show season this year as he claimed top honors at every major stock show in Texas. Shawn, a member of the De Leon FFA started his streak at the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show in Fort Worth by taking the Grand Champion Beefmaster honors with his heifer, WR Queen Elizabeth. He followed that accolade with being named Grand Champion Beefmaster heifer at the San Antonio Stock Show.  An exciting honor to add to his San Antonio win was that Shawn’s heifer was also named the Reserve Grand American heifer! This is a big achievement for the Beefmaster breed.

Shawn continued his winning show streak by claiming the Grand Champion Beefmaster title at the Houston Livestock Show. He ended his 2018 show season by claiming the Grand Champion Beefmaster title at Rodeo Austin where she was also named the Grand Champion American heifer.

WR Queen Elizabeth was bred and owned by Shawn. Her immediate pedigree stems from a Queen x CF Dr. Love breeding. WR Queen Elizabeth was described by cattle judges as a “unique creature,” “charismatic,” “a beast on a leash,” “the most unique female” and “a water moccasin.”

Shawn also had success with his other bred and owned heifer, WR Blizzard, with whom he won Grand Champion at the San Angelo Stock Show. Her mating was a WR Josey x Black Jack 21 breeding.

“My goal has always been to have a Champion American heifer at a major Stock Show, it has been such an awesome feeling to complete this goal,” Shawn said.

“Shawn works very hard and is very compassionate about his cattle,” Shawn’s mother, Rayna Skaggs exclaimed.  Shawn plans to attend Tarleton State University and wants to work in the show calf/cattle industry.

Rayna adds, “Shawn has enjoyed traveling all over the state showing and meeting people from every back ground of cattle.” “In the last several years Shawn has expanded his cow herd to include Red Angus, and has utilized the E6 program,” Rayna added. “Last summer he was invited to Canada to help fit and show cattle there in their “All Breeds Show”. There he helped fit several breeds of cattle and exhibited an Angus heifer, who won division champion. His experience there along with traveling and meeting cattle industry leaders all of the United States will help him to promote Beefmasters, and learn several sectors of the cattle industry,”  Rayna said.

What an impressive and incredible show season Shawn had! Congratulations on your successes at this year’s major stock shows, Shawn.

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Cowboys, Cattle & the Colorado River


Huebner Brothers Cattle Company of Bay City, Texas has been crossing their cattle across the Colorado River, from their winter pastures on the 11-mile Matagorda Island that runs from Matagorda to Port O’Connor, for over 100 years. The part where the cattle cross the river is about 200 yards across and 15 feet deep, just at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico.

Before the cattle are driven across the island and across the river, the cowboys rope the smallest calves and load them in a trailer so they can ship them across on a river barge. Most of the calves can make the swim across the river, but we were on boats prepared to help the calves that struggled with the swim or got confused and swam the wrong way. No cows or calves were lost from the drive or swim.

On April 3rd I got to experience this cattle drive and swim – which is the oldest cattle drive in Texas – first hand and even rescued calves from the swim across the river. This ranch runs Beefmaster and Beefmaster influenced cows for their hardiness, fertility and growth. This summer the cows and calves will graze at the ranch’s headquarter pastures in Bay City.

A big thank you to owner Keith Meyer and our tour guide Jeff Davis for the ranch hospitality and thank you to Trey Scherer, Collier Farms Beefmasters for coordinating the ranch visit.

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JBBA Leaders Attend Youth Beef Industry Conference

The 2018 Youth Beef Industry Conference (YBIC), hosted by the American Angus Association, was held in Ohio. “What an incredible experience building tomorrow’s leaders today,” exclaimed Bonnie Ramirez, JBBA Youth Director. Approximately 160 youth leaders representing 18 different breed/cattle associations participated in this year’s YBIC. “JBBA had four young ladies who proudly represented the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association at the conference,” Ramirez added. JBBA leaders that attended YBIC included Braylee Mackie – District 5 director, Amanda McCoskey – Reporter, Kodi Stapp – District 2 Director and Caitlin Vargas – District 4 Director. According to the YBIC coordinator, this year denoted one of the larger YBIC events ever held.

YBIC participants appreciated an energetic, powerful and inspirational keynote presentation by A’Ric Jackson. His mission is to teach, inspire, and encourage all those who hear him, and to take the challenge of helping others pursue their goals and dreams. “He really energized the youth! Our JBBA board was moved and excited with his presentation,” Bonnie added.

Panel speakers included Dr. Stephen Boyles The Ohio State University, Extension Beef Specialist; Elizabeth Harsh Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, Executive Director; Lee Miller Paint Valley Farms and Jon Gevelinger JG Cattle & Coaching, Weaver Leather Livestock ProStaff. YBIC’ goers were able to ask the panelists questions and receive valuable insight from knowledgeable industry leaders.

Participants enjoyed a tour of world renowned Weaver Leather and the Certified Angus Beef headquarters. The tours were fascinating, interesting, educational and overall an awesome experience.

“It was a great experience all the way around … from getting to know my fellow Beefmaster directors and getting to know other breed association directors,” District 4 Director, Caitlin Vargas exclaimed! “It was great to learn about the different leadership styles and what “categories” fellow Beefmaster directors fall under and how all leadership styles make it work together.

Weaver Leather and Certified Angus Beef played an integral large role in making this conference a success. The conference focused on leadership, character and personal branding.


L to R : Kodi Stapp, Caitlin Vargas, Bonnie Ramirez (JBBA Coordinator), Amanda McCoskey, Braylee Mackie

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SEBBA Dixie National Sale Report


Tunica, MS 3-31-18

  • 3 Bulls $13,250  avg $4,417
  • 2 3n1 $5,800  avg $2,900
  • 2 Pair $6,100  avg $3,050
  • 14 Bred $33,900 avg $2,421
  • 18 Open $46,650 avg $2,592
  • 2 Picks $8,000 avg $4,000
  • 1 Semen $25,00
  • 1 Embryo Lot $4,525
  • 43 Lots $120,725 Avg $2,808

Top Bull

  • Lot 14- Sire, CHRK Sledgehammer, consigned by brock Clay, Meridian, MS:  Sold to Ty Reeves, Carthage, MS for $7000.

Top Females

  • Lot 4- Bred to CF Brock, consigned by Bailey Farms, Pinson, TN:  Sold to Windy Hills, Poplarville, MS for $4500.
  • Lot 43- Open, Sire, EMS Captain Britches, consigned by Gerry Stricklin, Savannah, TN:  Sold to Next Gen Cattle Co., Paxico, KS for $4500.
  • Lot 3- Open, Sire,m EMS Fire House, consigned by Bailey Farms, Pinson, TN:  Sold to Ken Gooch, Jackson, TN for $4000.
  • Lot 36- Pair, Calf Sire, Panther Creek Partners 495, consigned by Panther Creek, Bells, TN:  Sold to Steven Anderson, Amarillo, TX for $3800.
  • Lot 11- Bred to BCF’s Hopes Hammer, consigned by Brock Clay, Meridian, MS:  sold to Gene Crim 4C Farm, St Matthews, SC for $3500.

Volume Buyers:  Next Gen Cattle Co., Paxico, KS:  Tony Psencik, San Antonio, TX:  Brock Clay, Meridian, MS.

Auctioneer: Anthony Mihalski, San Antonio, TX

Sale Manger:  3G Sales and Service, Franklin, GA

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Frequently Asked Questions: New Online Registry System


With any new system, comes many questions. Here are some pointers/reminders and our answers to the most common questions we have received about the new online registry system.
How do I login?

  • Before you can login you must have a temporary password. To receive your temporary password, email Donna your name and membership number at You must submit request by email, if you call the office the staff will direct you to send an email. Here is a video on how to login and register an animal.

How do I register an animal?

  • Make sure to switch the “Calving Year” at the top of the “My Calving” registration page so that is matches the year of birth of the calf you are adding.  If you are registering different year calf crops at one sitting, you must make sure to change the “Calving Year” at the top.

Why am I getting an error when I have a breeding agreement on file for the sire?

  • Breeding links and natural breeding agreements from the old system are not available in this new system. If you try to register an animal through your online account about receive the error “No Access to Sire” please call the office so we can move over the natural breeding agreement or breeding link. You can see what natural breeding agreements you have on file by going to “My Account” > “NAT Service Signatures” > “My Signatures”. This is where your current natural breeding agreements will be listed. If you have missing agreements, call the office at 210-732-3132.

Can I add weaning weights and yearling weights online?

Can I see my billing and account balance?

  • Yes, when you log into your account go to “My Account” > “My Billing”. Here you will be able to see what you have be billed and what your balance due or credit is. Online payments are not currently available. If you would like to pay with a credit card, please call the office at 210-732-3132 or mail in a check.

Can I see my A.I. Certificates?

  • Yes, when you log into your account go to “My Account” > “AI Service Signatures” > “My Signatures”. This is where your current A.I. Certificates are listed.

Can I transfer A.I. Certificates online?

  • Yes, when you log into your account go to “My Account” > “AI Service Signatures” > “My Signatures”. This is where your current A.I. Certificates are listed. If you want to transfer any of the A.I. Certificates listed in your account select “Give” at the far right of the listing. ON the “Give Semen Signature” page enter the membership number of the person you are transferring A.I. Certificates to and the number of certificates in the “# Sigs” box. Then click give.

Can I transfer animals online?

  • Yes and no. If the animal has already been issued a breeding certificate then the original certificate must be returned to the office with transfer form completed on the back. If you are registering an animal online, then the transfer can be completed at the same time. When you register an animal that needs to be transferred make sure on the “My Calving” registration page to click “Hold Paper for Online Transfer”.  Once you click that, you will be able to go under “My Herd” and transfer the held papers by selecting “My Held Papers Transfer or Print”. Please note that if you don’t know the buyer’s member or non-member number then online transfers cannot be completed.

Can I print a copy of an animal’s certificate?

  • Yes, go to “My Reports”. From the drop down menu select “Copy Certificate” and then enter the animal’s certificate number and hit print. Once you hit print a new browser tab will pop up, where you can print from the browser or save the download.

Can I switch an animal from a performance “P” animal to a certified “C” animal online?

  • Yes, go to “My Herd” > then click on “My Unregistered Animals”. From there the system will bring up all of your “P” performance animals. For each animal you want a certificate on you will click “register” which is located on the far right of the animal’s row. It will take you to the registration screen, where you will then go to the very bottom and select “Purebred” from the “herdbook for registration” dropdown menu and then click “Register”. If you are wanting transfer the animal and do not want a breeding certificate mailed to you, make sure to click “Hold Paper for Online Transfer”. Then click “Save” and it will give you the animal’s certificate number.

Can I print my own barnsheet by year?

  • Yes, go to “My Reports” > “Ultrasound Barn Sheet by Year”. Then the year you want, what sexes you want included and the order of the animals. Then click print. It will bring your report up in a new window, where you can print from the browser or save the report to your computer.

Can I view my herd inventory and update my inventory?

  • Yes, go to “My Herd” > “My Registered Females” or “My Registered Males”. This will show you your current herd inventory of registered animals. You can update your inventory by clicking “Dispose” on the far right of the row for each respective animal. It will bring you to an “Animal Disposal” page where you must enter the disposal code and disposal date. Then click save, which will remove the animal from your inventory.

How do I complete my online work and make a payment?

  • Once you have completed your online work, please call the office at 210-732-3132 to make payment with a credit card and let our staff know you are ready for the work order to be closed and processed.
I received an emailed invoice from BBU Edelivery Report, is this a valid email and should I pay the invoice?
  • Yes and Yes! Our new system sends out completed workorder invoices to the email address on file for each member. The email is from “BBU Delivery” and the subject line reads “BBU Edelivery Report”. The email text will read “This report has been created by the BBU automated email delivery system” and the invoice is attached as a PDF file. This is a valid BBU invoice and if there is a balance due then payment can be made via a credit card over the phone or mailed check.
  • When you receive an email from DO NOT REPLY to this email. The BBU staff will not respond to your email. This is an automatic email system and this email address is not monitored. Please send ALL email correspondence to staff emails listed on the website.

I received a “Needs Natural Service Signature” error when completing an online registration, what do I need to do?

  • If you have a current natural breeding agreement or breeding link for the sire, then please contact the office. When we moved systems the natural breeding agreements and breeding links did not transfer over, so the staff will have to manually add in the natural service signatures from the old system. Once the natural service signatures are added into the system, then you can complete the animal’s registration. If you do not have a current natural breeding agreement, please complete this form and return to the office.

If you have already submitted your registration applications via the mail and now want to process them online, please let our office know by calling 210-732-3132. If registrations are submitted multiple ways, errors will occur. To avoid duplicates and errors please let us know if you want to process a previously submitted application via the online registry program.

Purchased animals are not appearing on weaning/yearling worksheets – you can email specific certificate numbers on those animals to the office and the office staff can edit it to make those animals appear on the reports.

You can fill out a sire picker list by going under tools and adding the sires you may be using to register calves. Then when you register under “My Calving” and go to put in a sire you can do the drop down for the sire entry and select the correct sire. Sire certificate numbers will only appear in drop down menu if the sire was put in the sire picker list manually.

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Beefmaster Promotion Group International Beefmaster Gala Sale Report


Beefmaster Promotion Group International Beefmaster Gala Sale – Houston, Texas – 3/3/2018

Lots Type Gross Average
4 Bull $10,050.00 $2,512.50
3 Bred Heifer $8,450.00 $2,816.66
8 Open Heifer $38,700.00 $4,837.50
1 Frozen Embryo $1,125.00 $1,125.00
1 Flush $6,000.00 $6,000.00
2 Semen $5,125.00 $2,562.50
19 Total Lots $69,450.00 $3,655.26



Category Description Price Consignor Purchased by
Open Lot 21 – 707 RGB Vivian – Logan x Baby Lisa $6,750 Rafter G Bar DK 5 Bar Ranch, TX
Lot 16 – 17/17 WR Dakota – Pinnacle x Roxie’s Duramax $6,500 Blue Ribbon Poco Velasco, MX
Lot 22 – 1616 – EMS King George x Sister Grove 1226 $6,100 Sister Grove Emmons Ranch, TX



Flush Lot 6 – 35/534 Lyssy’s Vogue  – Maverick x Hilltop 665-0 $6,000 Lyssy Beefmaster Steven & Lyn Anderson, TX



Bred Heifer Lot 12 – -G 16/99 – EMS Headliner x 3G 3574 Exposed to VFF Mr. ADV. 31-4 $4,000 Troy Glaser Emmons Ranch, TX



Bull Lot 9 – 9206 HL Fire in the Hole – EMS Fire House x T5 596-4 $3,750 Lindsey Ranch Steven & Lyn Anderson, TX
Lot 10 – 25 Painted on Smooth – EMS Smooth Cavalier x Amazing Jade $3,700 Moreno Ranches Cade Judd, TX



Semen Lot 4 – EMS Johnny Cash $100 per unit Ellis / Emmons Kacer Farms, KY .                     Ashley Smithey, TX
Lot 3 – CF Sugar Bear $75 per unit JBBA price Sugar Bear Syndicate Balla, Bode, Hardin, Parrish
Volume Buyers: Steven & Lyn Anderson, TX.; DK5 Bar, TX.; Emmons Ranch, TX.
Auctioneer – Anthony Mihalski
Sale Manager – Robbins Cattle Consulting & Marketing, Bruce Robbins
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Houston Magic XVIII Sale Report


Houston Magic XVIII – Houston, Texas – 3/2/2018

Lots Type Gross Average
6 Bull $29,500.00 $4,916.67
30 Open Heifer $134,550.00 $4,485.00
14 Bred Heifer $57,000.00 $4,071.43
2 Pairs $8,500.00 $4,250.00
3 Bred Cows $7,700.00 $2,566.67
5 Semen $13,690.00 $2,738.00
4 Frozen Embryo $22,700.00 $5,675.00
64 Total Lots $273,640.00 $4,275.63


Category Description Price Consignor Purchased by
Open Heifer Lot 53 – L2 67/17 – L2 Bushwacker x L2 Peggy Sue $24,000 L 2 Ranch Timber Ridge, TX
Lot 52 – L 2 69/17 – L 2 Captain Jack x Touch of Sugar $8,000 L 2 Ranch Cissna Ranch, TX.
Lot 27 – cf 851 – L 2 Infinity x CF Oasis $7,000 Cottage Farm Island Beefmasters, TX
Lot 26A – cf 856 – CF Sandman x CF Oasis $6,500 Cottage Farm Kacer Farms Inc., KY
Lot 7 – 127 ANS Sweet Thang – Panhandle Dream x Sweetwater 28 $6,500 Anderson Beefmaster NextGen, KS


Bull Lot 8 – BF 1631 – CF Sugar Britches x Super Sensation $11,000 Bailey Farms Farm & Ranch Beefmasters, TX


Bred Heifer Lot 51 – L2 79/16 – L2 Bushwacker x Mimi L2 112/09  Bred to L2 Turbo 21 $9,000 L 2 Ranch Stakes Ranch, LA.
Lot 61 – RH 54 – El Patron x Maxie L2 5/13 Bred to Fusion $6,000 Roadhouse Ranch Windy Hills, MS
Lot 48C – 267/5 Pauline – L2 Prodigy x AvaBred to JK Performance Model $5,000 Kreger /Bedlam Stakes Ranch, LA.


Frozen Embryo Lot 68a – Synergy x Tiger Secret $600 each Priola JA Beefmasters, MX
68d – Spartacus x Simply Knockout L2 145/10 $550 each Bailey Farms Brown & Sons, TN


Semen Lot 3a – Panhandle Dream – 80 units sold to 8 breeders $55 per unit Anderson Bfms.
Lot 3b – EMS Fire & Smoke – 58 units sold to 7 breeders $55 per unit Anderson Bfms.


Volume Buyers: Stakes Beefmasters, LA.;Timber Ridge, TX.; Nextgen, KS.; Farm & Ranch, TX.; JA Beefmasters, MX.; Hans Wittenburg, TX.; Casey’s Crooked Bar C Farm, LA.; Kacer Farms Inc., KY.
Auctioneer – Gerald Bowie
Sale Manager – Robbins Cattle Consulting & Marketing, Bruce Robbins
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