Beefmaster Ear Tag Program

The Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) ear tag program is designed to add more value to your high quality Beefmaster and Beefmaster cross calves. These “Original Z1 No-Snag-Tag” one-piece Z Tags are available through the BBU office and they will help identify the calves you sell as being Beefmaster and/or Beefmaster influenced animals.

Superior retention. Foolproof one-piece ear tag design ensures that back of tag will not snag and pull out or break off. No more torn ears.
Outstanding readability. Dark laser printing and long neck calf tags make Z Tags easier to read from front or back.
Easier application. Patented Z1 No-Snag-Tagger is designed for fast and easy tagging. Unique pivoting Z1 No-Snag-Tagger pin makes loading ear tags easy while eliminating ripped ears.
Reduced risk of infection. Exclusive self-piercing tag tip makes a clean, precise incision to prevent infection and promote faster healing.

Beefmaster Ear Tag Program

Benefits include:

• Breed identification anywhere, anytime
• The front of the tag is available for you to write your own ID numbers.
• Potential to increase market value
• Provides advertisement for the Beefmaster breed

Ear tags are currently available through contacting the BBU office at 210-732-3132. These Beefmaster ear tags cost $1.75 each plus shipping. Please note that these tags are one-piece Z Tags and require a specific tagging gun. Tagging guns are available for $25.00 plus shipping through the BBU office also. The minimum ear tag order is 25 tags and the ear tags will be shipped when payment is received.

For more information please contact the BBU office at 210-732-3132 or

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Ozark and Heart of America Spring Sale Report

The 39th Annual Ozark & Heart of America Beefmaster Sale was held this past Saturday, April 8th in Springfield, Mo. The sale had 162 registered buyers from over six different states. Thank you to all the buyers and consignors!

Sale Averages:
Tested bulls averaged over $3,300 per lot
Pairs averaged over $3,000 per lot
Bred heifers averaged $2,200 per lot
Bred cows averaged $2,700 per lot
Futurity Bulls averaged over $2,600 per lot
Futurity Heifers averaged over $2,200 per lot

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Junior Beefmaster National Show and Convention to be held in Texas

BOERNE, TEXAS – The schedule has been set and young Beefmaster breeders are preparing for the 33rd annual Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA) National Convention and Junior Show to be held in Wichita Falls, Texas. The show and convention will take place at the J S Bridwell Agricultural Center from July 16 – 22.

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to compete with their cattle in the E6/Advancer Show, National Heifer Show, National Bull Show, Bred & Owned Heifer Show and Showmanship Contest. Matt Claeys of West Lafayette, Ind., will judge the National Heifer Show. Dr. Dave Nichols of Manhattan, Kan., will serve as the judge for the Bred & Owned Heifer Show, E6/Advancer Show and the National Bull Show. The showmanship contest judge is Jared Givens.

Claeys grew up in Atkinson, Ill., and attended Black Hawk East Community College and the University of Illinois. He was a member of the judging teams at both colleges. After completing his Bachelor of Science degree at Illinois, he earned his master’s at Auburn University and was the judging team coach. Claeys served as Livestock Specialist for North Carolina State University (NC State) and worked on a Ph.D.  After ten years at NC State he moved to Purdue University as the Beef Cattle Specialist and livestock judging team coach. He coached the national champion livestock judging team in 2014 and has judged over 450 shows across the country.

Dr. Nichols advises approximately 100 students at Kansas State University (KSU), teaches courses in live animal and carcass evaluation, introductory animal science, and livestock sales management. Dr. Nichols coached the KSU livestock judging team from 1986 to 1988, winning, among others, the American Royal Contest. Dr. Nichols has judged numerous cattle shows in recent years. He has judged cattle at Houston, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Louisville, the American Royal and numerous state fairs.

Givens was a member of the 2009 Black Hawk East Community College livestock judging team, he then transferred to Oklahoma State University where he was a member of the 2011 national champion livestock judging team. Since college, Jared has been a collegiate livestock judging coach in Oklahoma. He recently moved back to Tennessee to be near family, where he is a sales representative at a marketing firm. Jared was very competitive as a junior exhibitor, showing cattle at the national level. He now has a small cowherd of his own and consults for many purebred and club calf operations in the Midwest.

The JBBA National Convention not only offers JBBA members a great opportunity to exhibit their cattle, but the junior breeders also participate in new activities and meet new people. A schedule filled with educational and fun activities has been tailored to entertain, educate and provide a great family atmosphere.

Many other contests are available to juniors throughout the week. Juniors can show off their artistic skills in several contests including both photography and PowerPoint contests, which do not require attendance by the junior breeder, and a coloring contest. The 2017 JBBA Convention will also include a leadership conference, a livestock judging contest, an ultrasound carcass contest and a public speaking contest.

All show entries and convention pre-registrations must be received (not post marked) at the JBBA office no later than June 16, 2017. After this date, a late fee will be applied to all animal entries and convention registrations. A full schedule of events and hotel accommodations are all available online at The JBBA National Show packet will be posted later this month.

For more information call 210-732-3132 or visit Stay connected to BBU through Facebook, follow us on Instagram, view our videos on YouTube, and follow us on Twitter. Receive our news updates through joining our mailing list.

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Scholarship Applications Available

Did you know that the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association offers several scholarships throughout the year to junior Beefmaster breeders? Several scholarship applications are now available on the junior page of and the due dates are for this spring and summer! Apply soon and share the information with your fellow BBU and JBBA members.

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Apply for a BBU award today! Award Applications Available Now!

Each year Beefmaster Breeders United recognizes outstanding members through various awards at the annual national convention! The award applications and nomination forms are now available online. Award nominees are due to the BBU office by June 16th with completed nomination forms due by July 25th! Award winners are announced at the 2017 BBU Convention in Galveston, Texas.

Nominations must be sent to Collin Osbourn and completed nomination forms can be mailed, faxed or emailed to BBU will accept nominations for the following awards: New Member of the Year, Member of the Year, Environmental Award, Performance Breeder of the Year, and Breeder of the Year.

Click here to download nomination forms.

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Southeastern BBA Dixie National Sale Report

Southeastern BBA Dixie National Sale – Tunica, MS – March 18, 2017

  • 5 Bulls $14,800.00 avg $2,960.00
  • 1 3n1 $5,000.00
  • 5 Pairs $22,300.00 avg $4,460.00
  • 7 Bred $25,400.00 avg $3,629.00
  • 23 Open $51,900 avg $2,257.00
  • 2 Semen $9,929 avg $4,965.00
  • 2 Embryo lots $10,500.00 avg $5,250.00
  • 45 total lots $139,829.00 avg $3,107.00

Top Bulls

  • Lot 32- Sire, Mister Majestic, consigned by Gary Lindsey, Madisonville, TX; Sold to Heritage Cattle CO: Searcy, AR for $6500.00
  • Lot 13- Sire, EMS Ring Of Fire, consigned by Cain Cattle CO., Wiggins, MS : sold to Clay Floyd, Jeffersonville, GA for $2500.00
  • Lot 14- Sire, Dream Catcher, consigned by Cain Cattle CO., Wiggins, MS : sold to Clay Floyd, Jeffersonville, GA for $2500.00

Top Females

  • Lot 34- Pair, calf sire, Adonis, consigned by Mason Cattle Co., Brownstown, IL; Sold to Tyler Feezle, Brownstown, IL for $6000.00
  • Lot 39- Bred to EMS Firehouse, consigned by Ronnie Teague, Ramer, TN; Sold to Bobbie Wall, Heflin, LA for $5200.00
  • Lot 8- 3n1, calf sire, Adrenaline, consigned by Bailey Farms, Pinson, TN: sold to Painted Springs, Thompson Station, TN for $5000.00
  • Lot 9- Pair, calf sire, EMS Firehouse, consigned by Bailey Farms, Pinson, TN: sold to Austin Roebuck, French Camp, MS for $5000.00
  • Lot 12- Pair, calf sire, CJ 20/11, consigned by Bailey Farms, Pinson, TN: sold to Ryan Wrobleski, Anderson, TX for $5000.00

Volume Buyers; William Patterson, Randolph, MS; Ray Helton, Meridianville, AL: Will Phillips, Athens, AL;

Auctioneer – Anthony Mihalski, San Antonio, TX

Sale Manager – 3G Sales and Service, Franklin, GA

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South Texas BBA Houston Futurity Sale Report

South Texas BBA Houston Futurity Sale  – NRG Park, Houston, TX – March 10, 2017

  • 18 bulls $118,650.00 avg $6,592.00
  • 5 pairs $28,500.00 avg $5,700.00
  • 13 breds $87,750.00 avg $6,750.00
  • 23 opens $95,650.00 avg $4,158.00
  • 1 pick $4,750.00
  • 2 Semen $22,950.00 avg $11,475.00
  • 1 embryo lot $2,275.00
  • 63 Total lots $360,525.00 avg $5,723.00

Top Bulls

  • Lot 52- sire, Ring Of Fire, consigned by Mason Cattle Co., Brownstown, IL: Sold to Swinging B Ranch, Axtell, TX for $13,000.00
  • Lot 64- sire, L2 Sugar Jack, consigned by L2 Ranch, Beeville, TX: Sold to Las Moras, MX for $13,000.00
  • Lot 50- sire, CF Sugar Britches, consigned by Tyler Gwosdz and Daniel Dominguez, Orange Grove, TX: Sold to Elieser Amparan, Sonora, MX for $12,500.00
  • Lot 65- sire, Logan, consigned by Channarock Farm, Rockfield, KY: Sold to Clay Mills and Tyson Clabo, Mt. Airy, NC for $10,000.00
  • Lot 57- sire CF Adonis, consigned by Swinging B Ranch, Axtell, TX: Sold to Oscar Pesqueira, Nogales, AZ for $9,000.00

Top Females

  • Lot 31- Bred to Fire and Smoke, consigned by Steven and Lyn Anderson, Amarillo, TX: Sold to Luciano Martinez, Pharr, TX for $17,000.00
  • Lot 19- Open, sire, Red Bull 511, consigned by Seven C Anderson Cattle Co., Victoria, TX: Sold to Jim Colvin, Seguin, TX for $11,000.00
  • Lot 26- Bred to Fusion, consigned by Tyler Gwosdz and Daniel Dominguez, Orange Grove, TX: Sold to Jim Colvin, Seguin, TX for $8,500.00
  • Lot 42- Pair, calf sire, EMS Fire House, consigned by Mason Cattle CO., Brownstown, IL: Sold to Nextgen Cattle Co., Paxico, KS for $8,000.00
  • Lot 29- Bred to Vision, consigned by Roger and Kaye Fuller, Paige, TX: Sold to J A Ranch, Mexico City, MX for $7,750.00

Volume Buyers; J A Ranch, Mexico, Luciano Martinez, Pharr, TX, Jim Colvin, Seguin, TX, Clay Mills, Mt. Airy, NC, Las Moras, MX

Auctioneer – Anthony Mihalski, San Antonio, TX

Sale Managers – 3G Sales and Service, Franklin, GA & Anthony Mihalski, San Antonio, TX

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Order Your BBU Membership Sign

We have updated the BBU Membership Sign with the new association logo. If you would like to order a BBU Membership Sign please contact our official sign distributor: City Silk Screen.

City Silk Screen
Attn: Nat Garcia
375 Hawthorne
San Antonio, TX 78214
210-532-7889 fax

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Whole Herd Reporting News

The 2017 WHR (Whole Herd Reporting) inventories were mailed out in January. These WHR inventories must be completed and returned to the BBU office by May 1, 2017. An additional $5 per head will be assessed for the WHR inventories returned after May 1, 2017.

Please note if you are participating in a spring sale, your WHR inventory needs to be updated and returned prior to registering any animals born in 2017. BBU members who are interested in enrolling in the WHR program, but are not currently participating, please contact the BBU office at 210-732-3132 or

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Spring 2017 Sire Summary Posted Online

The Spring 2017 Sire Summary is now available online. You can download and print the sire summary from the website or if you would like a hard copy mailed to you, please contact the BBU office at 210-732-3132 for a complimentary copy.

Click here for Complete Sire Summary.
Click here to View Foreword & Stats.
Click here to View Trait Leaders.
Click here to View Young Sires.
Click here to View Active Sires.

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