FAQ: B.E.E.F. Foundation for the Future Campaign


1) What is the Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation [B.E.E.F]?

Established in 2009, as a tax-exempt corporation, B.E.E.F., serves as the official education and scientific research affiliate of Beefmaster Breeders United [BBU].  It accomplishes this through scientific research and both public and industry education of the benefits of the Beefmaster breed as a superior meat product animal.


2) How does the foundation differ from Beefmaster Breeders United [BBU]?

While BBU serves as the official trade association of the Beefmaster breed in providing a variety of membership benefits and representing the breed regionally, nationally and internationally — B.E.E.F., serves as the breeds education and scientific research affiliate. All donations to the Foundation are 100% tax-deductible as provided by law.


3) How is the foundation governed?

The foundation currently has six elected volunteer BBU members on its Board of Directors via national regional elections.  As the foundation grows and in accordance with the foundation’s by-laws the board [...]

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! There’s a lot going on right now and this is a busy time of the year, but B.E.E.F. , your breed’s education/research foundation, is doing some really great things to enhance the scientific validation and public information regarding the exceptional benefits of the Beefmaster breed.

Would you consider a tax-deductible year-end investment/donation to the Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation’s campaign?

Would you consider increasing your initial 5-year pledge and move to a new higher giving recognition level?

Make a 2017 year-end gift/investment and join other breed leaders as “founding members” of the foundation’s endowment … or increase your current 5-year pledge to a higher level by contacting us:

Roger Fuller – Campaign Finance Director

1955 CR 106, Paige, TX  78659-4210

[P] 512-659-5428 * [F] 888-870-2404


Gerald Galbraith – Campaign Special Gifts Coordinator

1802 Elmwood, Abilene, TX  79605

[P] 325-829-3883 * [F] 325-676-1808


Bob Siddons – National Campaign Co-Chair

724 Vanguard, Lakeway, TX  78734

[P] 512-261-5327

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Stephen F. Austin Bull Development Program


Stephen F. Austin State University is preparing for its Bull Development Program set to begin January 2018. The program is designed to assist producers in selecting and managing bulls. It offers producers relief from providing additional facilities, labor, and feed to retain young bulls. The program is designed for bulls born January 1, 2017to May 31, 2017. Bulls entered into the program are fed through mid-October. At the end of the development program, bulls may be consigned to the Purple Premium Sale scheduled for November 2018. Producers are issued a bi-monthly report on the performance of each bull in the program with information including BW, ADG, and carcass ultrasound traits. The bulls are developed for 120 days on a grain-based diet and finished on forage with supplementation (depending on forage conditions). Information on the program can be downloaded here.

For more information contact Chris Koffskey or Dr. Erin Brown

(979)224-8178  or (936)468-6948

LEARN [...]

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Have You Rolled Over Yet?

Here’s a great way for you to make a huge difference in the future of the Beefmaster breed through your foundation and be a significant recognized donor to the Foundation for the Future Endowment Campaign before the end of the year.

If you are at least 70 ½ years old, you can transfer up to $100,000 directly to the Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation (B.E.E.F.) for education and research in our breed from a traditional or Roth IRA without paying income tax on the withdrawal — and help meet your required minimum distribution … annually! In addition, you can deduct the entire amount from your annual gross income … a tremendous benefit to you and to your breed!

To discuss your IRA Charitable Rollover, simply notify your IRA Administrator or contact us at either:

Roger Fuller – Campaign Finance Director

1955 CR 106, Paige, TX  78659-4210

[P] 512-659-5428 * [F] 888-870-2404


Gerald Galbraith – Campaign Special [...]

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2018 Convention Fundraiser


CHRISTMAS is just around the corner and these signs would be a great gift for a good cause.

As many of you know the 2018 BBU convention will be in Franklin, Tenn., on October 25 – 27, 2018 and hosted by the Southeastern Beefmaster Breeders Association (SEBBA).

Part of having a successful convention is fundraising, so SEBBA will be selling these BEEFMASTER signs that are made of steel. One is the natural color that you can paint your favorite color. The others are red and turquoise. The cost is $500 each which includes shipping and the donation is tax deductible. SEBBA will mail you a receipt for your purchase.

To place your order or to ask questions please contact Amber Earl Leatherwood at 615-293-7491 or

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Attention Go International Team (GIT) Members

It’s time to reserve your ad space in the 2018 International Semen Directory. The semen directory is a publication produced by Beefmaster Breeders United and dedicated to serving international cattlemen. This internationally driven directory will feature A.I. sires that have semen for sale and marketed specifically to foreign and international cattlemen. The directory was founded to assist the Beefmaster cattle industry with effective advertising to the international cattle market. The footnotes will be printed in English and Spanish. THIS ADVERTISEMENT OPPORTUNITY IS EXCLUSIVE TO GIT MEMBERS.

Single copy distribution & digital distribution
Frequency: Once per year – Spring
Distribution: International Events and Trade Shows
Print Date: February 15th (January 15 Space Deadline)
Audience: Foreign/International Cattlemen
Format: Full-Color 5.5 X 8.5 Magazine

Full page (one bull per page): $500
Business Card: $125
Directory Listing: FREE for ALL GIT members

2018 BBU International Semen Directory Media Kit

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Collier Farms Sale Report


Collier Farms Performance Beefmaster Bull Sale

Brenham, Texas – Washington County Fairgrounds

November 18, 2017

103 top-quality Beefmaster bulls sold for an average of $9,274 each.
Bulls sold from $4,500 to $29,000 giving buyers at every level a shot at owning these premium genetics.
Of the bulls, 35 went to registered programs and 68 went to commercial operations.
8 bulls sold from $20,000 to $29,000. 9 bulls sold from $15,000 to $20,000.
5 bulls sold from $10,000 to $15,000. 39 bulls sold for $7,000 to $10,000. 41 bulls sold for $4,500 to $7,000.

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Record Your Mature Cow Weights


> Mature Cow Weight Spreadsheet <

We are currently asking members to record and submit their mature cow weights to BBU, in order to help in the formulation of a new EPD. Mature cow weights are tied to cow efficiency and will help us to prove that we are THE maternal breed. A mature cow weight can be tied into the $M index and make the maternal index an even better tool in the selection of replacement females.

These weights are simple to collect, as they will be collected when calves are weaned. When weaning calves, run the cows belonging to the weaned calves, across the scale and collect a weight and a Body Condition Score (BCS). Body condition scores are recorded on a 1-9 scale with 1 being emaciated and 9 being severely obese. You can refer to the diagram below for a visual representation of BCS.

The cow’s identification number and [...]

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Panama Reverse Trade Mission


A recent Beefmaster Panama reverse trade mission was hosted in Missouri and by all accounts, exceeded expectations. Last week nine Panamanian guests visited several Beefmaster ranches throughout Missouri. This trip was coordinated by Andrea Powell and Kayla Otto with the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) and the BBU International Committee. The nine Panama guests were Jaime Cano, Ney Pimentel, Cristobal Coronel, Eduardo Chiu, Armando Chiu, Feliciano Gonzalez, Diccon Curry, Roderick Alexander Gonzalez Murray and Blanca Gomez.

Thank you to our Beefmaster breeders who graciously hosted the guests at their ranches: Wallen Prairie Ranch (Paul & Rhonda Wallen) of Lockwood, Mo., St. Clair Beefmasters (Craig & Karen Johnson) of El Dorado Springs, Mo., Cedar Springs Beefmaster (Dr. Roger and Cindy Holden) of Conway, Mo., and Jerry Glor Beefmasters of Halfway, Mo.

Through this reverse trade mission it is the hope of the international committee to encourage trade between the United States and Panama [...]

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B.E.E.F. Giving in 2017


Invest in supporting the Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation (B.E.E.F.) before January 1, 2018 & save money!

As you may know, at Beefmaster Breeders United’s (BBU) recent annual convention in Galveston, Texas, our breed’s Foundation (B.E.E.F.), in cooperation with BBU launched the “Foundation for the Future” endowment campaign. This is one of the most important initiatives the Beefmaster Breed has ever undertaken.  By establishing a permanent financial base for our Foundation it will enhance our breed’s ability to secure verifiable scientific data on the benefits of the Beefmaster breed, enable the industry to disseminate this information both among BBU members and to the public, and continue to grow the breed.

Your investment, your donation before year’s end, will greatly help us reach our goal!


The end of the year can be a good time to review important financial matters, including charitable gift donations to your [...]

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