Check Challenges: Cashier’s Checks Aren’t Always As Good As Cash


by Kristin Lewis Hawkins

When it comes time to sell your calves every year, do you accept cashier’s checks?

Many people assume a cashier’s check, which is a check issued by a bank and payable to a specific person, is as good as cash. By using a cashier’s check, a buyer is guaranteed those funds by the issuing bank instead of gambling on the legitimacy of a personal check.

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) special rangers want to remind cattle owners that this is not always the case. Thieves can create fake checks with a home computer and printer that would fool most people. Here are eight tips to avoid cashier’s check fraud.

Know Your Buyer
Refuse cashier’s checks from strangers. Make other arrangements for payment, such as a wire transfer.

Trust Your Gut
Does something feel a bit off about the transaction? Has the buyer insisted on changing the agreement or has a litany [...]

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Isa Beefmasters, LLC’s 56th Beefmaster Bull Sale Report

Isa Beefmasters, LLC’s 56th Beefmaster bull sale was held October 7th in San Angelo, Texas. It was an excellent sale; with 46 buyers from 8 states and Mexico taking home 140 Beefmaster bulls at an average of $4821. Isa’s President, Lorenzo Lasater, stated the sale was extremely strong, with unprecedented demand for good Beefmaster genetics. Auctioneer Joe Goggins of Billings, MT sold the 140 bulls in the blistering time of 1 hour, 50 minutes.

The high-selling bull, L Bar 6209, sold to Dwight Bertrand and Danny Fuller of Louisiana for $12,000. This awesome young herd sire prospect is the son of Lasater 1759 and was one of the overall top performers in the offering.

Volume buyers included: Lykes Brothers, FL – 17, A. Duda and Sons, FL – 11, Alamo Ranch, NM – 10, Jeff Cole, LA – 9. Other Volume Buyers included Goff Ranch – AZ, Rio Ranch – FL and [...]

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Cattlewomen Custom Ranch Door Mat Fundraiser


Beefmaster Breeders Cattlewomen are selling CUSTOM, HAND PAINTED Ranch Doormats!


YOUR RANCH – YOUR BRAND! Cattlewomen’s Ranch Mat Order Form!


These personalized ranch doormats are also the perfect gift for that someone on your list who seems to have everything! Taking Christmas Orders Now!


The custom ranch door mats are $100 each. Order now for FREE delivery to you at the BBU Convention in Galveston, Texas! Payment for orders must be received BEFORE October 16, 2017, to qualify for FREE delivery. If you are not going to convention please add $10.00 per 2 mats for shipping.


Cattlewomen’s Ranch Mat Order Form! There are several designs to choose from and you can choose between a red or black Beefmaster on your mat. Don’t forget to add the date your herd was established.

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Thank you in advance for supporting Beefmaster Breeders [...]

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Checklist of Issues to Consider for Your Farm Lease


By Cari Rincker, Esq.

Fall is a popular time to renegotiate farm leases for the next year’s growing season. This article summarizes a checklist of issues to consider when renegotiating the terms of the lease. Farm leases should be in writing to ensure that both parties understand the terms of the lease. A written lease also provides a record of the agreement in case an issue later arises between the parties.

1. Type of Lease. Broadly speaking, there are three major types of leases: (1) cash rent, (2) crop share, and (3) hybrid. A hybrid lease provides for a minimum fixed cash rent in addition to a smaller share of the revenue. The type of lease that worked one year may need to be adjusted for the next.

2. Description of Property. Perhaps what land is and is not included in the lease needs clarification. A legal description and/or maps should be attached [...]

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Hurricane Harvey Recovery


BBU has been in contact with many Beefmaster breeders located in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. The ones we have spoken with are safe, but have the daunting task of rebuilding and recovering from the destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey and its flooding.

Are you a livestock producer affected by Hurricane Harvey or flooding? The USDA Farm Service Agency has multiple resources for agriculture disaster relief programs. Or contact your county judge or emergency management coordinator to request state assistance for stranded livestock.

How can you help livestock producers affected by Hurricane Harvey? You can donate to the State of Texas Agriculture Relief (STAR) Fund. Managed by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), the STAR Fund provides emergency assistance to Texas farmers and ranchers affected by disasters. Funded exclusively by private donations, STAR funds are often used to rebuild fences vital to livestock [...]

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Genetic marker sought for feed efficiency in cattle


Article by Feedstuffs

Researchers with the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture are working to identify genetic markers that can help cattle producers find the best bang for their buck when choosing breeds and budgeting for feed.

Kelly Bryant, director of the Division of Agriculture’s Southeast Research & Extension Center (SEREC), and several members of his research team and staff from Beefmaster Breeders United are monitoring offspring from the SEREC herd of Beefmaster heritage lines in an effort to determine if feed conversion efficiency is an inheritable trait.

University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture researchers at the Southeast Research & Extension Center are studying 31 Beefmaster heifers for the next three to five years, hoping to identify genetic markers for high feed conversion efficiency.

“From the time they’re weaned until the time they’re either ready for slaughter or ready to deliver a calf, they’re [...]

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Beefmaster International Tour


We are excited to be hosting the first Beefmaster Breeders International Tour and we are expecting guests from several different countries. The tour will take place from October 22 – 25, 2017 and we will visit ranches and operations in Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. The tour schedule details are enclosed in this packet. If you will be attending the tour, please complete enclosed registration form and return it to our office with payment by October 1, 2017.

If you are planning to attend either one of two sales on October 21, 2017, we have made arrangements to transport you on Sunday, October 22, 2017 from the sale to Gulfport, Miss., in order to join the rest of the tour. Please indicate on the registration form which sale you will be attending and if you need transportation from the sale.

If you are flying into Gulfport, Miss., on Sunday, October 22 you will [...]

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SFA Heifer Development Program


Stephen F. Austin University (SFA) Department of Agriculture is pleased to announce that we will host our heifer development program again this fall. Weaned heifers weighing between 400-700 lb will be accepted into the program beginning mid-October with a start date of November 3, 2017. Producers needing to deliver cattle at an earlier date may do so by contacting farm manager Chris Koffskey.  Calves will be developed on a forage-based diet. Information on the program along with the signup sheet is attached.

For more information contact Chris Koffskey (979)224-8178  or (936)468-6948 or Dr. Erin Brown  (936)468-4433.

Stephen F. Austin State University is preparing for its Heifer Development Program. The program is designed to assist producers in selecting and managing for replacement heifers. It offers producers relief from providing additional facilities, labor, and feed to retain young heifers. The program is designed for heifers ranging in weight from 400-700 lbs. Heifers are entered into the [...]


Central States BBA Announcements


Central States  – Over the last year BBU has made a commitment to putting more emphasis on the maternal traits of the Beefmaster breed. We all know this, but it is time to get the word out about not only their mothering and milking ability but their ability to be some of the most efficient cows out there. BBU has split up the United States into regions per say and would like to have some Beefmaster female events in these different regions. Central States is in the beginning stages of organizing a Beefmaster influenced replacement female sale. There are a lot of questions and ideas that go along with this. In the next few months, a round-table meeting will be taking place to discuss everything. The big question that involves all of us is, who can produce these females. It goes without saying that the females need to be of [...]

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European Beefmaster Herd is Growing


By Doyle Sanders, BBU International Committee

Lukasz Karmowski and his dad, Jacek, are now the proud owners of the first Beefmaster ET calf born in Poland.  Beefmasters are a unique American breed with leading feed efficiency and heterosis for strongest weight gains for all American and European beef breeds.

The bull calf was born on 11 August 2017. The Karmsowski’s Radzicz Ranch is near Radzicz, in western Poland.  The calf is a DBL D BAR Ranch “D’Vinci” son with the Dd-1112 donor dam.  The recip used is from their Limousin herd.

This family has been raising Limousin cattle on their farm since soon after Poland received independence from the Soviet Union- around 1990. They annually market about 200 bulls into Germany and Romania from their farm.  And they knew they needed to improve their product.  In 2014 they read about Beefmasters in their National Polish Beef Breeder Association journal.  After some research into [...]

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