Animal ID Prefix FAQ




Q: What is an Animal ID Prefix?

A: An Animal ID Prefix is a combination of letters and numbers that precede the name or ID number of an animal. For example: CRO 15/22 or CRO Big Red


Q: How short or long does the Animal ID Prefix need to be?

A: This prefix must be a minimum of two (2) characters and up to a maximum of eight (8) characters (including spaces). Your Animal ID Prefix can only be a combination of letters and/or numbers, symbols or punctuation are NOT allowed. Please remember that animal names are limited to 25? characters, including the Animal ID prefix.


Q: Why has the Animal ID Prefix been established?

A: To help recognize and maintain recognition of the original owner of an animal.


Q: I have been using an Animal ID Prefix for many years now, do I still need to submit the form?

A: Yes, every member including Lifetime, Annual, Associate, Junior and International MUST complete and return the Animal ID Prefix form to FORMALLY REQUEST their membership’s Animal ID Prefix.


Q: Can I submit the form early to ensure that I get the requested Animal ID Prefix?

A: The requests are not done on a first-come, first-serve basis. As long as the BBU office receives your form by January 31, 2020 then your request will be considered on the same parameters as the other forms received on or before January 31, 2020. Animal ID Prefixes will be assigned based on historical use and/or length of continual membership status. They are not assigned based on who sent the form in first.


Q: How do I submit the form?

A: Once you receive the letter in the mail, you can submit the completed form by returning it to 118 W. Bandera Road, Boerne, TX 78006. Mail is the preferred return option, but emails and faxes will be accepted. The BBU office must receive the completed form NO LATER THAN JANUARY 31, 2020.


Q: What if I miss the deadline or do not request an Animal ID Prefix?

A: If an Animal ID Prefix is not established, then a random prefix will be assigned to the membership account.


Q: How does the Animal ID Prefix work when registering an animal?

A: At the time of the animal’s registration, the registry system will automatically prepopulate the animal name with the Animal ID Prefix followed by the animal’s ID number (example: CRO 15/22). At that time of initial entry, you may replace the animal’s ID number in the name field with a name like “Big Red”, but the prefix will always stay at the beginning of the animal’s name (example: CRO Big Red). Please remember that animal names are limited to 25 characters, including the Animal ID prefix. ANY name change after initial entry will incur the appropriate name change fees.




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