Live Oak BBA Bull Development Program 2019-2020


The 2019-2020 Live Oak BBA Bull Development Program to be conducted at:


2050 Brown Ranch Lane

Beeville, Texas  78102

Mission: Provide a bull development program for LOBBA members.

Will include the following:

  • grow and condition yearling Beemaster bulls on a silage based ration
  • record average daily rate of gain (100-120 days test)
  • obtain weight per day of age
  • collect scan data and scrotal measurement
  • collect yearling weights
  • maintain growing period through summer months
  • conditioning and preparation for LOBBA Bull Sale 2020 acquire rate of gain during conditioning period


Bull eligibility: Ages September 1, 2017 through May 31, 2018

(Fall group: 9-1-17 through 12-31-2017;  Spring group: 1-1-18 through 5-31-18)



  • Current LOBBA membership
  • Entry nomination fee of $10.00 per bull to LOBBA


When arriving at LANDAIR (Brown Ranch):

  • Copy of BBU registration certificate
  • Legible permanent ID (brand or tattoo) , tag in left ear with ID and date of birth
  • Suggested health vaccination and protocol (see LANDAIR contract)
  • All bulls will be given a booster vaccine on arrival (Pyramid 5) at consignors expense – approximately $3.00


Arrival Time

Begin receiving bulls on weekend of LOBBA Bull Sale (1-10-19) until February 1, 2019.


Additional Information

  • Feed test to start first week of February 2019.  Bulls will be tested in a (100-120) window for daily gain.
  • First evaluation of bulls at conclusion of gain test.
  • Scan data, yearling weights and scrotal measurements will be done at appropriate times for Fall and Spring groups.
  • Bulls will be maintained at a growing rate of gain through the summer.
  • A second evaluation of the bulls will occur prior to the finishing, conditioning segment of the program.
  • Conditioning phase will be September through January.  Gain will be recorded.
  • Bulls will be tagged, clipped and tested at the end of December or the first week of January.
  • Hauling, fitting, testing will be done at consignors’ expense at a group rate.


Looking forward to your involvement in this program.  This is an established, reputable, ranch family.  They have considerable experience in bull development.

For information & nomination contact:

Melvin Scherer, Jr.

  • 361-877-2577

Anthony Mihalski

  • 210-415-0888

Bull delivery at LANDAIR (Brown Ranch): Austin Brown III

  • 361-597-0373
  • 361-358-6161
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