Frequently Asked Questions: New Online Registry System


With any new system, comes many questions. Here are some pointers/reminders and our answers to the most common questions we have received about the new online registry system.
How do I login?

  • Before you can login you must have a temporary password. To receive your temporary password, email Donna your name and membership number at You must submit request by email, if you call the office the staff will direct you to send an email. Here is a video on how to login and register an animal.

How do I register an animal?

  • Make sure to switch the “Calving Year” at the top of the “My Calving” registration page so that is matches the year of birth of the calf you are adding.  If you are registering different year calf crops at one sitting, you must make sure to change the “Calving Year” at the top.

Why am I getting an error when I have a breeding agreement on file for the sire?

  • Breeding links and natural breeding agreements from the old system are not available in this new system. If you try to register an animal through your online account about receive the error “No Access to Sire” please call the office so we can move over the natural breeding agreement or breeding link. You can see what natural breeding agreements you have on file by going to “My Account” > “NAT Service Signatures” > “My Signatures”. This is where your current natural breeding agreements will be listed. If you have missing agreements, call the office at 210-732-3132.

Can I add weaning weights and yearling weights online?

Can I see my billing and account balance?

  • Yes, when you log into your account go to “My Account” > “My Billing”. Here you will be able to see what you have be billed and what your balance due or credit is. Online payments are not currently available. If you would like to pay with a credit card, please call the office at 210-732-3132 or mail in a check.

Can I see my A.I. Certificates?

  • Yes, when you log into your account go to “My Account” > “AI Service Signatures” > “My Signatures”. This is where your current A.I. Certificates are listed.

Can I transfer A.I. Certificates online?

  • Yes, when you log into your account go to “My Account” > “AI Service Signatures” > “My Signatures”. This is where your current A.I. Certificates are listed. If you want to transfer any of the A.I. Certificates listed in your account select “Give” at the far right of the listing. ON the “Give Semen Signature” page enter the membership number of the person you are transferring A.I. Certificates to and the number of certificates in the “# Sigs” box. Then click give.

Can I transfer animals online?

  • Yes and no. If the animal has already been issued a breeding certificate then the original certificate must be returned to the office with transfer form completed on the back. If you are registering an animal online, then the transfer can be completed at the same time. When you register an animal that needs to be transferred make sure on the “My Calving” registration page to click “Hold Paper for Online Transfer”.  Once you click that, you will be able to go under “My Herd” and transfer the held papers by selecting “My Held Papers Transfer or Print”. Please note that if you don’t know the buyer’s member or non-member number then online transfers cannot be completed.

Can I print a copy of an animal’s certificate?

  • Yes, go to “My Reports”. From the drop down menu select “Copy Certificate” and then enter the animal’s certificate number and hit print. Once you hit print a new browser tab will pop up, where you can print from the browser or save the download.

Can I switch an animal from a performance “P” animal to a certified “C” animal online?

  • Yes, go to “My Herd” > then click on “My Unregistered Animals”. From there the system will bring up all of your “P” performance animals. For each animal you want a certificate on you will click “register” which is located on the far right of the animal’s row. It will take you to the registration screen, where you will then go to the very bottom and select “Purebred” from the “herdbook for registration” dropdown menu and then click “Register”. If you are wanting transfer the animal and do not want a breeding certificate mailed to you, make sure to click “Hold Paper for Online Transfer”. Then click “Save” and it will give you the animal’s certificate number.

Can I print my own barnsheet by year?

  • Yes, go to “My Reports” > “Ultrasound Barn Sheet by Year”. Then the year you want, what sexes you want included and the order of the animals. Then click print. It will bring your report up in a new window, where you can print from the browser or save the report to your computer.

Can I view my herd inventory and update my inventory?

  • Yes, go to “My Herd” > “My Registered Females” or “My Registered Males”. This will show you your current herd inventory of registered animals. You can update your inventory by clicking “Dispose” on the far right of the row for each respective animal. It will bring you to an “Animal Disposal” page where you must enter the disposal code and disposal date. Then click save, which will remove the animal from your inventory.

How do I complete my online work and make a payment?

  • Once you have completed your online work, please call the office at 210-732-3132 to make payment with a credit card and let our staff know you are ready for the work order to be closed and processed.
I received an emailed invoice from BBU Edelivery Report, is this a valid email and should I pay the invoice?
  • Yes and Yes! Our new system sends out completed workorder invoices to the email address on file for each member. The email is from “BBU Delivery” and the subject line reads “BBU Edelivery Report”. The email text will read “This report has been created by the BBU automated email delivery system” and the invoice is attached as a PDF file. This is a valid BBU invoice and if there is a balance due then payment can be made via a credit card over the phone or mailed check.
  • When you receive an email from DO NOT REPLY to this email. The BBU staff will not respond to your email. This is an automatic email system and this email address is not monitored. Please send ALL email correspondence to staff emails listed on the website.

I received a “Needs Natural Service Signature” error when completing an online registration, what do I need to do?

  • If you have a current natural breeding agreement or breeding link for the sire, then please contact the office. When we moved systems the natural breeding agreements and breeding links did not transfer over, so the staff will have to manually add in the natural service signatures from the old system. Once the natural service signatures are added into the system, then you can complete the animal’s registration. If you do not have a current natural breeding agreement, please complete this form and return to the office.

If you have already submitted your registration applications via the mail and now want to process them online, please let our office know by calling 210-732-3132. If registrations are submitted multiple ways, errors will occur. To avoid duplicates and errors please let us know if you want to process a previously submitted application via the online registry program.

Purchased animals are not appearing on weaning/yearling worksheets – you can email specific certificate numbers on those animals to the office and the office staff can edit it to make those animals appear on the reports.

You can fill out a sire picker list by going under tools and adding the sires you may be using to register calves. Then when you register under “My Calving” and go to put in a sire you can do the drop down for the sire entry and select the correct sire. Sire certificate numbers will only appear in drop down menu if the sire was put in the sire picker list manually.

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  1. Charles Fields
    Posted April 27, 2018 at 7:49 pm | Permalink

    I just received this notice of directory updates and I will try and figure this system out in a few days but I need to change my email acct. in the new directory. My membership number is 24706 and the only thing that changes is my email. It needs to change from to I had tried to change this before but was unable. I guess this was why I did not receive an email, only this notice. Thank you Charles & Donna Fields

    • Jeralyn Novak
      Posted May 1, 2018 at 4:57 pm | Permalink

      Hi Charles,

      We will make that update to your account.

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