Beefmaster releases genomic-enhanced calving ease EPDs

Boerne, TexasBeefmaster Breeders United (BBU) has expanded their offering of genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (EPDs) through releasing calving ease direct (CED) and maternal calving ease (MCE) EPDs.

Calving ease is one of the most important genetic traits for producers to consider. The Beefmaster calving ease EPDs take into account the birth weight, as well as the calving ease score that producers assign to heifers and cows at calving. The CED EPD is based on the calving ease score and birth weight and can be used to evaluate how a sire will impact calving ease in heifers calving at two years of age. While the MCE EPD is used to evaluate how a sire’s heifer offspring will calve at two years of age without difficulty.

“In the past focusing solely on birth weight was a way to pick bulls that would present less calving issues, but now with calving ease EPDs the significance of birth weight and calving ease score are more properly balanced to include other factors that impact dystocia,” says Lance Bauer of Beefmaster Breeders United.

Both of these EPDs are very useful to the producer breeding heifers. The CED is useful in selecting a bull that should be able to be used on heifers without causing many calving issues. The MCE is useful in selecting bulls to produce heifers that will be retained for breeding purposes.

“We encourage all cattle producers to utilize our terminal index, maternal index and these new calving ease EPDs to make their breeding decisions this spring and in the future,” says Executive Vice President Bill Pendergrass. “BBU is dedicated to developing selection tools to help cattle producers make accurate and profitable breeding decisions.”

CED, MCE, Terminal Index ($T) and Maternal Index ($M) are all included in the current Beefmaster genetic evaluation provided through the Beefmaster EPDs Search and sire summary located at

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