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  • The BBU office is currently transitioning to the new registration system. During the transition period the website registration online applications will no longer be available.



BBU Welcomes Davis to Staff

Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) is proud to announce that Sarah Davis of San Antonio, Texas, will be serving as the new Membership Coordinator at the San Antonio office. Davis will work specifically on helping breeders sign up as new members, maintaining membership records and providing animal transfer assistance for the over 2,800 BBU members throughout the United States and world. She began her duties at the office on Nov. 16, 2015. We are excited to welcome Sarah to the team!

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Genetically Enhanced EPDs

Our progress with building the Beefmaster Breeders United HD genotype inventory has been outstanding over the last few months and we are continuing to move forward. John Genho, our geneticist from Livestock Genetic Services (LGS) will soon be preparing the Genetically Enhanced EPDs (GE EPDs).

If you would like your animals to be included in this first genomic run to receive GE EPDs, please have your DNA samples to the BBU Office by November 25th. This will ensure that your samples get to the lab and the results can be reported back to LGS by January 1, 2016. Please note that beginning January 1, 2016, there will be a rule change regarding all AI sires and embryo donors.

Starting on January 1, all NEW AI sires and embryo donors that do not currently have a DNA type on file will be required to have an HD Genotype on file before any progeny can be registered. If you have any questions regarding DNA or need to request DNA kits and paperwork, please call Kelsey Crenshaw or Collin Osbourn at (210) 732-3132.

Cattlemen's Field Day 

On Sat., November 14, commercial cattlemen in South Texas gathered to learn about heterosis from Dr. Robert Wells of the The Samuel Roberts Nobel Foundation and reproduction nutrition from Dr. Whitney Whitworth of Lyssy & Eckel Feeds. This Cattlemen's Field Day was held in Stockdale, Texas and was graciously hosted by Lyssy Beefmasters and Lyssy & Eckel Feeds. It was a great turn out! The presentations were video recorded and will be available on the Beefmaster Facebook and YouTube pages next week.

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2016 Live Oak Bull Gain Test

Mission: The mission of the LOBBA bull gain test is to provide satellite members with the opportunity to prove their genetics through an objective test which provides meaningful comparative information to both the breeder and potential customers.

Location: The LOBBA bull gain test will be held at Tom Brothers Ranch located near Campbellton, Texas.

Terms of Services: Tom Brothers Ranch is an independent entity from that of LOBBA and is providing a service on behalf and for the members of LOBBA and retains the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason.  Tom Brothers Ranch and the Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association are not affiliated in any way and are not liable for the actions of the other party.

Payment and Fees: All costs and fees related to the actual feeding and care of the bulls on test will be determined by Tom Brothers Ranch.  All billing and payments will be made by and to Tom Brothers Ranch.  Tom Brothers Ranch will provide a schedule of estimated feed costs and charges at or prior to delivery.

Bull Age Requirements: Bulls to be entered in the 2016 LOBBA gain test must be born between September 1, 2014 and April 30, 2015.  All bulls born September 1 through December 31, 2014 will be separated into one contemporary group and tested as such.  All bulls born January 1 through April 30, 2015 will be separated into one contemporary group and tested as such.

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Educational Seminar Videos Available Online

Did you miss this year's convention? No worry! We have shared the educational seminar videos from the 2015 BBU Convention on our Facebook page and YouTube channel! All of the videos are now online 24/7, please follow the links provided below to view a specific seminar. Please share!

The Beefmaster Pay Weight

The Beefmaster Pay Weight is a publication produced by Beefmaster Breeders United and dedicated to serving commercial cattlemen. We feature the latest beef cattle industry news, innovative discoveries in the industry, and discussions about the latest cattle trends and technologies. The Beefmaster Pay Weight was founded to assist the Beefmaster cattle industry with effective advertising and a communication tool with commercial cattlemen throughout the country.


View the newest episode of Beefmaster on The American Rancher online now, just click the video to the right!

SFA Bull Development Program 

Stephen F. Austin State University is preparing for its Bull Development Program set to begin January 15, 2016. The program is designed to assist producers in selecting and managing bulls. It offers producers relief from providing additional facilities, labor, and feed to retain young bulls. The program is designed for bulls born January 1, 2015 to May 31, 2015. Bulls entered into the program are fed through mid-October.

At the end of the development program, bulls may be consigned to the Purple Premium Sale scheduled for November 2016. Producers are issued a monthly report on the performance of each bull in the program with information including BW, ADG, and carcass ultrasound traits. The bulls are developed for 120 days on a grain-based diet and finished on forage with supplementation (depending on forage conditions).

Click here to download SFA Bull Development Forms.

A Moment With Matt: Thankful for All We Have

By Matt Woolfolk, Field Representative & Commercial Marketing Director

Back in August, I wrote about how quickly time would fly this fall. Sure enough, it doesn't seem like it should be Thanksgiving time already.  We as Beefmaster cattlemen have an awful lot to be thankful for in 2015, including:

  1. A strong bull market. Even though the 2015 commercial cattle market may not be quite as strong as 2014, bull sales have remained strong and demand is growing.  The market will continue to remain strong for high-quality Beefmaster bulls that will work well for the commercial cattleman.  It's our job as breeders to keep the knife sharp while we keep trying to breed good commercial bulls.
  2. A fantastic future. You've heard me talk before about how strong the Beefmaster presence is at major stock shows across Texas and the Southeast.  The show ring competition is fierce, as the quality runs deep in the Beefmaster ring.  If you're impressed by the talent in the show ring, you'll be even more impressed by the young people on the halter.  There are a large number of future leaders involved in our breed.  They're smart, hard-working, and will be a positive asset to our breed and our industry going forward.  I talk about the junior program a lot, but it's because I know how important these programs are to young people who are interested and want to stay involved in agriculture.

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JBBA 2016 National Show Room Block



Best Western                                                                                                                 Complimentary breakfast

405 Thomas Road                                                                  

West Monroe, LA                                                 


King Rooms $93.95/night plus tax

Double Rooms: $99.95/night plus tax

Room cut-off date: June 17, 2016

Ask for Junior Beefmaster rate.


Hampton Inn West Monroe                                                                                       Complimentary hot/cold breakfast.

601 Main Street

West Monroe, LA 71292                                                   


$119.00/night plus tax

King or 2 queen beds

Room cut-off date: June 26, 2016             

Room block name: JBBA Beefmaster


Hilton Garden Inn West Monroe                                                                     

400 Mane Street

West Monroe, LA 71291


$130/night plus tax

Room cut-off date: June 25, 2016             

Room block name: Junior Beefmaster


Holiday Inn Express                                                                                         Complimentary hot breakfast                 

Hotel & Suites                                                                          

603 Constitutional Drive

West Monroe, La 71292


$119/night plus tax

King or 2 queen beds

Room cut-off date: June 20, 2016             

Room block name: Beefmaster/JBBA National Show and Convention


Super 8 Motel-West Monroe                                                                              Complimentary hot/cold breakfast.

1101 Glenwood

West Monroe, LA 71291                                                   


$66.64/night plus tax

King or 2 queen beds

Room cut-off date: July 3, 2016                  

Room block name: Beefmaster

Welcome to BBU!

Beefmaster cattle optimize traits necessary to rebuild the nation’s cow herd because they excel in fertility, docility and longevity. Commercial cattlemen understand the economic advantages that improvements in these traits offer a beef operation. These include, but are not limited to, higher conception rate, more weaned calf per cow and reduced replacement heifer development costs. You will appreciate the high quality females that Beefmaster bulls produce as they will excel in the hot, humid environments of the South to the wet, cool climates up north and everywhere in between.

Efficiency is also a strong attribute of the Beefmaster breed. In a recent all-breeds performance test in Texas, yearling Beefmaster bulls were the highest average daily gain (ADG) on test as well as the lowest residual feed intake (RFI) on test. Beefmaster cattle not only have high daily gains, they also consume less feed per pound of gain. Use of Beefmaster influenced cattle allows you to be a low-cost producer with reduced input levels in the cow/calf enterprise. These cost cutting measures have been built into the Beefmaster influenced female and will be necessary for cow/calf operators to survive in the developing beef industry.

Docility, fertility, efficiency, and longevity are just a few of the traits that Beefmaster cattle offer as you will also appreciate the early growth of these calves. Your weaned calves will have heavy weights at the market place and will have added value in the feedlot segment of the beef industry. Interest in Beefmaster genetics has been extremely good the past several years as the beef industry has seen the positive changes in the cattle recently. If you are looking for Beefmaster cattle don’t hesitate to call 210-732-3132 for additional information.

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